What We Have To Avoid To Be A Successful SME And Not Die In The Attempt

Having a good business idea is the seed of any business project, but for that seed to grow, it is essential that you have the necessary time and resources and for this there are all kinds of financing channels that provide funds for that project business, and many SMEs choose to rent the infrastructure offered by the fully furnished office spaces in Gurgaon, the facilities of boardrooms, reception of calls, among many other services instantly, also known as co-working.


The best way to prevent the collapse and underpin the continuity and growth of the company on solid foundations is recognising all those possible factors of compromising it. One of the main points is the bad location because it can be a factor that is underestimated when the company starts offering its services; the location is of great importance in terms of ease of parking for customers, the characteristics of the environment, the specialities of the area, the security levels of the place, the number of people passing through the place, as well as the levels of accessibility, among others.

To place oneself in the wrong place according to the activity constitutes from the beginning a real problem; although locating in the best place means higher expenses in terms of rent, it also implies a lower investment in terms of advertising. The advantages of co-working offer any SME the possibility of acquiring an office in a well-positioned place and thus avoid inconveniences, for the development of future operations of the company.

On the other hand, physical offices offer various areas such as business centre, boardrooms, receptions, photocopying rooms, cafeterias, etc.


The personnel is the strong point of any company, especially for SMEs, since the company that does not bet in favor of hiring collaborators, simply bets against itself. The benefit of co-working is that it offers the possibility of having the service of highly trained personnel, avoiding extra operating expenses.

The inability to effectively and efficiently meet all the items and customers, due to not having the human resources, materials or leadership to address them optimally, is the second cause that affects the growth of an SME. Generally, the lack of personnel derives, among other things, to an inadequate service to the client, as well as a lack of control in different areas of the company.


For a company to succeed, it is necessary to define as soon as possible the focus and market strategy to follow, because this way we avoid navigating aimlessly. For example, sometimes the employer can claim to have the latest in technology, without knowing the reasons, only when the funds available to the company directly benefit the income levels, you can justify this type of expenses.

The office space in India service offers the availability of the latest technology at our total disposal, without having to invest directly, and thereby also acquire a risk.

Operating a small business becomes more difficult management over time unless you take care, planning and organising effectively. With proper planning, the company will experience economic growth.

Rental Offices For The Hiring Of Personnel And Its Functionality In General

Nowadays many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs start their projects even without having a physical place since this requires expenses that are sometimes not counted, especially if you are starting in the world of small or medium-sized companies. That is why in these cases the rental offices are the most viable option there is.

Currently, technology allows many kinds of business to be taken away without the need to have fixed offices and to carry out expenses that sometimes become excessive and the culprits that many new companies cannot stand and break before to fulfill the first year of having started operations.

As we know, the most important resource of a company regardless of the size it has is its staff and therefore every company that starts or that requires new collaborators must carry out an appropriate selection process in which all stages are carried out corresponding since it is not about anything but the people who will be entrusted with tasks of great importance.

As we discussed many companies today work remotely, however, this does not mean that they do not need the work of other people so they must hire them in some way and to do so it is logical that they need a comfortable and appropriate place in the which can carry out this important work, for which you can also resort to the office of rental offices.

The rental office spaces in Gurgaon are offices that have everything necessary to perform administrative or contracting tasks and unlike offices that are rented on a fixed basis and under contract for a certain period.

The offices for rent are excellent alternatives to receive with confidence to each of the viable candidates for positions that you want to cover, in the same way they can be carried out interviews, psychometric tests and even the signing of the contract the time of hiring and all this in a comfortable way and with everything necessary at hand.

Due to the practicality and functionality of these offices we must say that more and more companies are hiring this service to hire staff who will later work in freelance mode, to carry out meetings, training and all kinds of important meetings, and is that There are so many benefits to be had when making use of these services that there is no doubt that it is an excellent alternative.

The best thing about these offices is that they can adapt to the needs of each company that hires this service and they already know without worrying about anything because all the services are included. One of the functions that are also commonly given to them is to publicise services and products through small presentations with a select group of people.

Although it seems that this is an entirely new way of working, they should know that it has been in use from several years, which has increased over time due to the practicality and functionality it offers, especially to micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to start their business in a good way, but without risking all your budget.

After talking about all this, we can say that virtual office spaces in Nehru Place are today, and more and more people turn to them to carry out particular tasks whenever your company needs it.

Regarding the suggestions and comments that you make to us, we must say that we consider them, as they help us to identify the needs of each of our clients better and this, in turn, permits us to give a better service.

Rent Or Buy A Workspace?

Five thoughts to make the right choice!

Once the business idea had been achieved, once it was found with whom to share it and bring it forward, a question arises: where work?

And the moment comes when the house, the garage, the bar become small and inefficient. So where going to grow your business becomes a primary need and you have to consider whether to buy or rent an office space in sector 44 Gurgaon or an efficient workspace, maybe in a nice neighbourhood of the city, easily accessible by public transport, maybe where you can do ‘network’ / networking, where to find partners too.

Let’s see together five aspects to be taken into consideration.

Buying a property means having already at the start of the great financial skills, dedicate at least one person and a lot of time to all the bureaucratic but essential for the purchase, requires a lot of time to devote to the search of the property, to negotiations, to the financing and to the users to be activated, in case of possession then there will also be a series of taxes to be paid on the property.

Renting traditionally involves a time commitment to research and a long-term commitment and expense throughout the contract. Rent an office or a workspace instead it is a solution that allows you to commit for a short time (starting from a month) without having to anticipate large sums of money but paying only a small deposit. The rental of the office also allows you to start with a small space and then have the opportunity to expand the square footage as needed, quickly and effectively.

With the rental, you can decide to withdraw and change locations quickly and easily while with the purchase and with the rent this cannot happen quickly and easily.

In case of a purchase, rent or rental all charges are deductible. The rental cost is tax deductible as a business expense.

You know exactly the potential of your finances to decide what should be done. Buying a property means being committed to financing, furnishing, utilities to be activated and sometimes personnel to be hired. Even rents traditional must take into account the time and expense of activation utilities, purchase of furniture, personnel expenses. In buying and renting, you often have to give up a central area because the costs would be very high and you have to prefer peripheral areas. With the rental, you have a turnkey that provides an equipped workspace, with integrated secretarial services, with internet service, telephone, and all the classic users already active and included? Also, you can find the spaces in the center!

Think about maintenance costs. For purchases and traditional rentals, it is all about you or whoever deals with it from light bulbs that can burn, to the heating system that can break, and so on. Maintenance has a significant impact on business expenses and the use of time and personnel involved in the stipulation of contracts with the various maintenance personnel and the resolution of problems. In the case of a rental, all this falls on the manager of the office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon. All you have to do is report the fault and think of everything.

Organization Of Working Space And Creation Of Favorable Working Conditions

In the complex of measures ensuring the efficiency of labor in the field of management, an important role is given to the rationalization of workplaces and the creation of favorable working conditions.

Under the workplace of an employee of managerial labor is understood the area of ​​his labor activity, equipped with the necessary means of labor.

The concept of “organization of workplaces” covers:

  • The design and layout of office space and the placement of jobs in them;
  • Planning the workplace of employees;
  • Equipping workplaces with necessary furniture and modern technical means of processing information.

The general requirement of rational workplace organization is:

The device of office premises presupposes a choice for managers of individual structural divisions and levels of rooms of rational forms, dimensions and sizes, as well as the planning of these premises and workplaces in them.

The layout of IT office space in Gurgaon includes the distribution of structural units into rooms and such placement of furniture and various equipment in them, which prevents the loss of time for unnecessary movements, ensures an economical use of space and the preservation of the health of workers. The layout of office space is determined by the process of work carried out in them. This takes into account the functional significance of the structural unit, the content and technology of work, the relationship of workers in the labor process.

Office Space in Gurgaon

There are two concepts for the design and layout of office space used in the practice of organizational design, the cabinet-level system of planning and the hall (planning on the principle of “big office”).

The desk system involves placing groups of division workers and their managers in separate rooms. In determining the number of rooms (cabinets) required to house the management staff, the nature of the activity and equipment of workers of various departments, the presence of special-purpose units (machine reading stations, typewriting bureaus, maintenance of duplicating equipment of the AU, etc.), as well as the need to provide certain individuals by virtue of their official position of individual IT office space in gurgaon. Under office space can be reserved:

  • Separate rooms (cabinets) for one or two employees with access to the secretary’s room;
  • Small office rooms in which the department (bureau) is located, consisting of 4-10 people;
  • Large office rooms in which 10-30 people work.

The hall principle of office space construction involves the placement of administrative staff in one large hall, which usually occupies one floor and is designed for 1,000 people. This room is equipped with air conditioning, soundproofing, lighting. With the help of special mobile partitions, sections of mechanized data processing (dictation and typewriting offices, computer centers, etc.), as well as places for meetings and receiving visitors, are distinguished in it.

It is necessary that in the course of work, employees are free to approach their workplace or to equipment and equipment for collective use. Therefore, when placing workplaces and equipment, you should take into account the standards for aisles and other distances in the office premises. This kind of standards used in our practice are given in table.

Mortgage Or Rent? What Should You Do In 2018?

Among the good intentions that you may already be doing for 2018, there may be that of moving home.   This is an important step, which opens a whole new page in your life. But it is also a step that involves questions such as: is it better to light a mortgage, or continue to live in rent at rented property in Delhi?

To want to hear the owners of an apartment, lighting a silent is not convenient either in 2018 or in the future. The taxes to be paid on real estate are exorbitant, and those who buy a property as an investment eventually find themselves paying more than they have spent.

rented property in Delhi


To want to hear the tenants, owning a home is a real fortune. The money paid to pay the rent in a certain sense is given to the wind since it is a charge that does not produce any advantage. Moreover, since rents are getting more expensive, turning on a mortgage is convenient. At least, the money spent in 2018 will be well invested.

Rather than relying on personal opinions, we try to understand what may be the pros and cons of each choice.

The Advantages of Choosing Rent

In 2018 you could live in a better apartment than you hope

With market prices soaring, it is now unthinkable to spend less than 200,000 Euros even for a cubbyhole of a couple of rooms and fifty square meters. If you choose to rent in 2018, you will have the advantage of living in a larger and better apartment than you could buy with your savings.

Availability for more profitable investments

If you choose to rent in 2018, do not keep the money needed to pay the loan. You can then use this amount for much more profitable investments and with a higher return in the short term.

A Better Life Standard in 2018

Yes, we know: the money paid for renting will not allow you to acquire the rented property in Gurgaon where you live but in the situations, you can use the amounts you save each month to give you the small joys of life. These are joys that you may have to give up in 2018 if you choose to light a mortgage. There are not a few cases of those who, after having lit a mortgage, find themselves having to count the 10 cents pennies when they go to the supermarket think about it: would you like it?

A Home Always Suitable for Your Needs

Maybe a child will arrive in 2018, and the family will grow bigger. You will need an extra room for his games and his belongings. If you live in rent, you will always have the possibility to leave the apartment to look for a bigger one. If instead, you take on the burden of a mortgage; in 2018 you will have to stay in the apartment where you already live. With the prices they run, it may be an apartment too small for the needs of your family.

How Does The Subletting Work?

What should a homeowner do? What documents do you need to sublease a house or a room?

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions when we talk about subletting a property. There is still a lot of confusion about it, and it is often thought that it is an illegal practice or at least not allowed.

So we try to do some clarity, and answer these and other questions!

What do you mean by “subletting”?

We talk about subletting (or sublease) when the tenant (stipulates with a third party a lease for an apartment or room, whose rent is in his name. It is, therefore, a contract completely independent of what the tenant has stipulated with the owner of the rented property in Noida, and which nevertheless maintains its effects unaltered. It can, therefore, be said that this new contract of the sublease, is going to “overlap” to that already existing tenant between tenant and owner.

rented property in Noida

Should the sublocation have a precise duration?

The law does not establish parameters and does not give any indication about it. The sure thing is that the subletting cannot last longer than the original lease.

It must also be kept in mind that if the third party to whom the property has been subleased decides not to leave, the tenant will have to deal with it. Also executively. Otherwise, it will also have to compensate the damages for the return of the property in delay, compared to the time established by contract.

How do you practically activate a sublet?

Here are all the steps you need to take to start a sublet:

Communication to the owner: a registered letter must be sent to the tenant indicating the data of the third party (sub-conductor), the duration that will have the sublease, and the number of rooms given in sublease.

If communication is not sent to the partial sublease landlord, the latter cannot interrupt the lease contract (termination of the lease) that he has with the tenant. You can do it only if there is an explicit termination clause in the rental contract.

If instead, it is a matter of total sublease, being expressly prohibited by the Law as we have seen above, the landlord may request immediate exit from the property by the tenant, and the sub-tenant.

The income deriving from sublease is equal to the difference between the amount collected as a sub-lender during the year and the specifically related expenses, such as the rent paid to the owner of the apartment.

The different types of lease

There are different types of leases that vary depending on factors such as the duration, the amount or particular needs of the tenant.

The law establishes the principles to which the subjects must abide in the formulation of the contract and identifies specific models to choose from according to their needs.

The main types of leases are:

  • Free rent;
  • With an assisted or agreed fee ;
  • For temporary use;
  • For university students.

The free rent contract is entirely the most used for rented property in Gurgaon; has as its primary feature consideration to be paid which is freely determined by the parties.

Not all buildings may be subject to this type of contract; they are excluded: housing for housing, holiday homes, buildings of limited value and those that do not constitute housing as garages.

Five Key Factors to Choose the Office for Your Business

What are the factors, the main rules to follow when you have to choose the rental office for your business? You will always have to think about the use you will make of it if you will be visiting customers and then if you need room to welcome them, as well as a secretariat. With the Trento Business Center, we want to offer an innovative and not very well-known service, which allows you to be flexible.

Over time a company changes, it may need more space or reduce it. One of the conveniences of our furnished office solution is this, the ability to use more space, such as offices for business meetings or conference rooms whenever you need them at no additional cost. When you have to choose a new office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon, evaluate thoroughly if it meets the needs of your business, and do not forget the next five factors that can assure you, make the difference during your everyday work.

Office display

It is now known that sunlight plays a fundamental role in everyday life. Working in an office with good exposure to the sun can make the interior more comfortable. Attention to the west-facing offices with windows or reflecting surfaces, the risk is having to spend the afternoons in the summer in a superheated office, if not sultry.

Are there windows in the office?

Another window is the unmistakable element. Operating for 7 or 8 hours a day in a closed space without a glimpse of the outside world leads to a reduction in work concentration. When you are looking for a new office for your business always check that there are more windows and especially that you can open them to change the air, you can regenerate the office environment whenever you need it.

Office heating/cooling system

It is essential to be skilled to compute a good heating system during the winter, while in the summer the air conditioning can be a great help to be able to have a moment of respite from the high temperatures. If you are looking for a fully furnished office space in Delhi in the spring or autumn, always ask for more details on the functioning of both the heating and the cooling system to make sure it suits your needs.

Factors outside the office

Always pay attention to the environment surrounding the office and to the soundproofing. When you’re in the office can you hear annoying noises or is it near a busy road or a construction site? Do not underestimate the place where the office is located, can be an element that can affect the concentration during your work days.

Office parking

Always consider the importance of having a parking space for you, your employees and customers. Imagine a client who needs advice, but does not know where to leave the car. An element not to be underestimated, to make the visit from your customers as comfortable as possible, without losing both precious times.

4 Tips for Renting the Ideal Office

We often face the dilemma of having to choose between different similar products and on many occasions- we accept wrongly! Just remember that black dress that you should never wear to that wedding, that car in “perfect condition” that you bought second hand or that comfortable beachfront hotel that turned out not to be a hotel, let alone be on the beach.

As from Oncor, we do not want you to stumble again in a new election, today we bring you some tips to rent the ideal office and that it meets your expectations of quality and price. Let’s go!

  1. Only or accompanied

This is the fundamental question you must interrogate yourself before you start. If you intend to share an office with other professionals, you have three options: co-working, business center or shared offices. The co-working are fundamentally open spaces that encourage synergies and networking between professionals and startups place. There is an excellent spirit of community and creativity reigns.

The business center, on the other hand, is dedicated to independent commercial centers, where each professional or company has its space divided perfectly and enabled. You cannot breathe that spirit of networking, but they have very modern facilities.

Another option is the shared office where a company gives an unoccupied space to book for hours, days, weeks, etc. It happens to be a cheap option, and you find companies from all areas, also, possible synergies may arise.

Finally, if you want an office space in Jasola for you or your team you leave aside the networking we are talking about, and your expenses will be significantly increased: bail, high supplies, rent, insurance, etc.

  1. Quality vs. price

Maximum quality and at a minimum amount! As in everything, the logical thing would be a balance between both. However, it is difficult to find an office that at a meager price has a full range of services.

If you are finding cheap, you have to take into account values such as the location or the dimensions of your ideal workspace. Renting an office in the center raises the price much, so try to get away from the core and reserve an office with the right equipment and necessary, as well as enough square meters for you.

  1. Equipment and services

There are those who look for a full team office and those who are content with the minimum. It is evident that there are services such as the internet or a printer that are basic and necessary. What a minimum! But maybe you can do without parking, kitchen, waiting room, community room, and receptionist and thus reduce the price.

  1. Schedule flexibility

Pay only for the time you utilize it. Program your calendar and schedule well to avoid paying more than you owe. If you need to work in the office from Monday to Wednesday from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, why are you going to pay for the rest of the week? We offer you to reserve rented property in Gurgaon, so you only spend the time you need, and you save a lot at the end of the month.

3 Questions to Ask When it Comes to Rented Properties

When you know how to go about it, renting your home is far from complicated. In the lines that chase, you will discover how to rent a house you own, in 3 key points. Read the following carefully and avoid wasting unnecessary time on trivial things, as many homeowners do when renting an apartment.

Because maybe today you own a house that you want to rent, and for different reasons:

This is your primary residence, and you intend to live elsewhere for a few weeks or months, and you want to make your absence profitable. Or you have invested in real estate to derive regular rental income. Or you have inherited a house that you do not want to leave in a vacant state.

But you may be unconfident of how to proceed. You may have heard rental stories gone awry and therefore scary. You would like to know more before you start, to make sure you do not do anything stupid. And that’s normal.

Here’s how to rent a house in 3 fundamental questions. At the end of this article, you’ll already see more clearly about the art and how to rent your property effectively.

1) Rent unfurnished or furnished?

The first question to interrogate yourself is this: do I rented property in Gurgaon empty or furnished? In other words, do I furnish the house I plan to rent, or do I have to borrow the furniture?

To be able to answer this question, it is necessary first to study the type of customers who frequent the geographical area where your house is located:

Are the surroundings mainly visited by tourists who stay only for a short time, or are they instead frequented by a sedentary clientele (like students, families, etc.).

It is evident that if you find yourself in the first situation, you will opt for a seasonal furnished rental. The advantages of seasonal rentals are multiple:

2) Rent your house yourself or go through an agency?

Some individuals prefer to go through an agency; others prefer to do everything themselves. It all relies on your lifestyle and the time you have to spend on rented properties in Delhi. Each way of doing has advantages and disadvantages:

Go through an agency?

The advantage of renting a house through an agency is that it takes care of everything. She takes care of finding tenants and takes care of the visits. The downside is that it makes a commission on rents (around 5% of the total rent), and you will have to pay him a fee.

3) How much to rent his house?

The amount of rent depends on several factors: living space, geographical location (city center? Eccentric?), Equipment and others.

A furnished house will rent more than an empty rented house. In the same way, a house rented as a seasonal (day or week) will generally rent more than a house rented in the month as part of a classically furnished rental.

To set a tariff, you will first have to get an idea of the rates charged by the rental companies in the region. And this in order not to be out of step with the offers of the area.

Real Estate Consulting – A Must for Property Buyers and Developers

Fully Furnished Office Space in Delhi

Investing in properties is always a risky affair, as it involves an investment that is all but meager. Naturally, you need to make sure that you get a proper worth of your investment in the short term as well as long-term perspective.  Be it a fully furnished office space in Noida or a warehouse for rent in Delhi, you must make sure you are not left with a red face, having invested upon something that is not going to fetch you enough results, going forward. Here is where a quality real estate consulting firm comes into play.

What difference will a property consultant make?

Quality real estate consultants with all their knowledge and experience give an insight about the pros and cons about the property you are planning to invest upon. They have a huge network of connections including developers, owners of properties, brokers, purchasers and the likes. They can use all the connections and provide you the real picture of a property before you actually purchase it. Besides, they are well conversant with the latest trends in the real estate industry and well familiar with the legal and technical nitty-gritty and hence will come up with all their assistance, so that you can acquire a property without any hassle whatsoever and can be sure of its return in terms of revenue subsequently.

It is not imperative that you have to take the help of a real estate consultant. You can very much look for a suitable property and go ahead to purchase it all on your own. However, the problem is that it might drag you into some unnecessary risks, and some needless headache, as these property handovers involve loads of paperwork that takes weeks and even months to get over. The same applies to a sale of properties. Consulting a real estate consultant will make the property purchase or sale, a hassle-free affair and as simple and trouble-free as purchasing stuff online. Most importantly, these companies help you make a considerable amount of savings.

How to get in touch with these companies

Getting in touch with prominent real estate companies in Delhi is quite easy. You will find a plethora of these companies on the net. Every company has a pretty strong online presence each of the companies you find on the net will claim to be the best in the business. Go through their websites carefully, and ascertain their experience in the relevant filed. Go through the testimonials left by their previous clients to get a fair amount of idea regarding their expertise. This will help you to narrow down your search and discard the ones you don’t feel to be competent enough. Now talk to them individually as this will help you narrow down your search further.

A quality real estate consultant will not present a rosy picture and make promises that are too good to be true. They will thoroughly provide you information regarding the property you are eyeing for, or you are disposing of, based on the ground reality and will go all out to assist you in your deal.

Hence, if you are looking forward to purchasing an IT office space in Gurgaon for your new business, get in touch with a quality real estate consultant before you do anything else.