Organization Of Working Space And Creation Of Favorable Working Conditions

In the complex of measures ensuring the efficiency of labor in the field of management, an important role is given to the rationalization of workplaces and the creation of favorable working conditions.

Under the workplace of an employee of managerial labor is understood the area of ​​his labor activity, equipped with the necessary means of labor.

The concept of “organization of workplaces” covers:

  • The design and layout of office space and the placement of jobs in them;
  • Planning the workplace of employees;
  • Equipping workplaces with necessary furniture and modern technical means of processing information.

The general requirement of rational workplace organization is:

The device of office premises presupposes a choice for managers of individual structural divisions and levels of rooms of rational forms, dimensions and sizes, as well as the planning of these premises and workplaces in them.

The layout of IT office space in Gurgaon includes the distribution of structural units into rooms and such placement of furniture and various equipment in them, which prevents the loss of time for unnecessary movements, ensures an economical use of space and the preservation of the health of workers. The layout of office space is determined by the process of work carried out in them. This takes into account the functional significance of the structural unit, the content and technology of work, the relationship of workers in the labor process.

Office Space in Gurgaon

There are two concepts for the design and layout of office space used in the practice of organizational design, the cabinet-level system of planning and the hall (planning on the principle of “big office”).

The desk system involves placing groups of division workers and their managers in separate rooms. In determining the number of rooms (cabinets) required to house the management staff, the nature of the activity and equipment of workers of various departments, the presence of special-purpose units (machine reading stations, typewriting bureaus, maintenance of duplicating equipment of the AU, etc.), as well as the need to provide certain individuals by virtue of their official position of individual IT office space in gurgaon. Under office space can be reserved:

  • Separate rooms (cabinets) for one or two employees with access to the secretary’s room;
  • Small office rooms in which the department (bureau) is located, consisting of 4-10 people;
  • Large office rooms in which 10-30 people work.

The hall principle of office space construction involves the placement of administrative staff in one large hall, which usually occupies one floor and is designed for 1,000 people. This room is equipped with air conditioning, soundproofing, lighting. With the help of special mobile partitions, sections of mechanized data processing (dictation and typewriting offices, computer centers, etc.), as well as places for meetings and receiving visitors, are distinguished in it.

It is necessary that in the course of work, employees are free to approach their workplace or to equipment and equipment for collective use. Therefore, when placing workplaces and equipment, you should take into account the standards for aisles and other distances in the office premises. This kind of standards used in our practice are given in table.