Improving warehouses to improve employee efficiency

There are many warehouses for sale in Delhi NCR replete with modern facilities and technologies to boost up efficiency. Yet, there are a few elements that go unnoticed. It must be taken into consideration that the rise and dip in temperature can affect the working conditions of employees who work in warehouses for sale in Delhi NCR. By and large the theory of “given a combination of temperature and wind speed” should be followed.

Why there is a need to control warehouse temperature

Temperature control is not only important for safety but to also improve efficiency among workers. Therefore, the doors of warehouses should be open at all times. If there is some deterrence from the weather then the work must be evaluated and tasks such as spray painting should be postponed as it could result in a buildup of fumes.  Then again, open doorways have their share of nuisances to deal with, such as specks of dust, pests, and drafts which can cause health hazards. Therefore, one needs to make sure that the work within the warehouse is properly fumigated.

Some more warehouse safety measures to be put in place

  • Storage racks- Efficient and sturdy racking are the vital cogs of any warehouse. They ensure an organized and space-efficient space ensuring accessibility at all times. That being said, the racks should also undergo regular inspections so it can be assured that they are in proper working condition and pose no hazardous outcomes. There is an equal amount of importance to the layout.
  • Forklifts- Such is the importance of forklifts that not a single warehouse for sale in Delhi NCR can function without them. No forklift also means that a warehouse worker is susceptible to repetitive motion and strain injuries. Also, it is imperative that all forklift drivers undergo the necessary training and certification. Apart from knowing about the vehicle, the driver shall also learn about proper weight distribution and maneuvering loads. Even at low speed, the forklift vehicle’s collision can cause serious mishaps. Therefore, driver training is the key. In terms of environmental safety too, the environmental factor also has a bearing. Therefore, the managers should aim at reducing the amount of contact between foot traffic and vehicles in the warehouse space. This can also be achieved by defining the pedestrian area.
  • Loading docks- These locations see a high amount of vehicle traffic. There can be visibility issues when backing with larger trailers. Therefore, it is important to follow all safety measures for efficient loading and unloading. By no means should there be untrained walk-ins looking for support? As a rule of thumb, the dock area should be clearly marked.

By and large, these are the major factors that factor in the safe and efficient functioning of all the warehouses for sale in Delhi NCR. It must be remembered that the potential dangers get underestimated when comfort and complacency set in. Hence, you need to shortlist the best team of employees and look for warehouses for sale in Delhi NCR that follow all the safety protocols.

Jain Oncor is one of the most trusted names in the national capital’s real estate sector to get the best warehouses for sale in Delhi NCR, godowns for sale in Delhi NCR, and other office space in Noida. Get in touch with us for all your real estate needs and we are up and ready to deliver the goods!

Benefits that you can get by outsourcing warehouses and logistics services

Outsourcing a certain service can have instant benefits. Whether it is a startup that has barely begun its business journey or a market leader in a particular sector, the strategy of outsourcing warehouse and logistic services gives time and opportunities to businesses to focus on their core functions. We discuss the five major reasons why outsourcing for godown for sale in Delhi NCR and a warehouse on sale in Delhi NCR is your best bet in the current market:

  • Shipment amalgamation- One of the major benefits of having a 3PL or third-party logistics is that you can have all your transportation and logistics needs under one roof. Hence, the need to find a warehouse on sale in Delhi NCR is also taken care of. This is also the reason why multiple shipments to various locations can be achieved in an efficient and timely manner. Something which can never be achieved through scattered and unprofessional logistics. One can also get added benefits like discounted shipping which is offered by some 3PL companies.
  • Cost-effectiveness- Undoubtedly the biggest challenge to overcome is the capital and expenses involved in acquiring additional space and infrastructure for distribution i.e. a godown for sale in Delhi NCR. If a business that is just getting started jumps onto this bandwagon of buying warehouses on sale in Delhi NCR, it can expose itself to the risk of tying up its cash flows. This can be disastrous as the decision can create instability for the company. Once you outsource your warehousing needs to a 3PL, you can cut down the operational costs significantly and can possibly use the same capital for other business expansion plans.
  • Trains your experience- It is a harsh fact that there are founders and many business minds who do have the zeal to prosper but lack in experience. This might lead them to incur losses. As an effective method to cut costs in the acquisition, it is better to choose warehouse and distribution service providers who have occupied warehouses on sale in Delhi NCR at prime locations of the city. With this move, they can get people with in-depth experience and knowledge in their domain.
  • Lets you achieve scalability- As your business/company sets out to new markets to introduce new products that may be seasonal or all seasons. In any case, the need for transportation is sure to increase. While it may not be possible to keep tabs on the exact number of warehouses that would be needed, or the level of distribution required, outsourcing warehousing can help you in scaling distribution as and when there is a change. Moreover, the major advantage comes in the form of mitigating increased costs and gives a business better control over inventory levels.
  • Technology play- Let’s face it; the benefits of technology have had a deep penetration in the warehousing sector. Therefore, it is almost impossible for start-ups to invest in advanced technology. When you outsource this 3PL all the logistics and warehousing duties, you get more time to focus on meeting customer demands without additional investments.

Flexible IT office space in Delhi; A valuable deal for enterprises

Never before has there been so much hoopla around the changes that have been witnessed in the changes that IT office space in Delhi has gone through. Remote work, flexible timing, and a hybrid model of working have taken over. Hence, there are many business organizations that do not consider investing in a full-scale workplace facility to be fruitful anymore. This is what gave rise to flexible workplaces not only for IT office space in Delhi but also across many sectors. The move is totally justified because of the many advantages that come with these workspaces.

  • Cuts down cost- As mentioned earlier, cost saving is the main agenda for many IT companies. And the flexible office space in Delhi gives plenty of benefits to choose from. Starting from options such as short-term leases, shared spaces, managed office spaces, and virtual offices, these IT office spaces for rent in south Delhi help in keeping things in check in regards to rent, utility, office space management, office equipment, and so on. To attract more, some of these workspaces on rent give rental-free amenities like gaming zones along with a host of other amenities. Therefore, the companies can save big time as they do not have to purchase equipment and also a few pieces of furniture which may elevate the cost further.
  • Improved employee satisfaction- Some employees may face burnout due to the stringent work atmosphere with pressure and a taxing environment breathing over their shoulders. Having a flexible IT office space in Delhi provides a supportive and inclusive working environment which gives the much-needed “at home” feeling to the employees. With the return of many remote and “work from home” designated employees, this can be a perfect return to work as they too won’t feel disconnected either from the friendly environment at home or the employees they may not be in touch with in person for long.
  • Better recruitment prospects- It is not just the companies that benefit from flexible workspaces, there are many top talents and employee pools who demand greater control and flexibility over their working environment. If the companies choose to demonstrate such IT office space in Delhi, they can also send a message that it is willing to look after the well-being and betterment of the employees. Smartworks spaces are designed to have a collaborative space that also encourages interactions and more brainstorming.

Despite realizing the need for IT office space in Delhi, there are many companies that struggle to find the right office space for their needs. Moreover, there can be certain complications with regard to getting a commercial office property with transparency. Jain Oncor has some of the best listed IT office spaces in Delhi that you can acquire for all your corporate needs. Based on your needs, location, and the area of the office space you wish to acquire, we will help you get started in finding the best property with our team of experienced professionals who have thorough ground knowledge about the real estate sector at large.

Green warehouses are a world of possibilities and underrated benefits

As we are all aware that there have been many measures made by the corporate sector to increase sustainable business model that has fewer environmental hazards. In this direction, there has been a rise in demand for green warehousing. No wonder the occupancy of green warehouses on sale in Delhi NCR is high. There have been questions as to whether green warehousing is actually possible.

While this can be a never-ending debate but on the surface, green warehousing is what seems to be the need of the hour. To put it in textbook terms, green warehousing is a management concept that involves integrating and executing eco-friendly practices. These practices are intended to reduce electric consumption, carbon footprints, and emission of toxic gases. In addition, the green warehouses on sale in Delhi NCR look after the implementation of systems, tools, and devices to help these warehouses go completely green.

The major verticals that define green warehouses

  • Lower energy costs- Whether you are using the fully automated pick and pack storage system or the simple pallet storage outlet, the running cost is the ultimate determiner of the overall budget. While fossil fuel energy was seen to be a cheap energy option thus far, it can be both costly and inefficient in the long run because they leave a lot of waste and residue behind. In contrast, green warehouses utilize solar energy. Solar energy help in the optimization of energy. Moreover, the warehouses on sale in Delhi NCR have broad, flat roofs that are excellent surfaces for mounting solar panels to generate electricity.
  • Better inventory control- With a green warehouse management system in place, there is enabling digital coordination of retailers and warehouses. This results in the automation of major tasks and aids in better communication. Green warehouses have the advantage of running with the optimal amount of stock with inventory control provided by the same WMS.
  • Paperless operations- This is another approach to going green in the direction of having warehouses on sale in Delhi NCR which uses digital coordination. If the usage of single-use plastic and paper is reduced and replaced with paperless doc management and handheld technologies, a lot of waste can be reduced while boosting efficiency. Therefore, there is a need to adopt more digital practices in order to pick-ups, tracking through barcoding, and radio frequency identification (RFID).
  • Better corporate profile Like bad after-sale services, poor logistics can hamper the entire business. Such bad practices can also go viral in the age of technology and easy information dissemination. With a well-placed green warehousing system, a business can garner more public attention by making consumers aware of the potential environmental hazards and how the same business is doing its best to reduce carbon footprints on the planet. As such they have a huge potential for their business if they use the tool of marketing for highlighting the fact that the warehouse uses cutting-edge technology for maximum digitization of services and minimal waste.

Things to look out for if you are planning to buy an apartment for rent in Gurgaon for resell

Things to look out for if you are planning to buy an apartment for rent in Gurgaon for resell

With the exponential rise of NCR especially Gurgaon, more people are flocking to the offices of top real estate agents in Delhi to get the best-located properties. No wonder the entire proposition is too good to be missed. Many potential buyers of these properties are those people who are looking to resell the property in the foreseeable future. It is a smart tactic to employ as the valuation of a property can spike up at any point in time. In order to maximize your investment, especially in terms of retail value, we give you a rundown of certain key points:

  • Valuation-This will be the first talking point when you pick a specific apartment for rent in Gurgaon. Not just the current valuation, the valuation in the coming future should also be projected in consultation with the property dealers. Though the eventual selling price may not be exact, you can still figure out the opportune time for reselling.
  • The developers of the project- This is also a major factor when you wish to get a residential property. An individual or a real estate conglomerate must be of repute without any shoddy past record. This means they must not have the reputation of having a commercial and residential project which got stalled due to failure to abide by government norms. RERA registration and adherence to regulatory requirements must be the top two pointers that you need to check before going ahead with the deal.
  • Property’s age-The age of existence for new as well as old properties is of equal importance. While the newer ones may look all set for occupation, they might have certain obligations of documentation and mutation of properties to meet. Similarly, the older properties are to be scrutinized with regard to how dire the need for renovation and repair is. If it escalates beyond your estimation, there is no point in owning the property.
  • Type of construction materials used-It is true that we, as laymen won’t have inside-out details on the type of construction materials used by the builders. But what we can do inspect is the structural designs, verify room measurements listed in the layout, etc. More emphasis should be laid on checking the sanitary fixtures of the properties. That is to say, you need to check for any cracks, seepage, or other plumbing issues in the restroom and toilets. The caution must be doubled when you are planning to own an old property since they add more liability than qualifying as a robust asset for future use.
  • Locality- The locality of the property is the biggest game changer and can make even the smallest, barely furnished apartment for rent in Gurgaon go high on the list of choices. An ideal locality must have a peaceful environment, and all the basic amenities. These factors are crucial in determining the overall ROI and price growth.
  • Connectivity- No surprises here. When you are in the NCR, the connectivity to all the critical junctures within the city and the areas in and around it becomes most crucial. Therefore, the property dealers in Gurgaon should have those properties in their portfolio which are nearby schools, major roadways, places of recreation, and public transport points.

In addition to these major factors, it is very important that you take into account the stamp duty and registration cost of the properties. It must be known that the stamp duty charged varies from one city to another and also on the basis of the nature of property; that is commercial and residential.

Once these thorough checks are done, you are set to own the property of your dreams!

How can you maximize the potential of co-sharing office space?

How can you maximize the potential of co-sharing office space

No more co-shared office space a utility that was chosen as a last resort when there was a lack of a well-equipped Fully furnished office space in Noida. Co-sharing office space is now seen as one of the most effective ways to function for all those startups and small organizations that have barely begun commencement or have no immediate plans for expansion. However, one must also realize the fact that the office’s layout and other amenities must be taken care of so there is no clutter while operating. Some ways in which you can keep the office functional and more accommodating are:

  • Space layout

    It is true that most companies choosing a shared Fully furnished office space in Noida  are more likely to be on a budget with regard to the establishment. But that simply does not mean that a compromise is needed to be done. Therefore, you can choose to customize your office in the form of a cubicle if privacy has to be maintained between two different departments. Likewise, you can keep the office space open and accessible from all points in your office if it works more on a collaborative basis.

  •  Be wise in choosing the furniture

    This is where a lot of organizations blunder. The furniture in the shared office space should be minimal and mobile. That is to say that these types of furniture must not be a barrier to any small changes made. Since cost-saving is so high on the agenda, it is best to opt for cost-effective and sustainable furniture products; not to mention that the storage space too should be ample.

  • A focal point to make your office space stand out

    Even if your co-sharing office space is relatively small, it does require a focal point. The focal point adds to the aesthetics making it look more professional and also encourages teamwork. For instance, one can keep a monitor right at the center of the office space to be vigilant about the entire scheme of things in the office. Likewise, a round table or whiteboard can be very easy for internal meetings and a quick demonstration of data and analytics. The round table can also be utilized to keep espresso machines that can act as convergence points and encourage the idea of sharing. Monitors and wall boards are hung up on the walls, so there is no way that they can affect your carpet area.

  • Crafty walls

    For all the small and shared co-sharing offices, the question of having a wall can stir the hornet’s nest. By and large, it is purely based on the preference of the office owners with regard to how they choose to maximize the potential of the walls. If you want a healthy mix of pleasing aesthetics and privacy, then Japanese panels are a great choice. They are available in colors that complement your business. A glass partition within the co-working Fully furnished office space in Noida can replace the traditional walls as well

By now, you must have been clear that designing a shared office space is both achievable and essential. As they say, when you choose the right layout, it resonates well with the organizational structure. Nevertheless, the first challenge is to fetch a Fully furnished office space in Noida that suits your purpose and economics. At a time when there are so many unscrupulous real estate agents pulling off fraudulent deals, it is time you got in touch with real estate agents of repute and credibility.

Jain Oncor, with its experience of decades, is the real estate consultancy firm you can choose to meet all your commercial and residential property needs. With our excellent team of market and real estate analysts, we provide you with the property of your dreams and expansion plans.

Warehouses and their growing demand in Gurgaon

Warehouses and their growing demand in Gurgaon

It is an open secret that the cost of having a warehouse for rent in Gurgaon can go astronomically high. The reason being it costs energy and resources; the cost of climate control, lighting, and other facility elements add up to the equation. Thus one needs a warehousing solution that is sustainable both in terms of resources used and the cost of maintenance. This shall make sure that there is a reduction in non-recyclable waste. With many want to save their bottom line and increase prominence in their ecological footprint.

Green warehousing has one critical component and that is an eco-friendly environment. What contributes to the same is a mix of all the steps and methods that goes into production, processing, packaging, shipping, delivery, and even storage of goods. When the goods are processed in an ecologically clean area, sustainability increases with optimized processes for material and energy efficiency. Not many would believe but a green logistic distribution will improve packaging in the warehouse for rent in Gurgaon. Once all the product goes through clean packaging, it can have stable distribution (with the facility of cold storage if needed).

The factors that have contributed to green warehousing

  • Increase in e-commerce activity around the world

    With the soaring of the e-commerce business model, there is an increased demand for logistics infrastructure that fulfills the need for storage and preservation of goods that have a low shelf life. Instead of using the warehouse for rent which has low safety measures coupled with environmental hazards, it is wise to choose green warehousing that can scale the business whilst creating a sound environmental infrastructure.

  • The demand for accountability by the customers

    More often than not, some businesses house their products in warehouses which also include articles containing toxic materials. By choosing green warehousing, businesses can notice the preferences of consumers and how they perceive a brand. While the consumers are less directly involved and exposed to the environmental impact within the warehouse, they do run a check on where their orders might be stored in. Hence, businesses need to add this environmental safety credence to their profile which helps in bridging the gap between businesses and consumers.

  • Excellent for cost optimization through efficiency

    Not only is green warehousing good for the environment, but it can also have a positive impact on the bottom line for companies that want to optimize their efficiency and reduce their energy use. Breakthroughs in regards to the efficiency of renewable energy can produce more energy with less emission. Another key to achieving this sustainability would be improvements in automation throughout the warehouse setup. In today’s times, even the tedious processes like picking and placing fragile and pricey products can be easy.

Much as encouraging of a perspective a green warehousing facility offers, there are chances that one might have a lapse. So to avoid any hitches, it is important to familiarize one’s self about the specific regulations (both governmental and community based) for the location which might be a fit for you to buy or rent a warehouse. One of the key reasons for such regulations is to safeguard nearby populations from any possible hazards of any kind. Many areas in and around the warehouses can have their own share of local challenges that might need interventions. Therefore, unregistered commercial properties are strictly dealt with by the government. Therefore, it is important that you check for all documentation that makes a warehouse property legal to purchase or rent for a certain period of time.

The perks of buying real estate during its pre-launch phase

The perks of buying real estate during its pre-launch phase

Buying real estate is one of the biggest landmarks in anyone’s life as it gives a sense of accomplishment in life. For a startup founder, having a plush and fully furnished office space in Noida will be an extension of his dreams. Whereas the purchase of a dream home assures the security of the upcoming generations in a family. Now, if you have zeroed in on a property that says pre-launch phase, the chances are that the pot has been sweetened. We tell you some of the lesser-known advantages of pre-launch phase property:

  1. The pricing

    It is the only vertical which can never be ignored or compromised when buying a property of any kind. That is the reason why the Top real estate agents in Delhi offer attractive discounts in the pre-launch stage which may make the buyers take an early call. Moreover, this discount helps the buyers to net huge savings which can be utilized for any future modifications. Who knows the price you are getting now might be hiked later on provided the demand for a property in a certain vicinity arises.

  2. Sets the cost of your establishment/ownership

    In a reiteration of what we discussed earlier, the demand for a property in a more commercially viable location can go high anytime. A project or even an apartment for rent in Gurgaon can see a jump in prices if there is the more evinced interest shown by the buyers of the later stage. Therefore, make sure you leverage the early advantage to your favor.

  3. Gives you more room for renovation

    If you are one of the more fussy or meticulous kinds of property owners then the pre-launch properties bring in more than just the price perk for you. A property, in its early stage, has very little intricate work done; it is like a blank canvas wherein you can go for all the customizations in regard to decor and art. Whether it is flooring, the kitchen area, or the sanitary fittings, you can spruce up your home and capture the most of its aesthetic sense.

  4. Attractive rate of investment (ROI)- No wonder that the real estate investment takes a chunk of your wealth, more specifically the savings you have accrued over the years. An early investor is at an advantage to reap rich dividends if they choose a property sold by top real estate agents in Delhi. While you already get the huge relief of a discount on the price in the first place, if you choose to resell the property, you are likely to close in a profitable deal. That is right. With the expansion of the real estate area and the increase in the number of people willing to move in early, you do have the massive advantage of dictating the price on your terms. The proposition gets even higher when you have a comprehensive property; a peaceful locality, major commercial hubs in the vicinity, and easy transportation.

All said and done, we at Jain Oncor would still issue a caveat that one must exercise caution while dealing with real estate property which is unlike any with regard to the risk factors. Choosing a real estate property is easy but to have it verified on social, economic, and legal counts is a tricky task. Understanding this major challenge, we at JainOncor provide all-around solutions for all your real estate needs so that you can close a deal that is most profitable to you. Once you choose to connect with us, we are set to embark on completing your dream of owning a swanky property.

Stop overpaying property dealers in India! Get these factors in place

Stop overpaying property dealers in India! Get these factors in place

Now that we all have braved the grueling pandemic, the entire market including that of real estate is staging a comeback. The demand for apartments for rent in Gurgaon, IT office space in Noida has finally begun to soar like earlier. However, if you are one of those who want to invest in them, you must tread with caution. One needs to acknowledge this; like the financial market, real estate is not risk-free. Therefore, the first guard you need to take will be against overpaying for a particular real estate.

Avoiding the mistake of shelling out a fortune!

  • Market analysis is the key

    Before making an investment in the real estate space, you need to trust more on the data more than your gut. So it becomes important you consult property dealers in India to get an estimate of the current market price of the property you are looking for. Real estate agents can also help you in regard to the anticipated projection of price, market movement and how viable can that property be for commercial establishments or personal dwellings.

  • Fix your budget

    Do not shy away from setting up your financial bandwidth. The rule of thumb is simple- if the budget does not fit your financial budget for spending, the property is not fit for occupation. The major reason for overpaying is not hatching a budget that takes care of the volatility of the market, sudden hikes in prices, etc.

  • Outstanding bills and expenses

    Many property owners quote a price that appears to be lucratively reasonable. Little do the potential buyers realize that they are left with bills to pay in lieu of the previous owner. If you plan to buy a piece of land, be very cautious about outstanding loans as people may deceive you without disclosing the loans and take the actual value of the property. That way, you would have to repay the loan. To counter such outcomes, do ask for all the necessary documents and updated status of the loan taken if any.

  • Choose reputable developers

    Due to sheer market size and the plethora of opportunities to make a fortune, the real estate development sector has become a clash of titans and unsung players. While this may make the property hunt task seemingly easier, it has been seen time and again that the proposition eventually runs into a loss. While the big players have had hiccups, the lesser-known projects by the lesser-known real estate developers have fallen apart despite the hype surrounding them. Therefore, do not fall prey to such unscrupulous property dealers in India who coax you into nefarious deals and makes you overpay

  • Avoid real estate that overstays in the market

    Not all grand-looking projects are meant to be a lucky deal for you especially when they are staying unsold for longer than usual. One must need to exercise due diligence as to why a property at a prime location, despite so much demand is overstaying in its listing. Therefore, you need to use your analytical skills once again and get in touch with trusted property dealers in India who can give you a clear picture of the status of such properties.

We at JainOncor take pride in being one of the most trusted real estate consultancy firms with a national and global footprint. Over the years we have strived to deliver the highest level of satisfaction and transparency for all your real estate needs. Once on board, we relieve you of all the hassles and hurdles which are faced while buying or selling real estate.

A reality check before deciding on collaborative office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon

A reality check before deciding on collaborative office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon

In the current economic times, it is a template of sorts to do all the cost-cutting and increase productivity with bare minimum inputs. While this is something unusual, especially for startups that are bootstrapped, some of the more established businesses are also following the same suit. To sweeten the deal, there are many real estate properties that claim to offer collaborative Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon. The question is.. do they deliver? The answer may not be the most unequivocal one. Many business owners have found an office space of their liking and others have been left with a monetary burn. So here is what you need to check for if you want collaborative office space.

  1. Research

    The entire purpose can be described in a word but we would choose to elaborate. With so much of your wealth on the line and the need to set up an office space at the earliest, it is advised you do a thorough check on the property owner and the building which you have shortlisted for shared Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon. Many a time, people end up paying more for very few amenities which adds to the cost of maintenance. Check the social media presence for such listings

  2. Hidden costs

    This is one of the most frustrating aspects of choosing any real estate property, let alone shared office space. Much as a collaborative Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon looks swanky with all the glitter and gold, they start to hurl a barrage of hidden costs that shake up your initial estimation in regard to rent and maintenance. For instance, the owner of the property may announce offering free wi-fi services but won’t mention the cost of installation involved.

  3. Unprofessionalism

    In their desire to have consumed more, many of the Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon display an appalling level of professionalism. Since there will be a co-working space, it is supposed to work in one’s respective time. But a few of these property owners designate certain time brackets for an operation that may not augur well with your work culture. Some of them also do not do the needful in regards to segregating the space between the two commercial office establishments. Hence, do not shy away from walking straight into the Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon you chose and do a recce.

  4. After-sales follow-up

    A responsible property owner would be coming periodically to get feedback and address the concerns of the organization that has occupied the office space. It is likely that a conflict can spark off between the co-sharers of the same property. Therefore, after-sales follow-up by the property owner is a major factor that should be taken into consideration if planning to continue your business from the same co-working space.

Now that you have realized the importance of thorough research before closing a deal, it is also important you choose the right channel which helps you in choosing the right property.

Jain Oncor is one of the trusted names in the field of real estate developers who have been delivering the best choices for commercial, industrial, and residential properties along with office space. Our decades of experience have enabled us to understand the current real estate sentiments which focus on cost-efficiency on properties that are located at prime locations of Delhi and NCR and other major metropolitan cities of the country. We take ownership of all the brokerage and negotiations that fall into place during your deals along with all the processes of documentation.