What Safety Standards Should We Follow In The Offices?

Safety in work environments is essential and we usually take into account in most cases. But it is true that some jobs are not usually considered dangerous or, directly, do not think that something that affects employees can happen. One of these cases may be office work, since these spaces are thought to be safe, quiet and free of risks.

Anyway, and although it is true that a job in an office is not the most risky in the professional world, there are safety standards in offices that must be attended.

Main practices and safety standards in fully furnished office space in India that must be fulfilled

fully furnished office space in India

To avoid, not only accidents, but injuries, discomforts or pathologies derived from a bad work praxis, it is important to take into account the following aspects and elements:

General layout of the office

In the first place, it is necessary to take into account the placement and distribution of the different furnishing elements, the spaces and the points of light of the office. The latter are important when rent office in the India comes to adjusting favorable conditions for work, especially in regard to eye care and the general health of the worker. But also so that all the rooms and corners of the offices are illuminated in a way sufficient to avoid risks and accidents.

Regarding the location of the furniture and the available spaces, it is also convenient to calculate the spaces and distances between the different elements, in order to provide decent work areas and a high quality of working life.

After working on this, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of spaces and not hinder the ways of passage and access to jobs. The possibilities offered by the furniture provided must also be taken into account, since doors and open drawers can cause inconveniences, accidents and other problems that affect the security in the office.

A suitable furniture

When working in an office space in India, you usually spend a lot of time sitting, or in a continuous position, which office chair scan lead to some kind of discomfort, especially in the medium and long term. To avoid this, as far as possible, it is advisable to provide the workers with adequate furniture that allows them to develop their work with all possible comfort.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that the table and chair are of the appropriate dimensions and, if possible, with ergonomic designs that facilitate healthy postures to be several hours a day.

The chairs are especially important, since they have to be comfortable and specific to spend prolonged days on them. But they must also be accompanied by other elements, such as footrests, which serve to rest and facilitate blood circulation, arm rests on the chairs themselves, lumbar reinforcements, etc.

Equipment adapted to the needs of each worker

Furniture is essential, but it will not be effective when it comes to complying with office security regulations if it is not accompanied by other elements necessary for professional performance. It is highly advisable to place the computer screen at a sufficient height and distance so that the neck and eyesight does not suffer.

Rent An Empty Or Furnished Property: What To Choose?

The real estate market offers a wide range of rental properties: studios, apartments, houses, etc. Tenants have the alternative between renting the property empty or furnished. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. What type of rental do you choose: empty rent or furnished rental?

Empty rental or furnished rental

It is available to the tenant without furniture or equipment. The latter must bring what he needs in everyday life. The furnished houses, in addition to having the kitchen and bathroom facilities, are equipped with furniture such as a bed, sofa, table, chairs and other usual accessories in a house.

How to decide? Both options offer their advantages and disadvantages.

The choice must be made according to several criteria, including the profile and needs of the tenant, ease of management of the lease, rental performance for the owner, among others.

When renting a furnished house, it is convenient to make a complete inventory with all the equipment of the house. This list will serve as a guarantee in case of damage, theft or damage.

The advantages of renting with furniture

  1. More profitability

In theory, renting a fully furnished office space in India should be more profitable than renting it empty, mainly because you can ask for a higher rental price when the house is fully equipped. The increase in rent multiplied by the useful life of the furniture must be greater than the cost of the furniture so that this type of rent is actually more profitable.

  1. Combining long-term rental with temporary rental

It can be rented either for long-term or for short stays. You can even combine both options, especially in tourist cities. As the rents are very high in summer, you can get a great return on housing. Do not forget the extra work of cleaning and reception of each guest.

  1. A more attractive type of housing for certain tenants

Certain groups of tenants seek to rent a furnished home because they need flexibility, speed and seek to avoid equipping it with furniture. This would be the best option for groups such as teachers, students or employees who will reside on the site temporarily. These categories generally present a lower delinquency risk.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting empty (without furniture)

  1. Longer rentals

Here people carry their own furniture or invest in a new one. For this reason, tenants are usually staying longer.

  1. Less discomfort

Having no furniture there are fewer incidents and less risk of destruction. As rentals are longer, the search for a new tenant is less frequent. All this implies less inconvenience for the owner.

  1. Less risk of housing “professional defaulters”

There are people who look for fully furnished office space in Gurgaon because they do not have money to buy furniture or a lot of income, this may present a higher risk of delinquency. There are even: the “professional” defaulters, who take advantage of the slowness of the judicial system to stay in other people’s houses without paying. Renting without furniture can be a way to avoid this group, which does not usually bother to buy their own furniture.

  1. Less profitability and less ease to rent

Renting an empty house implies a lower profitability for the owner. It is also more difficult to rent a house without furniture because many tenants stop when they think about what they will have to invest in equipping the house.

4 Received Ideas About Office Renting

Our phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and e-mail led us to hear a lot. Between false truths and true lies, clichés and received ideas, let us decipher together four accepted views on the rent of office space in Connaught place.

# 1 – “I do not understand why a 9m² office costs so much while I pay the same price for my 40m² apartment in the suburbs.”

The real estate housing markets and the real estate business are very different; it is not very easy to navigate. Especially when looking for offices for the first time. Taxation, legal and administrative procedures, fixed costs, etc. are more restrictive for the owner of a workspace. Also, a local business represents a more significant investment. Both regarding furniture (prices are up to 10 times higher than those for home appliances) and Internet providers for example (professional packages are systematically more expensive).

# 2 – “Your offices seem expensive. I saw a local three times cheaper and three times bigger in the agency.”

When looking for offices, you have to pay attention to several points before making an engaging decision. Especially if it’s the first time. Three main factors affect the price of an office: its geographical location; the services offered and the flexibility of the rental contract.

First, it’s easy to understand that a downtown office will cost more than an office in the middle of the countryside.

Then, a local rented naked will obviously be cheaper than an office equipped with furniture, internet connection, meeting room and so on.

Also, the flexible nature of a lease is of vital importance: the rent of a lease workspace with a commitment of 9 years (or lease 3/6/9) will be cheaper than its monthly rental. Just as it is more expensive to rent a hotel room than an apartment.

Finally, the trap to avoid is to rely only on the cost of a rental: a leasing office 3/6/9 may have low rent.

# 3 – “I open my business center, I put workstations in my box, we sell printers.”

Beware of vocabulary errors. If the service contract that binds you with the company(s) you are hosting is not regulated by the law, do not be mistaken: unlike a sharing approach for to reduce its costs, the provision of workspace for profit is a regulated activity.

Indeed, offering a third company to occupy part of your premises does not make you a business center, this status is reserved for companies whose business is the rental of equipped offices and the provision of services additional services (secretarial services, domiciliation, reception and postage of mail, commercial domiciliation, etc.).

If you want to make your office space in India available for professional use and make a profit, you will need to obtain an approval issued by the competent authorities.

# 4 – “The bigger it is, the better … I’m looking for a 100m² office … We’re two …”

When one starts one’s activity, and one looks for one’s first premises, it is easy to disperse.

Indeed, it is often considered the necessary area is taking into account the common areas, the kitchen, the relaxation area, etc. However, in the context of a flexible rental, we reason more in some positions or m² of office.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Domicile Your Company

Even if it is not systematic, the domiciliation address is chosen by a contractor usually becomes his place of work. Hence the interest of asking the right questions before taking the appropriate steps to launch one’s activity. At your home, in a co-working space, in an incubator, in your business premises?

Do you build your business with others?

Unless you work remotely with your employees, the solution of domiciling your business to your home address can quickly reach its limits. The problem of space, lack of credibility in the eyes of your customers or your potential investors; fortunately, there are several other solutions!

If you need to meet only from time to time, while gaining credibility, the domiciliation company is a good option. The proposed addresses, which are often well located, cannot be places suitable for the daily activity.

However, it is possible to rent rooms on an ad hoc basis to receive your customers or organize a meeting. Before subscribing to a domiciliation agreement, you must also take good care of the obligations and limitations of your contract.

If you want to be in daily contact with other creators in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere, then office space in Gurgaon are probably for you!

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An Overview of Space Planning for Offices

Space planning is an innovative trend, born in the 1990s, consisting of the reorganization and reorganization of a workspace. This can be related to a move of a company’s premises or the desired restructuring of space.

This phenomenon was thought of at a time when companies were constantly evolving: new business, increasing or decreasing the number of employees. And since then, nothing or almost nothing has changed: companies retain this need to live with their times.

On the one hand, they must adapt their premises to their employees- and possibly move, like several tens of thousands of Indian companies each year- as well as new technologies and work environment. Business, while retaining its identity, is reinventing itself every day and the advice of real experts is sometimes necessary to move in the right direction.

To help you make the most of your office space in South Delhi, here are some tips and tricks to optimize your environment. We will first talk about the evolution of Space Planning – what it was during its creation and what it has become – before discussing the different steps to follow for an effective Space Planning to conclude on the advantages of this internal organization for you and your employees.

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Which Offices to Choose to Develop Its Open Space?

Gradually becoming the norm in the premises of start-ups but also in those of large groups, this mode of office organization optimizes the number of square meters while encouraging sharing and collaboration between teams.

But when it comes time to develop it, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Office sizes, tray colors or insulation… To better understand these important questions that you ask yourself when designing an open space, Jain Oncor gives you an overview of the types of offices and office furniture that you will be able to use.

The bench office 4 or 6 places: the most classic office space in Bhikaji Cama Place and the most used also called a modular office, the bench office is dedicated to the work of 4 or 6 people or more. It allows to optimize space but also to build teams on the physical plane. As you can imagine and understand, each employee has another employee opposite and beside him.

Often cheaper (by reasoning at a price per workstation) than an individual office, it allows making great savings on the supply of office furniture for your offices.

It has many different ranges, which adapt to all needs and all budgets. The bench desks can contain walls between each workstation (acoustic or not), the possibility of hanging a screen (with an articulated arm support) and of course a hatch for passing cables. This is the type of office we recommend!

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New Technologies and the Real Estate Market

We cannot stop progress, but we can control it. The collaborative economy is changing the world, and it would be silly to believe that traditional actors have not noticed it.While traditional sectors of the economy sometimes struggle to integrate the use of new technologies into their business, the real estate market has demonstrated over the last five years that it can take full advantage of these new tools.

Online real estate agents use the magic of the Internet so that everyone can offer their vacant space; many other platforms have emerged to highlight their offers on the market. If the collaborative economy disrupts the traditional market, the actors would be wrong to try to fight it when it is a big opportunity.

Need to adapt to new technologies

The new flexible office rental platforms allow companies to find and rent low-cost spaces when traditional practices would have led them to co-working spaces, company roommates or subletting.

But fully furnished office space in Delhi, as beautiful and exciting as they are, are not suitable for everyone when the colocation of companies does not always offer the relaxed environment that startups often look for.

Finally, the sublease, in addition to being hard to find, requires a ton of administrative paperwork.

Thus, for many freelancers or startups, the alternative to telework was not very good, despite many vacant workspaces. Now, thanks to new technologies, all these spaces can easily be referenced and accessible by all. First base employees have understood the mentality of the startups for which they work and are aware that they will need to quickly master these new technologies to overcome the delay they have made.

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Office Subletting: Instructions for Use

Looking for an office for a short time. Do you have too much space in your office? Have you thought of subletting your work spaces? Here is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of office subletting, but especially a user manual to make good use of it.

Why sublet its offices?

The tenant can sublet their office space in India to optimize vacant workstations; to build up an income supplement to face a difficult period; to fill a lease end in the event of a move. In any case, the subletting of offices allows in one case out of two to create synergies with his roommates! This type of contract is ideal for sub-tenants who do not wish to engage in the long term and therefore seek flexible contracts.

The stages of the subletting of offices

First of all, make sure you have permission from your landlord. To do this, check that your contract includes a clause stating that your landlord authorizes the subletting of its offices. This clause does not appear in your contract? Do not panic. Request a written agreement from your owner by registered letter AR.

Once your landlord’s agreement is obtained, you become a landlord and can establish a lease agreement with your sub-tenants. Be aware, however, that the owner has the right to refuse your request without justifying.

The rules of office subletting

IT office space in Delhi sublease does not change the relationship with your landlord. However, if you decide to receive a rent higher than the one set by your landlord, he may request a re-adjustment to balance the two amounts. The sub-tenant is, meanwhile, not directly related to the owner, only a situation of unpaid rent can lead the owner to make contact directly with him.

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5 Tips to Create a Co-working Space

Large, small, rural or urban: Co-working office space in Connaught place abound across India. But exactly, how do you define a co-working space? A co-working space does not just offer a shared workplace. It gives its members the opportunity to join a community of coworkers to create partnerships, to create synergies, to sprout new ideas, to stimulate your activity and much more.

Do you want to embark on the adventure by creating your co-working? Here are some tips to get you started and create a great co-working space!

1. A particular place

With the exponential growth in the number of office space in sector 44 Gurgaon, it is essential to choose the place that will set you apart from the competition. For that, everything is allowed: from the artist’s studio to the industrial loft, passing by the church or the barn, the motto is originality.

In addition to the architecture of your space, you will also need to think carefully about the location. It is especially important to take into account the accessibility criteria as well as the types of activities identified in the neighborhood (Is it a district of artists, digital actors, business?).

2. A dynamic community

Creating your coworker’s community is the key to the success of your space! The world attracts the world. The more your network of coworkers is developed, the more you will attract other members who will see in your space an opportunity to find new customers, partners, and funding. To organize your community more easily, you have the chance to give a theme to your space (publishing, digital, art, cooking, etc.).

Obviously, nothing forces you to target a sector of activity; some spaces attract precisely by the mix of their coworkers who are then certain not to compete with each other and benefit from their complementarities.

3. Additional services

Give your members a full range of services: internet access, printers, cafeteria, mail reception, domiciliation, meeting rooms, nap rooms, sports classes, etc. Even access to 3D printers! Your coworkers must not miss anything. Some spaces go as far as offering them support and advice on the development of their activities.

4. Regular animation

Animate your space to encourage exchanges between your coworkers and strengthen the community spirit. Creating a co-working space means thinking about its animation upstream: social networks, newsletters, and blogs will be your allies in this process! But that’s not all, plan physical meetings by organizing breakfasts or entrepreneurial meetings.

5. Current management to anticipate

Creating and managing your co-working space cannot be improvised overnight! You will have to manage the contracts and the invoices, take care of the day-to-day management, the supply, and organize the access to the meeting rooms, to the Internet or the printers. So that everything is done at best and that the rules are known to all post a regulation of life in space.

You know (almost) everything! We gave you our essential tips to get you started on the adventure of co-working spaces. And if you ever needed inspiration, do not hesitate to go and see what others are doing!

An Overview of Lease Agreement to Share Offices

The real estate market is about to undergo major changes, as we can already see in the field of rental housing.

In recent months, taking advantage of the rise of the collaborative economy, companies, semi-public companies and public entities (most of them municipalities) are optimizing the use of their empty spaces by making them available to the public professionals in return for remuneration. These empty spaces are mainly IT office space in Delhi.

In fact, companies or public entities that own, rent or occupy large office space do not always use all the space they enjoy. Some of them make them available to third parties by also offering services.

This phenomenon is encouraged both by the many new businesses in the digital domain and by the development of coworking, freelance work and new ways of organizing work (telecommuting and mobile work) allowing employees to work on certain days in premises near their home.

The managers wanted to adapt to this new need, making the provision of premises accompanied by services, a full-fledged activity, modernizing the already existing business centers. The methods for making these spaces available and their use are varied, both in terms of the duration (from a few minutes to several months) and the services that can accompany them.

Like the short-term rental of residential premises, which poses many problems, these new uses are not devoid of legal issues, each actor must be attentive.

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