An Overview of Space Planning for Offices

Space planning is an innovative trend, born in the 1990s, consisting of the reorganization and reorganization of a workspace. This can be related to a move of a company’s premises or the desired restructuring of space.

This phenomenon was thought of at a time when companies were constantly evolving: new business, increasing or decreasing the number of employees. And since then, nothing or almost nothing has changed: companies retain this need to live with their times.

On the one hand, they must adapt their premises to their employees- and possibly move, like several tens of thousands of Indian companies each year- as well as new technologies and work environment. Business, while retaining its identity, is reinventing itself every day and the advice of real experts is sometimes necessary to move in the right direction.

To help you make the most of your office space in South Delhi, here are some tips and tricks to optimize your environment. We will first talk about the evolution of Space Planning – what it was during its creation and what it has become – before discussing the different steps to follow for an effective Space Planning to conclude on the advantages of this internal organization for you and your employees.

Today, the primary goal of office space in Delhi planning is not necessary to gain space but to redevelop the living space, to create a new meeting and exchange points (convivial relaxation areas, cafeteria, playgrounds, better-adapted meeting rooms, etc.). The goal is to rethink the space of the company to incorporate new elements essential to the life of today in business.

The key elements of a good Space Planning in 2018 are:
• Rethinking the identity of the company (regarding materials, colors, spaces, etc.)
• Improve the quality of workspaces and relaxation
• Structuring the different occupied spaces
• Rethinking links between services to facilitate exchanges
• Adapt the workspace to new technologies and innovations in interior architecture
• Allow employees to get involved in a common project
What are the next steps for an effective Space Planning today?

The first step – essential – is to take into account the legislation in force. Using a Space Planner rather than an architect or interior designer is important because it will thoroughly check the possibilities available to you in your existing space or your new premises (reception capacity, safety rules, etc.).

It will also look at acoustics, air conditioning, heating, lighting and many other things to match your space usage, reduce your costs and protect our planet.

Once the technical elements have been inspected, it will be possible to study the development plans and the layout of the various services to improve the links between the various employees.

Work better, work together

This reorganization of the workspace will not be without consequences for you and your employees. It will be important not to neglect the final presentation. Why not propose an open house to present the new premises to employees? You can also prepare an information document to announce the development of your partners and possibly your customers, especially if they plan to move around your premises.