Office Subletting: Instructions for Use

Looking for an office for a short time. Do you have too much space in your office? Have you thought of subletting your work spaces? Here is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of office subletting, but especially a user manual to make good use of it.

Why sublet its offices?

The tenant can sublet their office space in India to optimize vacant workstations; to build up an income supplement to face a difficult period; to fill a lease end in the event of a move. In any case, the subletting of offices allows in one case out of two to create synergies with his roommates! This type of contract is ideal for sub-tenants who do not wish to engage in the long term and therefore seek flexible contracts.

The stages of the subletting of offices

First of all, make sure you have permission from your landlord. To do this, check that your contract includes a clause stating that your landlord authorizes the subletting of its offices. This clause does not appear in your contract? Do not panic. Request a written agreement from your owner by registered letter AR.

Once your landlord’s agreement is obtained, you become a landlord and can establish a lease agreement with your sub-tenants. Be aware, however, that the owner has the right to refuse your request without justifying.

The rules of office subletting

IT office space in Delhi sublease does not change the relationship with your landlord. However, if you decide to receive a rent higher than the one set by your landlord, he may request a re-adjustment to balance the two amounts. The sub-tenant is, meanwhile, not directly related to the owner, only a situation of unpaid rent can lead the owner to make contact directly with him.

The office sublease must contain the terms of the rent, the distribution of expenses, the obligations of the parties, the duration of the lease, etc. Find out the details of the information to fill in our sublease templates and join the community of shared offices!

Benefits of Subletting Offices

Obviously, the subletting of offices presents mainly advantages! Whether you are a tenant or a lessor, you save money first and foremost. But above all, you create synergies! One in two companies that practice subletting has already worked with their roommates. Take the time to choose your future tenants and make sure that your activities are complementary.

The tenant gains flexibility, thanks to this type of contract and spares a long-term commitment, a non-negligible detail for a young company which has little visibility as for its growth and its resources. The lessor thus optimizes the vacant space within its offices. He can even through the sublease, fill a lease end if he moved and did not go to the end of his initial contract. You now have all the information to sublet your offices.

A picture is worth a thousand words and to market a property, the fact that it can be seen in detail as if the client were inside, can greatly favor the sales processes and increase the income of real estate companies.

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