Which Offices to Choose to Develop Its Open Space?

Gradually becoming the norm in the premises of start-ups but also in those of large groups, this mode of office organization optimizes the number of square meters while encouraging sharing and collaboration between teams.

But when it comes time to develop it, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Office sizes, tray colors or insulation… To better understand these important questions that you ask yourself when designing an open space, Jain Oncor gives you an overview of the types of offices and office furniture that you will be able to use.

The bench office 4 or 6 places: the most classic office space in Bhikaji Cama Place and the most used also called a modular office, the bench office is dedicated to the work of 4 or 6 people or more. It allows to optimize space but also to build teams on the physical plane. As you can imagine and understand, each employee has another employee opposite and beside him.

Often cheaper (by reasoning at a price per workstation) than an individual office, it allows making great savings on the supply of office furniture for your offices.

It has many different ranges, which adapt to all needs and all budgets. The bench desks can contain walls between each workstation (acoustic or not), the possibility of hanging a screen (with an articulated arm support) and of course a hatch for passing cables. This is the type of office we recommend!

The star office: gone from fashion

Widely used for call centers, this type of star office is totally out of fashion in modern open office space in Jasola. It allows to install islands in a large area but is not very aesthetic and pose drawbacks for the passage. These are often the same models that are proposed by the manufacturers, and often not very modern. We do not recommend it.

Size of worktop

The worktop must measure at least 120 x 80 cm. In fact, standard desks measure 140 x 80cm or 160 x 80cm, which allows more space for employees. It is also necessary to adapt this size to the needs of your teams. For example, the administrative professions will need more space to store files, quotes or invoices.
Which structure (base) should be chosen for the offices?

Several structures exist for the base of your offices:
• Square – rectilinear: these types of desk have a robust structure
• Vertical: classic
• On the sidelines: more design and more and more appreciated by interior designers

The legs are made of steel or wood for durability. Some manufacturers of office furniture for open space also allow choosing the color of the base of your offices to coordinate with its graphic charter for example. Practical if the color is suitable!

Which tray color should I choose?

In the vast majority of cases, plan a whiteboard or light wood for the benches of your open space. These colors make the whole of this space more modern. The majority of bench desks are made of resistant melamine wood.

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