Buying A House As A Private Person: Tips To Avoid Mistakes

With the purchase of a private house, agency fees are saved. But be careful.

Who buys the house can choose to contact a real estate agency or opt for the purchase of the house from private individuals. The rules to follow, in this case, are important because the risks of the purchase should not be underestimated if the seller is a private individual.

If you buy a house without intermediaries you will have to keep in mind some fundamental aspects that will allow you to avoid future mistakes and problems. Here are the 5 rules for a safe purchase:

  • Collect as much information as possible before seeing the house
  • Check the house carefully during the visit
  • Evaluate the restructuring costs
  • Request house documents
  • Treated on the price

To buy a house from a property dealer in Noida, you will, therefore, have to deal with the negotiation yourself, but will avoid paying agency fees, which are usually between 2% and 5% of the value of the property.

With the spread of the internet and the creation of sites dedicated to real estate announcements, the search for a home has become easier and faster, even if it is not without risks. Therefore, a lot of patience and a good dose of prudence are the key ingredients to make the right purchase. But let’s first look at the information to ask the owner before the visit.

Questions to ask before seeing a house

Before seeing the house you are interested in, you will have to ask a series of questions on the phone to see if the property is in order or has any discrepancies.

When you contact the seller for the first time, you will first need to ask if the property is cadastral compliant: this means that the floor plan recorded in the property register must be identical to the current layout of the house.

If the property is not registered as a land registry, you will not be able to apply for a mortgage and you will not find a notary who will agree to make a deed.

Another important information concerns the origin of the apartments for sale in Gurgaon: you will have to ask if the current owner has bought the property from a sale or if it derives from a succession if it has already been paid and the situation is regular.

The case of donation is more complex because if you request a loan, banks often refuse to pay it because a possible heir within twenty years of the donation could boast rights on the donated property.

It is also important to check that the property is actually a full property and that there is no surface right, or that a free-market sale must be made, the costs of which are borne by the seller but which could significantly increase the time of the deed.

Once you have asked the right questions you will have all the information to proceed and you can make an appointment to see the house.

Need of Right Real Estate Agents for Finding the Right Property in Delhi/NCR

In the competitive real estate industry, there are many property dealers, constructors, builders, etc., are running their ventures or consulting firms to give aid to the people of buying, selling or renting space or properties of their requirement. The giants of the industry are building world-class apartments, residential, commercial and industrial projects in the most beautiful locations of the country. All are being made possible by renowned real estate firms in India. They are trying their level best to make the life of all people easy and providing shelter for the living, business, or trade for them. Thus, there is a great importance of property giants and builders for all, who is looking for their dream homes, office spaces, warehouses, and other properties to buying or rent in the country.

Finding the top-quality residential plots in Noida is easy. For this, you should consult with any reliable real estate company wisely. Here, the property dealing firms can play a vital role for you by suggesting the best homes and apartments for buying at different locations of the Noida.

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