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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Real Estate Consultants of the country specializing in arranging Commercial / Industrial, Telecom & IT Enabled Accommodations and having PAN India presence.

"India is one of the most fascinating country in the world. It is a country that attracts millions of visitors and investors. It is exciting, international, full of opportunities and sometimes, very difficult to access. This is why, we decided to make things easier for you in the field of real estate" said M. Ashish Jain, director of Jain Estates Oncor International.

With over eighteen years of experience, Jain Estates Oncor International is one of India's finest real estate consultancies. We have been entrusted by several international and Indian companies and organisations by having transacted over Two Million Sqft. (25,00,000 Sqft.) of premium space in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida. Apart from providing residential, commercial & corporate estate services, Jain Estates offers asset solutions across New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

"We, in Jain Estates Oncor International, have the experience, the professionalism and contacts that you will need to integrate the Indian real estate market. Our clients hire us because they trust us. They seek our advice, expertise and guidance in making decisions that are in their best interest", ad Amit Jain, co-director of the company.

Our strategy is designed to understand the minute details of your requirements and ensure that your needs are not compromised. Our experienced task force has extensive exposure at the grass-root level to find the perfect solution for your needs.

To enhance our ability in providing a complete range of real estate services and to achieve technical know-how at par with international trade practices & standards, we have partnered with Oncor International. Oncor International is an organization of top-ranked, privately owned commercial real estate companies, which offer a comprehensive selection of corporate- and investor-related services. Oncor provides these services in more than 200 markets throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Latin America. Its 2,900 specialists have serviced more than $60 billion of commercial real estate requirements for worldwide clients over the past five years. To know more about ONCOR, please visit the website www.oncorintl.com.

Given the current real estate trends in the country, Jain Estates offers a helping hand. With the complex legalities and the constant assistance required to acquire any kind of property, it is important to stay abreast of the new and upcoming changes. Here at Jain Estate our mission is to help clients maximize the value of their real estate needs. "Our team of professionals focuses on providing sophisticated advices so that the client can avail the best", conclude Ashish Jain.

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