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Why You Should Look For Kothis For Sale In Gurgaon Over Row Houses

kothis for sale in gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of India’s most popular places to settle down. When it concerns kothis for sale in Gurgaon, the city’s residential housing market offers a wide range of possibilities to homeowners. However, in recent years, homeowners have shown an increased interest in similar row houses and residential kothis.

Row houses are groups of houses that are joined by sidewalls. Because of their identical exterior and internal appearances, these residences are frequently indistinguishable from one another. They frequently include community parking lots or gardens.

Kothis, in contrast to identical row houses, provide more autonomy because they are built on a separate piece of land with ample space all around. A garden, hammock, parking space, and other outside amenities are all available in each villa.

If you’re considering getting one but aren’t sure which one to get, here’s our advice based on years of experience in the industry. With its thriving economy, good infrastructure, it long-lasting heritage, an individual should always invest in residential kothis for sale in Gurgaon. 

While row houses are less expensive than kothis, real estate investment gurus recommend purchasing an autonomous villa because of the numerous advantages it offers. But, before we look at the advantages, let’s look at the differences between the two.

Here are the benefits of buying a kothi:

More spaciousKothis have larger, better-ventilated chambers. There’s also ample room for parking, gardening, a pool, and other outside activities. In contrast, because row houses have shared partitions, one or more rooms are dark and poorly constructed. Aside from that, these residences frequently include a shared parking lot and garden, which can be a source of friction amongst neighbors.

Pride and prestigeIn Gurgaon, owning a villa is considered a prestigious symbol. Purchasing independent kothis or any other Gurgaon place demonstrates your success. When you purchase a residential villa in the city, you will be rubbing shoulders with other well-known citizens. This enables you to establish and cultivate high-level relationships that may prove beneficial in both your personal and professional lives.

More varietyTrends in interior and exterior design for homes change over time. In the case of row identical houses, it is impossible to vary more with the external design because each house is too small, and giving each house a separate view could result in an odd appearance. Purchasing a villa, on the other hand, allows you to play with it as much as you like. In this manner, you may maintain improving your home throughout time, preventing it from becoming obsolete.

The privacy: If you’re looking for a kothis for sale in Gurgaon, It gives the homebuyer a total sense of privacy and security. because no one can see into their lifestyle without their permission. People who live in row houses, on the other hand, may not feel safe or able to have a private life because the sidewalls act as a strong sound conductor. Furthermore, they may be sharing a lot of amenities with their neighbors, such as a liner, a garden, and a terrace.


Kothis for sale in Gurgaon is a worthwhile choice than rowhouses since they allow you to update the interiors and exteriors at any moment. Apart from that, it gives the homebuyer a sense of freedom and solitude. Last but not least, it improves your social standing. Today, speak with Jain Oncor’s experts.

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