Why Investment in Business Center Pays?

Business Center of Delhi- one of the recognized business centers of the capital. The scale of the complex, the architecture, the location, flexible planning solutions – all that is looking for a demanding tenant to arrange a better office of the company.

In the business center of Delhi/NCR, you have the possibility of renting an office as an independent small size, 100 square meters, and office space for several thousand square meters.


• A real office space in Saket organized and equipped for the development of your activity in offices entirely dedicated to the reception of companies.

• A professional response thanks to a physical presence of our employees five days a week during extended business hours (10 hours).

• A wide range of personalized services.


• Access to meeting rooms.

• State-of-the-art communications logistics.

• Available bilingual staff trained in service occupations.

• A commitment of flexibility over the duration of availability chosen by the user (from time to time). No commercial lease signing, but an evolving service contract. When you use a business center, you do not sign a real estate lease but a contract for services.

Thus, you do not rent a real estate space, but you rent the services of the business center in Noida, that is to say, the telephone switchboard, reception of visitors, management of your mail, access to a room of relaxation or coffee break, and of course access to an office. Because you do not sign a real estate lease, you do not have to provide bank guarantees.

• A commitment of flexibility on the leased surfaces that can evolve according to the needs of the company.

• The signature of a simple service contract specifying the contractual terms used.

• No waste of time to choose and sign contracts (electricity, telephone, internet access, maintenance, security, insurance, etc.). A monthly bill of subscriptions and consumptions.

• Access to shared equipment and services (fax, photocopier, printer, etc.). In a business center no need to buy or rent a copier from a service provider, no need purchase a fax machine, machine, etc. All these devices are already present in the center.

By renting an office space in Saket equipped with a business center, your business is operational from the first day. As soon as you set up, you have all the necessary equipment for your activities: a receptionist is already at work, and the meeting rooms are waiting for you!

The rental of office space in Noida equipped as a business center saves you many unexpected expenses. Also, it frees you from all administrative tasks that are unrelated to the activities of your business. You can choose to reduce and enlarge your workspace whenever you want. This enables you to respond immediately to the evolution of your activities. If you need less space, you can opt for a smaller office. You will pay only for the number of workstations you occupy.

The business center is, therefore, a solution with real advantages. No major start-up investment, no agency commission, no personnel costs for reception and secretarial services, no ancillary costs (rental charges, housing taxes, property taxes, etc.).