How to use office space to generate additional income

The proverb says that the horse is not put in front of the cart. With regard to business, this means that you first need to decide on the type of activity, and then choose the right place for it. However, it happens the other way around: there is an office, but there is no business yet, or part of the area is enough for it. Today we will talk about how you can use the office space to attract additional income.


This decision is most obvious – in a small office you can place a retail outlet. In a better position will be the owners of the premises with a separate exit to the street, but the store inside the Business Center may be in demand. In this case, it is worth focusing on the pool of tenants of neighboring offices – after all, they will become the main customers of the outlet. An assortment of similar points: food, soft drinks and coffee, stationery, essentials, souvenirs, flowers.


Upscale office space in saket has a presentable finish and good lighting. To create a showroom, it is enough to equip the room with mirrors, hangers and a fitting room with a cabin, add some bright accents that create the desired atmosphere. The obvious advantages of this solution for showroom owners are security and access control in the Business Center: customers come by appointment, and you should not worry about the safety of the goods.

Office Space in Saket


Customer Offices

What to open in the office space at no extra cost? Another practical option is the client office. In this case, the business is focused on providing services to clients and does not require large investments and special equipment:

  • Recruitment or recruitment agency;
  • Travel agency;
  • Agency for the selection of domestic staff;
  • Agency for organizing events.

Co-working (service offices)

The popularity of individual jobs in India is steadily growing. Co-working gives you the opportunity to work in a comfortable and business environment for a reasonable fee, but more importantly – at a time when it is convenient for a person. The organization of Co-working will require some costs: at a minimum, to equip an office with tables and chairs or chairs, and additional local lighting. You will need to organize a kitchen area, or install a cooler and a coffee machine, as well as purchase a printer, scanner and copier or multifunction printer.

Organization of seminars, events and master classes

Equipped office space in saket is suitable for organizing small events: the audience will be more comfortable and comfortable than in the conference room. Short-term rental rates are higher than those of long-term, so it makes sense to invest in advertising and place information about your offer on specialized resources.

Studio for photo and video

Another non-standard option – renting space for television and advertising shooting, as well as for photo shoots. To implement such ideas, respectable offices with decoration and quality furniture, a high level of insolation, and the ability to connect light and sound equipment are required.