Apartment For Rent In India

Tips To Get Your Apartment For Rent In India Like Pro

People from all walks of life are always on the lookout for an apartment for rent in India. People find a rented apartment to be a much feasible option if they have moved into a new city for their professional commitments or are engaged in an activity that requires them to be in a travel mode all year along! But the task of getting a rented apartment in India especially in the metro cities can be herculean. Hence, one needs to have precision and some research that is to be done beforehand. Let’s have a look at the few points to consider before going for apartment for rent in Delhi

  1. Make sure to have time by your side- It goes without saying that time is crucial and the process of apartment for rent in India can be time-consuming. Therefore, ensure there is planning beforehand and that you have set out to look for an apartment for rent with plenty of time. It is not just one property that you will search and zero in onto. There are many apartments and localities to lookout for and the process can be overwhelming if you are in a rush. Therefore, to avoid poor decision-making, it is important to have time by your side. 
  2. Consider your budget and conduct market research- There is a probability that one may get swayed away by swanky apartments for rent in Noida with all the amenities they provide. However, one has to be realistic in their aspirations and stick to a budget that serves their purpose and also does not cause a stretch in their pockets. Moreover, one must also streamline the market sentiment with thorough research and figure out why the prices of the real estate are inflated in a particular area. 
  3. Go digital and use technology- Gone are the days when one would navigate their way through the rains and sun with their umbrella! With a shift in technology, the process of finding the apartments for rent in India has also gone digital, and what means is that one can now choose their preferred apartments for rent in just one tap of smartphones. Also, they now can take a virtual tour of a listed property on rent with smart tours for an immersive experience. Once again, these 3D tours are not time consuming and one can get these tours from the comfort of their homes!
  4. Tap into the real estate consultants- That is right! The good old real estate consultants are still pretty much relevant for apartments for rent in Gurgaon and they can save the day for getting rented apartments in India and that too in the major cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Moreover, one can never underestimate the importance of real estate agents when it comes to negotiation. Not only the rent but also the lease terms can be negotiated. The potential tenant can also consider signing a long-term lease, keep flexible move-in dates, and don’t hesitate to inquire about rent concession and other perks. 

Knowing your rights as you choose to have an apartment for rent in India

  1. Once you move in as a tenant in any of the apartments for rent in India, be aware of the several laws that you have as a tenant as it can prove to be crucial to safeguard you against any exploitation, unfair terms or demand made by the landlord.
  2. Be very vigilant and read all the terms and conditions written on the rent agreement before signing. It has to be noted that anything not mentioned in the agreement cannot be enforced on either party.
  3. Take a key note of the act against arbitrary hike as regulated through the “Rent Control Act 1948”. The act protects tenants from being subjected to unreasonable rent hikes. The act has also been put in place keeping in mind the condition where a tenant can be safeguarded from improper eviction notices by landlords without sufficient reason or cause.

Since the search for apartments for rent in India can be arduous, get in touch with reliable real estate consultants like Jain Oncor to ease your process of getting the right apartment at the right price.