Tips to build a contemporary IT office space in Delhi

Tips to build a contemporary IT office space in Delhi

We all have one stereotypical picture of an IT office space in Delhi. They are usually perceived to be an office space that is dingy and people are crammed up for space. Worse, such office spaces discourage creativity and prevent collaboration. But the current scenario has changed and the oh-so 90’s office set has rightly been given a departure. Corporate houses have finally realized that the uninspiring décor and segregations do no good to productivity and simply spoil the interior aesthetics.

At a time when many tech companies have embraced the concept of open, creative, and collaborative spaces, we take a look at some of the ways in which you can build contemporary IT office space.

  1. Embrace the open spaces concept for office

Regardless of how big or small that carpet area for the IT office space for rent in south Delhi is, one can or rather one should make the most out of an open plan layout. If your office space of choice is already having cabin partitions or individual cubes, dismantle them right away. An open office space gives the vibes of inclusivity and the first look and feel of the office is obviously spacious. When you have an open space at work, it aids a better flow of communication with colleagues.

  1. Introduce more light

If it is a corporate office, it had better not be dingy. Packed-up office space with no room for light and air discourages positive vibes, let alone increasing productivity. Natural light always imbibes a happier and more productive environment. Moreover, you do not have to spend unnecessarily on other interior decoration enhancements that have to over-compensate the lack of natural lighting. It is no secret that the cost of artificial lighting can be too much to bear. Hence, the dispersion of natural light is the way to go in the years to come.

  1. Consider glass office partitions

Instead of partitions made of hardwood or plywood, an IT office space in Delhi should bring up glass partitions. There are many commercial spaces, or more like the skyscrapers that have opted for glass partitions within their working space. Having a glass partition is like hitting two birds with one stone. For one, they can reduce the barriers to personal communication within the office space and also lets the white natural light illuminate the space.  By and large, glass partitions are a great way to enhance and give a sleek look to the office instead of staying hung over quaint wooden materials.

  1. Brand your office space

Businesses cannot prosper without branding. Again, branding does not necessarily mean that you have to blow up a lot on making your IT office space in Delhi a standout. Just as a business promotes itself using banners, billboards, or flyers outdoors, the same way, you can add your brand’s quotient in the workspace by focusing on the primary colors. Alternatively, you can also pick the base color of your business’s logo to paint the walls. When branding an office space, you need to create a visual interest in the area. Therefore, there is no need to shy away from going beyond the line. You can choose to create your brand’s logo stickers which can be frosted onto a pane of glass.

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