Pre-Rented Properties In Delhi

The Manifold Advantages Of Pre-Rented Properties In Delhi

As the name suggests, the pre-rented properties in Delhi are those which are sold with a rental agreement which is still in progress. If we are to simplify the definition even further, the pre-rented properties are those properties which are rented to any organization or enterprise and are then sold to the buyer with that rent as an income. As such, the transfer of lease takes place once the property gains ownership of the new owner. One of the major perks of having a Pre rented commercial property for sale in Noida is that the buyer gets to enjoy a monthly rental income. 

The various types of pre-rented properties to consider:

As mentioned earlier, the pre-rented commercial properties for sale in India are those properties which are already rented or leased to a tenant at the time of purchase. As a result, you as an investor get a ready-made income stream right from the outset. Now, let’s have a look at the various types of pre-rented properties in Delhi.

  1. Office spaces- Office spaces are the most common type of pre-rented properties in Delhi and they encompass a wide range of businesses, be it start-ups or established corporations. These office spaces can be single office units, entire floors or even entire office buildings. Since the period of rent is fairly long, it becomes an attractive investment and give a stable income to the new owner. 
  2. Retail spaces- Shops, boutiques, stores, and even shopping malls fall under the category of pre-rented properties in Delhi. The retail tenants ink a deal for capitalizing on the prime locations to attract customers in the Pre Rented Shops For Sale In Noida . Investment in the retail spaces can turn out to be a feasible one because of its sheer potential to attract a wide range of potential customers for a particular business. Add to that, if the retail space is situated in one of the arterial areas of the city, the business is sure to thrive. 
  3. Hospitality spaces- The hotels, resorts, guesthouses, some farmhouses too can be ideal pre-rented properties in Noida. They are particularly attractive in areas where there is tourist influx or in the city area where lot outstation residents come on a business travel. Thus, it gives access to premium clientele thereby providing an ongoing income all along.  

The perks of pre-rented properties in Delhi

  1. Lowered entry barrier- As opposed to other real estate investment, the pre-rented properties in Delhi have lower entry barrier, thereby reducing the high initial cost and also the complex property management system. One can easily bypass the challenges of finding tenants and negotiating leases. 
  2. Vacancy risks are reduced- It is a common concern for pre-leased properties but the pre-rented properties in Delhi mitigate such risks as it ensures the property remains occupied and generates income. In case, there is a change of tenants, the transition is rather seamless and  has very little to no effect on the ongoing income. 
  3. Diversified portfolio- Many investors realise the need of a diversified portfolio which can negate their risk of investment. In this direction, the Pre Rented Commercial Property For Sale In Noida offer a unique opportunity of diversification within the real estate sector. 


The investment in the pre-rented properties in Delhi has an array of benefits for first-time as well as experienced real estate investors. Jain Oncor is the leading real estate consultants which assists the property investors in their pursuit to get the best deals in an array of properties including residential properties. To know more, contact the agents of Jain Oncor today!