The Frauds from Real Estate Rental Market

Any operation in Real estate always carries certain risks. Rental apartments and property is no exception. Market experts say that with the activation of the market over the past year increased the number of scams, so you should know about the basic schemes for which they work. The market has a lot of plans, which the scammers work and earn money from the innocent tenants. Let us have a look at some of the common frauds you encounter in the market these days:

Scheme No. 1. Sublease:

In this case, the attacker rents the apartment and gives the announcement of the long-term lease of the apartment at a very attractive price. Featuring potential housing tenants, he makes forged documents. Then there are two versions of events. The first- a house rented to one tenant, and after a day or more evicting the real owner, who was thought to take rented property in Gurgaon for long term.

Another scenario envisages when the room or property is rented to multiple customers. They all would have paid to the owner or the agent, and he is not reachable now.

Scheme No. 2. Real estate agent and the landlord – partners in the “business.”

It occurs on the market and the plan, which involved a negligent real estate agents in India and owner of the apartment. In this case, often it can be a private estate agent who works by itself and seems to be an employee of a well-known real estate agency, but in fact, he is not. The presence of the landlord and real estate agent has a positive impact on the tenant.

Agreeing with the terms of the lease, people give money for a few months in advance. After some time the owner comes and says that the circumstances have changed, so he changed his mind to take the rented property in Gurgaon. In this case, the best solution is when the tenant may recover the money paid to the landlord, but not the commission. They all settled in pockets swindler, real estate agents in india, and a rogue host.

Scheme No 3. The problem with the owner

Difficulties with the tenant may also occur because of the complicated family relationship of the proprietor of housing and live in person. For example, taking a rented property in Delhi on rent with the grandmother and the son comes back home to evict you from the house. Return of money in such cases will be extremely difficult or impossible.

Scheme no 4: Sale of non-existent database properties

This trick works like this: in the press, on the walls or the Internet posted the ad about rented property in Delhi at a very attractive price. When you call on these phones, you come to know that this apartment can be rented at a specified price and offer to drive to the office to issue the contract. Then you make the company agreement.

According to the agreement, you need to pay some money for the services. And then when you come to meet the owner of the apartment he says that the flat is already “put” and offers you some other “excellent options,” but at a price already several times higher than it was originally announced. And get your money back is unrealistic.

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