The Essential Validation of Office Space While Buying or Renting

Looking for new offices? The ideal location for your future business? Or the site of the logistics platform that will make you pass in the big yard? Attracted by the photos of the ads, you ask only one thing: to visit. Quick. Ready to work? Yes and no. The visit is the art of the right moment. Explanations.

Step 1: Meet the Realtor

Concretely, if an office space in Nehru Place you like or seems to correspond to your needs, the first contact with the real estate agent will allow you to refine and especially validate that your favorite is well worth visiting. No worries, however: the commercialization of the goods being governed by the paternity regime (the first to visit has priority for six months), a real estate agent will never be reluctant to organize a visit. You will be able to measure his competence better by the reality of this work of clearing, preliminary and indispensable.

Step 2: The Projection

The visit is a step towards which we must go quickly because it allows the client to project himself into reality in his project and to the agent to broaden the panel of offers that appear to him to correspond to his need. The 1st visit allows refining the specifications as well as the first meeting.

This is the real function of the visit: the projection. And all the stake for property dealers in Gurgaon and lessors: to facilitate the screening of the client. On an overall on-market bidder, donors also provide reasonable efforts to allow the customer to concretely relationship its mode of operation and its organization with the place visited, even resorting to the support, for example, of Space planners, supporting plans.

Lastly, if “seeing” is important, the visit also makes it possible to validate the actual surface requirements (the future occupants often resonate in terms of private surfaces and not total surfaces), as well as the key points of an installation that often involves the movement of employees such as: security, access- especially by public transport- parking, services nearby, access to the infrastructure necessary for the operation of the company (airports, railway stations, etc.).

Step 3: validation

How many visits are needed? It varies according to the project, but professionals agree on 4 to 5 visits to go around the minimum market, not to mention revisits. All this leads to a concretization of about 6 to 8 months on average, for successful projects. There is a significant tendency to use the visit to compare the market goods with the occupied premises during the lease or in the renewal phase, which serves to support the balance of power with the lessor.

Meanwhile, the know-how of the property dealers in Gurgaon will have allowed negotiating the conditions of leasing, entry into the premises, etc. Virtual tour: soon the rule in commercial real estate too?

For the time being relatively rare, the virtual tour may well have the same marketing impact in commercial real estate as it has had in residential real estate. However, for the time being, it is relatively rare because” if it can be a plus on shops, it lends itself with difficulty to industrial premises, and even offices especially if they are occupied.

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