The Choice of Production Facilities: What to Look for?

Most of the industrial premises of Delhi are a legacy of the Soviet era. Often their level and condition leaves much to be desired, and modern production facilities in our city are incommensurably smaller.

The main characteristics that should be taken into consideration when choosing production premises:

When selecting the location of production, it is necessary to pay attention to such factors as:

• Transport communications. Location in relation to the railways and motorways, the availability of access roads.

• Proximity to suppliers of raw materials and production materials.

• Location of the sales market.

Technical parameters of the building

Here you need to focus on the dimensions of your equipment, products, and features of the technological process. And also on production volumes and terms of storage of products in a warehouse.

Placement of production facilities in the basement and basement floors can be allowed only if there is a special justification, and only when it is dictated by the technological process.


– Power supply (power of the transformer, distance to the substation). In case the production facility is located in proximity to the guard zone of the power line, it can be used taking into account the restrictions stipulated.

– Water supply must satisfy the enterprise’s need for water for industrial hygiene, production, and fire prevention purposes. There are two types of water supply: centralized and decentralized. With centralized water supply, water is supplied through public pipelines, and in case of decentralized water comes from local sources (wells, springs, reservoirs).

– Wastewater (a water treatment plant, sufficient capacity). All rented properties in Gurgaon, according to sanitary rules and regulations, must have sewerage facilities designed to receive, remove and neutralize wastewater, as well as divert them to certain areas. In enterprises that do not have sewerage, they arrange courtyard toilets and concrete pits, which are constructed by the safety rules of their operation and sanitary and hygienic standards.

Human Resources

Places of residence for potential workers. Attention deserves and the proximity to the city, villages, towns or villages of urban type. In rural areas, the level of pay is lower than in the city. Against the backdrop of unemployment, villagers will readily occupy the workplaces of your enterprise and will be ready to upgrade their qualifications or retrain.

In the suburbs, the cost of renting or selling rented property in Noida is usually lower than in the city.

– Geographical location of the production house, its remoteness from other divisions of the company, customers, etc.

– Transport accessibility. This is especially true for store, which will be loaded by rail. The storage space must necessarily have a convenient railroad dead-end.

– The territory of the storage house should be sufficient to ensure that any transport, especially heavy cargo, not only could drive up to the warehouse without hindrance but could maneuver smoothly in the given territory.

– The degree of technical equipment of the warehouse, as well as the condition of all equipment.

– A set of additional services that the landlord offers besides renting a warehouse.

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