6 Expert Tips To Find The Perfect Office Space

fully furnished office spaces in Delhi

It’s always a challenging task to find the ideal place for office space to start a new business. As a business owner, you want to have all the amenities you require to operate, but you don’t want to be overburdened with a sky-high lease payment. Besides, keeping the check of costs and rent terms makes … Read more

What Makes the Real Estate Consultants Indispensible?

Property Dealer in India

Investing in real estate might look rosy and simple – there is hardly any doubt about it. In fact, real estate is a fast growing business and a magnificent source of employment. You will find real estate firms hiring various types of professionals to run their business. They include brokers, inspectors, lawyers, and other professionals. … Read more

Some Qualities That Make A Successful Real Estate Consultant

Being a successful real estate consultant is not a matter of joke. It needs a great deal of expertise along with some added qualities to be a successful real estate consultant anywhere in the world. Here are some qualities that make a successful real estate consultant. They Correspond This is the first and foremost quality … Read more

Real Estate Consulting – A New Trend of Income Generation

Real Estate consulting is indeed one of the most lucrative businesses that act as a major source of income generation. The most interesting aspect is that at the first glance, real estate consulting might appear to be at odds with the commission-based model, upon which the business is based. However, the truth is that real … Read more

How to work with a real estate consultant in Delhi/NCR?

When it comes to working with the real estate consultants, a specific method needs to be followed. This is needed for mutual benefit and to make sure there is a win-win situation for both the parties. Let us discuss some of the methods that apply while working with these consultants. Though the rules might chance … Read more

Efficacy of Real Estate Consulting As a Promising Business Model

Before we start an in-depth discussion about the efficacy of the practice of real estate consulating as a potential business model, let us at first mention that along with a wide range of specialized service, these real estate consultants offer: A-la-carte services to the purchasers and sells on the basis of hourly service Packaged services … Read more