6 Expert Tips To Find The Perfect Office Space

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It’s always a challenging task to find the ideal place for office space to start a new business. As a business owner, you want to have all the amenities you require to operate, but you don’t want to be overburdened with a sky-high lease payment.

Besides, keeping the check of costs and rent terms makes a difference whether your business strays float or grapple financially. 

However, finding the right place that satisfies all your requirements of office space could be a fine line to tread.

If you have a small business or a start-up one and struggling to find the right office space for your business, then these tips will be very helpful for you to find the right place for your office space.

Don’t Waste Time For the Perfect Place

There is nothing perfect in this world! So instead of finding a Perfect Office Space, make a list of what’s important for you and rate office space according to the list. Be more practical and stop wasting your time to find the Perfect Office Space.

Keep Cost Minimum

As a startup business, spending more than required can damage your business growth. It’s always a better option to keep cost minimum even if it means sharing desks in the office or working from a hallway. Try to avoid spending too much money on fancy office and furniture. You can also consider a shared workspace where you are not committed to any commercial lease.

Optimize Around Commute And Compensation

While searching for office space, using team commuting methods, you can enhance your business efficiency. The method helps you calculate the employees’ travelling time and you can search for a location that minimizes the commute times of your core team. Less travelling time means your core team spends more time on work and family, this improves productivity and work-life balance.

Keep Your Priorities First

Often you can’t have all you want, so you need to determine what’s most important for you and your company. A good amenity surround office space such as parking, building security, Wi-Fi and water facility should be your priority while searching for a new office space.

Maximise Most of The Time

Before finding the right space for your office, remember that you’re not only searching for space for your business but also utilise the after-hours. So, consider a space that can host network events that connect with the community and provide business development. 

Consider space with Flexibility Lease Terms

As a startup business, non-one no what will happen in the future. You hope for quick growth but if it doesn’t pay out; you don’t want to lock yourself in the expansive long-term lease. That is why co-working would be an excellent choice for you if you want to share your expanse and have flexible lease terms.   

The level of competition is rising each day and to thrive and grow a business such competition is the real challenge. Laying the framework of your business with the above tips will help you endure the storm of competition and set your business up for success.

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What Makes the Real Estate Consultants Indispensible?

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Investing in real estate might look rosy and simple – there is hardly any doubt about it. In fact, real estate is a fast growing business and a magnificent source of employment. You will find real estate firms hiring various types of professionals to run their business. They include brokers, inspectors, lawyers, and other professionals. However, running real estate business and investing in properties is not as easy as it looks apparently. On the contrary, there is a fair amount of risk associated with real estate investment. One wrong step may invite utter disaster. That is why, if you are planning a real estate business, you need to hire a real estate consulting firm as well, which will guide you in your endeavor to prosper.

What Difference Does A Real Estate Consultant Make?

Are you looking forward to purchasing a fully furnished office space in Delhi? Have you planned to put your old godown for sale in Noida? Either way, a real estate consultant will use all its experience and assist you in the process. Be it purchasing, investing or selling real estate properties there are a plethora of issues to deal with. All these three areas of real estate business have their own technicalities and issues to tackle and a quality real estate consultant would coordinate everything in a seamless manner using all their experience and expertise.

Whom do you Rely on the get that Difference?


There isn’t any dearth of real estate consultants in India and Delhi is no exception. In a crowded pool of too many names, you need to pick up one of the bests, if not the best one. In order to do so, you need to opt for the ones that are truly experienced and have been in the business for long, and the ones that are enough seasoned to provide you all the guidance you need. The name you vouch for, has to have a healthy pool of reference or contacts and should be competent enough to help you in considerable savings by the virtue of these contacts.

You need to take into consideration the location of the consultant as well. For instance, if you are looking to purchase an office space in Connaught Place, you cannot look for a consultant from Pune. Rules and every aspect changes from place to place in real estate business and you need to be specific when it comes to choosing a quality consultant.

The Issue of Discount

One major setback that you have to face when you move all by yourself, you seldom can save. That’s where the presence of a quality would come in handy. Quality real estate consultants come up with schemes that help you earn discounts on purchases, and that leads you to considerable savings.

When you accumulate this, with all the guarantee and safety assurance that these companies provide you on a property along with all the assistance they provide, the contribution of these companies indeed turns to be enormous, thus proving their indispensability in the realm of real estate business.

Therefore, the bottom line is that but for these real estate consultants, you simply cannot excel in real estate business.

Some Qualities That Make A Successful Real Estate Consultant

Being a successful real estate consultant is not a matter of joke. It needs a great deal of expertise along with some added qualities to be a successful real estate consultant anywhere in the world. Here are some qualities that make a successful real estate consultant.

They Correspond

This is the first and foremost quality of a good real estate consultant. When it comes to purchasing an office space in India, regardless of the location, it is, to say the least, a Himalayan task, full of stress and uncertainty involving a lot of paperwork, paraphernalia involving the infamous red tape and other associated doldrums. Hence, while going through this entire complicated process, it is important that the investor and the consultant constantly be in touch with each other to avert any issue. There should be a constant correspondence between the two parties. An able and truly professional consultant will maintain a constant correspondence with its clients to keep at bay any confusion whatsoever.

They are Proactive

A quality real estate consultant needs to be proactive in order to excel in their forte. In other words, they have to bring out, out of the box ideas to make things happen, rather than waiting for things to happen. They need to be initiative in closing deals and that also in favor with their clients and constantly generating new leads for their customers, getting in touch with the potential sellers and buyers, fixing meetings and communicating with their clients an intimating them about the newer prospects.

They Listen

Someone who is looking to purchase an office space in Noida must have got something up his sleeves. He must have some futures plans related to his investment. Hence, the agents need to be an attentive listener, who would pay heed to every minute details that their customers disclose regarding their objective and keep them in mind while looking for properties. People are generally wary o the consultants who talk too much and listen less. They should also keep in mind the customized requests (if any) from their clients, as this will help them in value addition to their service, which the clients expect from them.

They are Client Centric

Whatever a quality real estate consultant does, that is entirely client-centric. Their first and foremost priority is clients and their preference. Their every move is for the benefit of their customers and they put themselves in the shoes of their clients and empathize with them, to make sure the clients get exactly what they need.

They are Flexible

Every quality real estate agent has a business policy and that’s quite obvious. However, that does not mean they need to be stubborn so much so that the clients do not feel at ease working with them and they have to shift to another service provider.

A quality real estate consultant needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the customized needs of their clients and act accordingly. This may include going some extra miles to satisfy their clients or providing some extra favor to a client, it that makes a considerable positive difference from the clients’ perspective.

These minor adjustments and value additions go a long way in boosting clients’ confidence, opening the door of mutual advantage and a successful business venture, creating a win-win situation for both the sides.

Real Estate Consulting – A New Trend of Income Generation

Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate consulting is indeed one of the most lucrative businesses that act as a major source of income generation.

The most interesting aspect is that at the first glance, real estate consulting might appear to be at odds with the commission-based model, upon which the business is based. However, the truth is that real estate consulting can be of great help when it comes to converting more and more leads to full commissions. Let us discuss the concept in details.

The Concept in Details

Primarily, it is essential to take note of the fact that just like regular commissions, consulting does not involve any fixed rate. Consulting fees and commissions are always negotiable and depend upon the extent of service provided and the type of service provided. For instance, commission involving the sale of an IT office space in Noida will surely be much higher than renting an office space in Connaught Place. Therefore, for each client and each opportunity, the consultants have to be determined the best fitting or suitable commission for the business.

How it Works

In order to ascertain how things in real estate consulting works, it is essential to establish a distinction between the normal model commission sale and consulting. As per the experts, a salesperson just ‘tells ‘n sales’ goods and services, whereas a real estate consultant is the one who actually ‘guides but does not decide’. As per this theory, the consumers at the time of investing like to have someone at their side, who will act on behalf them, though stop short of taking the final decision, bestowing that responsibility to the consumers. In fact, they like to hire these professionals to represent as well as safeguard their interests.

The New Online Trend and its Effect

 The modern generation prefers to conduct all the research and gather information online or through referral systems. This has made a better and more professional approach of the real estate consultants. They have to play that role of that trusted referral or resource, which is good enough to provide clients with all the information that they require so that it is possible for them to take the best decision in connection to their investment.

A certain pool of experts is of the opinion that these consultants provide way too much service to their customers, without being paid appropriately and accordingly. However, this is not correct, as there is nothing called ‘free service’ in the world of real estate consultancy.  More so, after the advent of online business, the customers pay for whatever service they take from these consultants.

There has been a new trend in the realm of real estate consulting, which vouches for an hourly rate, as this is the best way to gauge the worth of a professional. There are state-of-the-art time-tracking apps that these consultants use and they charge their customers strictly based on the hour of service they provide.

Hence, as things stand now at present, real estate consulting has indeed newer and more lucrative avenues of negotiating on the behalf of investors and freeing deadlocks and troubleshooting issues against fees. Thus, this profession is perceived as a very attractive source of income generation.

How to work with a real estate consultant in Delhi/NCR?

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When it comes to working with the real estate consultants, a specific method needs to be followed. This is needed for mutual benefit and to make sure there is a win-win situation for both the parties. Let us discuss some of the methods that apply while working with these consultants. Though the rules might chance subject to situations, the crux remains all the more same.

Enter into an agreement

First of all, you need to enter into an agreement with the consultant. This agreement should clearly explain the respective responsibilities duties in black and white and should distinctively define the relationship between the parties involved. This type of agreement also negates the scope of any subsequent misunderstanding or probability of overlapping into each other area of expertise.

Let there be transparency

You need your real estate consultant to know what you expect of him. This will help you avoid misunderstanding subsequently. For instance, if you are looking forward to purchasing an IT office space in Delhi, you should expect your consultant to drive you all around the city to all the showings. Disclose hat to your consultant openly. If you have any reservation regarding any area due to security issues, let that be known to your consultant.

Again, if you are trying to sell off your office space in Sector 44 Gurgaon, you might not want the realtors or people come down to your office to communicate with you. In this case, again, your consultant should play the part of the mediator and arrange for meetings appropriately. You need to be realistic about your goals and it’s the duty of your consultant to advise you on that. The idea is to have a mutual respect and crystal clear transparency between the two parties.

Understand the contracts in details before signing

In case you are entering an agreement with the real estate consultant, you need to understand every bit of that clearly before you put down your signature. In case you are not clear about any clause or you do not understand any aspect of the agreement, do not hesitate to ask the consultant. It’s their duty to explain things to you in details. Again, you need to keep in mind that these consultants are not lawyers and hence do not have the expertise to interpret the legal affairs. Hence, if you have any simplest doubt, get in touch with our lawyer and clear things out before entering any contract.

Make sure your objective is met

Be it a getting rid of an office space in Noida selling off a parking space somewhere in Delhi, you need to make sure that consultant you work with, is after all, able to help you out in meeting your objective and make a sure profit. Remember, whatever you do its profit that determines your success and failure.

So, from a pool of a number of real estate consultants, you have to pick the one up that will stand up at your side and will assist you to in every aspect when it comes to acquiring a real estate property or disposing of one.

Efficacy of Real Estate Consulting As a Promising Business Model

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Before we start an in-depth discussion about the efficacy of the practice of real estate consulating as a potential business model, let us at first mention that along with a wide range of specialized service, these real estate consultants offer:

  • A-la-carte services to the purchasers and sells on the basis of hourly service
  • Packaged services with pre-priced bundles that are solely based on the requirements of the consumers
  • A wide range of ancillary services like help in solving disputes over property tax, marketing valuations for insurance and a wised range of related services

Efficacy of a Consumer

Now let us come to the issue of evaluating the efficacy of a consumer, which is also an extremely important factor to consider before we discuss the worth of a real estate consultant. Ideally, a consumer gains a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing the services they need from the consultants.

Sometimes, the seller or buyer of an office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon is confident about taking up the challenge of completing some of the tasks that are associated with the business deal. This may include negotiating the contract and even deciding upon the final price. In these cases, these consumers have the leverage of paying the consultants only for those services that they are taking from them, instead of a package as a whole.

This helps the seller or buyer of say, a godown for sale in India in a considerable amount of savings. Besides, this also means that the sellers can get a lower listing commission expenses, while the buyers can enjoy credits or rebates if they have made payments for the services that are rendered up for closing.

This is one way reduces the responsibility of the consultant and shrinks the efficacy channel to a considerable extent. Hence, you see the efficacy of a consultant is also dependent on the efficacy of the consumer and vice versa.

Efficacy of a Real Estate Consultant

Quality real estate consultants never market themselves offering services like CMA or comparative market analysis, driving the buyers around in various parts of Delhi or NCR for viewing and deciding upon properties, and the likes. Instead, they provide specialized real estate consultations, which open up newer revenue streams like helping the property owners’ dispute over the valuation of property tax, evaluate the properties for sale as FSBO or ‘For Sale by owner’, or assisting in closing an FSBO, once a buyer has been finalized.

Other Areas Where Real Estate Consultants Make a Difference

These consultants also come in handy while working with the investors. Investors are actually buyers or sellers, who would look to opt for any method that will help them, save on transactions and increase their ROI in short as well as long-term. These consults provide them the easiest routes to savings and make sure that they invest on something that is going to fetch them profit either in the short run or in the long run and that also in a more or less hassle free way.