Buying A House As A Private Person: Tips To Avoid Mistakes

With the purchase of a private house, agency fees are saved. But be careful.

Who buys the house can choose to contact a real estate agency or opt for the purchase of the house from private individuals. The rules to follow, in this case, are important because the risks of the purchase should not be underestimated if the seller is a private individual.

If you buy a house without intermediaries you will have to keep in mind some fundamental aspects that will allow you to avoid future mistakes and problems. Here are the 5 rules for a safe purchase:

  • Collect as much information as possible before seeing the house
  • Check the house carefully during the visit
  • Evaluate the restructuring costs
  • Request house documents
  • Treated on the price

To buy a house from a property dealer in Noida, you will, therefore, have to deal with the negotiation yourself, but will avoid paying agency fees, which are usually between 2% and 5% of the value of the property.

With the spread of the internet and the creation of sites dedicated to real estate announcements, the search for a home has become easier and faster, even if it is not without risks. Therefore, a lot of patience and a good dose of prudence are the key ingredients to make the right purchase. But let’s first look at the information to ask the owner before the visit.

Questions to ask before seeing a house

Before seeing the house you are interested in, you will have to ask a series of questions on the phone to see if the property is in order or has any discrepancies.

When you contact the seller for the first time, you will first need to ask if the property is cadastral compliant: this means that the floor plan recorded in the property register must be identical to the current layout of the house.

If the property is not registered as a land registry, you will not be able to apply for a mortgage and you will not find a notary who will agree to make a deed.

Another important information concerns the origin of the apartments for sale in Gurgaon: you will have to ask if the current owner has bought the property from a sale or if it derives from a succession if it has already been paid and the situation is regular.

The case of donation is more complex because if you request a loan, banks often refuse to pay it because a possible heir within twenty years of the donation could boast rights on the donated property.

It is also important to check that the property is actually a full property and that there is no surface right, or that a free-market sale must be made, the costs of which are borne by the seller but which could significantly increase the time of the deed.

Once you have asked the right questions you will have all the information to proceed and you can make an appointment to see the house.

Buying A Garage And Renting It Is The Most Profitable Solution!

A garage or parking space is a precious resource for those who live in the city, given the low number of public parking garages. If you don’t find a house with a garage or a condominium parking space, you can choose to buy or rent an external garage or garage.

This is why the demand for garages and parking spaces is constantly increasing and more and more are those who choose to invest in such a solution.

Have you decided to buy a garage to make an investment? It is important that you choose a city where parking is difficult.

The smaller the availability of guarded public parking lots, the greater the demand for garages and parking spaces to rent and, therefore, you can be sure that your investment will be profitable.

Consider the area in which you decide to invest in a box to put it in income: you will have to prefer the central or semi-central areas of the big cities, where parking opportunities are scarce and the number of boxes compared to homes is limited.

It also carefully assesses the presence of offices in the surrounding areas, especially if they are areas that are not well connected by public transport and there are no parking spaces available.

As per the recommendations of property dealers in Delhi, you will have to exclude the areas that have developed urbanistically in the last few years – they will have enough car garages – or those in which new parking lots have been built.

Common parking space price

Whether you are looking for an uncovered parking space or a garage in a condominium, you will have to take into account the costs of running the garage (condominium), which are generally contained.

Today, in the cities there is an increase in the supply of parking spaces and a constant decrease in prices, with peaks over 30%. Not surprisingly, therefore, that in the city one can increasingly do without the garage, favoring alternative solutions to the use of personal cars.

So, on average how much does a parking space cost? This will depend a lot on the city in which you decide to invest. As a matter of fact, renting a garage allows you to earn an annual income from 20000 to 30000 in the center, while in the suburbs around 10000 bucks.

Where to find garages for sale

The choice of garage for sale is wide, it is enough to know how to search well among the various offers published on the Net. Those who need to save on the purchase can take advantage of the real estate auctions, which also with regard to the category of properties that we have dealt with offer authentic occasions. In fact, there are many garages or parking spaces for sale at bargain prices: being a “forced” sale made to satisfy creditors, the base price is always lower than the market value.

Buying a garage and warehouse for rent in Noida is, therefore, the winning choice: considering the strong demand for this service, you can invest in buying a garage and rent it out at a high price. In this way, you can quickly recover the money invested in the purchase.

Investing In Housing 2019: Now Or Never?

The nightmare of any investor is that the goods he acquires are devalued. Anyone who engages in investing hopes, therefore, bring returns in the short, medium, or long term. Be they stocks, bitcoins, state bonds, or real estate, nobody wants to lose money with their investment. At Jain Oncor, as professional property dealers in Delhi, we are going to focus on the housing market. Today in our blog, we will explain whether or not it is worth investing in housing 2019 and how to do it to get the most out of it.

Investing in housing 2019: Price evolution

To know if it is good to invest in housing 2019, we must analyze the state of the real estate market. If you look at the price of housing, it looks like this; it continues to grow. Buying an apartment today is more expensive than yesterday, but cheaper than tomorrow. However, it is true that the pace at which it does is lower than some years ago. But let’s not be alarmed. Climbing from below has always been easier. It is not the same to double from 1 to 2, from 2 to 4, from 4 to 8. Therefore, housing prices increased much more at the beginning of the recovery, when prices were low, not now than the prices Prices are already approaching your roof.Investing In Housing

Demand Evolution

But one thing is prices, and another is demand. For the first time since the recovery, the demand for real estate has decreased from year to year. The decrease is not extreme, but it is an indication that, at current prices, there are fewer people interested in investing in housing in 2019. However, the sharp increases in rents have made many people consider buying an apartment instead of renting. This can cause housing demand to remain even if prices continue to grow. Even if so, it would not be sustainable in the long term. Sooner or later, the demand would decrease, and with it, prices will too. Who invests in housing 2019 must be attentive to market signals if you don’t want to catch your fingers like in 2007.

Strengths of the real estate market

Despite the existing run of a possible crisis, some property dealers in Gurgaon point out that investing in housing 2019 is not dangerous. The current picture is not the same as in 2007. At that time, in general, prices were much higher than today. Therefore, a possible fall in prices would not be as pronounced as the one that took place between 2008 and 2014. In addition, the buyer profile is different.

Trends to invest in housing 2019

In large cities, it is where more housing is demanded and where prices have increased the most. On the contrary, in the rest of Delhi, the rise in prices and demand has been much more moderate. That is why most people who want to invest in housing 2019 will focus their operations on the big cities. However, we must warn that today, it is no longer enough to buy and sell cheaper.

You see, investing in housing in 2019 is still a good business. But what we cannot assure you is how long it will last. Therefore, if you are willing to invest in the real estate market, it may be now or never.

What Are The Characteristics Of Being A Successful Real Estate Consultant?

What do the best sellers have in common? What is the secret of their success?

In reality, there are many sales techniques developed over the decades; many are the books written on the subject and many “experts” in the field. Surely the experience makes the difference, but above all, it is the attitude that determines success.

What are the rules followed by the best sellers? Here are some tips that will surely help you stay focused:

Identify your ideal buyer and focus on that

Identifying the target customer is essential for an effective sales process. This is to avoid losing energy towards finding potential customers. The best sellers have defined the target customer and know exactly what to propose to them because they have built their sales strategy on them.

The sales process must be measurable and repeatable

The best sellers do not let intuition take over; nothing is left to chance. They use a method, they know perfectly the status of each ongoing negotiation. Create a pipeline and update it constantly, analyze the results, and adjust the processes.

Know the product and firmly believe that it is the best on the market.

If you don’t know what you are selling, you will not sell it to its full potential. Today’s customers are informed, they have the tools to do analysis on their own, and they are prepared and very careful. To sell a product, you must know it perfectly, you must have compared it with other products, and you must have analyzed it thoroughly. You must not be caught unprepared.

real estate agents in India

Develop a technique and make it your own

The real estate agents in India identify a single sales strategy, adopt it, and improve it from time to time without ever leaving it until it works. Don’t waste time changing method and strategy, choose the approach that works for you, apply it, and improve it, change it only when it stops working.

Actively listen to the customer

The best-sellers are attentive and listening when they talk to their prospects. They talk about what they need, and they listen a lot. You have to be focused on the ongoing negotiation, don’t think about other negotiations, stay focused on the customer in front of you. If you are listening, the conversation is deepened and becomes meaningful; the content will help you close earlier. It is crucial for a good salesman because it gives you the ability to unlock many situations, gives you access to valuable information, and will help you build trusting relationships.

Follow up

Check that your prospects have read your Email, update them on the status of the property, and update them on the activities you are carrying out. Submit reports. This will help you monitor the negotiation and increase your professionalism as a real estate agent in Delhi in the eyes of the customer.

Need to be focused

Learn to be balanced. Don’t let the mood of the moment affect your work, especially because you are dealing with other people who will feel your discomfort, they will be affected, and negotiation will hardly be successful. Free your mind, take a regenerating walk, and rediscover concentration and calm. Focus on the lens. You must transmit security, professionalism, and positivity.

3 Trends in Real Estate Marketing That Need to Change

Do you want to be perceived differently by others? Start by being responsible for your communication!

1: “A” as a text ad

There is no doubt that the real estate agent needs to become more creative when it comes to creating a property sale ad. The tendency is to copy/paste the announcement of a similar property, dictate on the fly (perhaps by telephone) an approximate text or delegate the work to the secretary without having the slightest idea of ​​the actual situation.

Poor time management can lead to a superficial evaluation of aspects that will make you perceive negatively by your customers.

This is how terms like “spacious” or “bright” crowd the texts of thousands of ads all the same, without any personality. And what about the embarrassing “real deal” or “hurry up, last available unit” in a sales announcement on the market for months? Can we still talk about credibility?

2: Select important information, only that!

If the printed paper and the related publishing costs have transformed the pre-web-era real estate agents in Gurgaon into a summary black belt, with texts of 12-15 words, worthy of a first-generation tweet (before the advent of 280 characters), digital has widened the boundaries to thousands of characters.

After so much textual austerity, here come dense paragraphs, walls of text, which challenge the average attention span of 8 seconds of the people. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your ads, here are 3 tips for applying immediately:

real estate agents in Gurgaon

Use a bulleted list to highlight the strengths of the property. Recreate situations of common life that help the person to imagine themselves there and arrange them in order, on a couple of lines of text each, in an odd list (3-5-7). This helps the buyer to “compartmentalize” the information and to understand if they are in line with his research;

Don’t hide the less attractive features. If the building overlooks a noisy street, you could still get lots of contacts, but the risk of wasting time on unnecessary visits is very high. Of course, the critical aspects should not be highlighted, but presented in a neutral way, to ensure that the customer perceives information transparency;

If you’re aiming for millennial customers, pay attention to the language. The new generations adopt a slang made of terms that for the “older” are unusual. Precisely for this reason, writing to appear forcedly similar, is likely to make you scam. The new generations seek authenticity, don’t deny your professionalism to look cool!

3: Not only text but also images!

There are many virtuous cases, where the real estate agents in India focuses on images to communicate well with future customers. It is also true, however, that websites and ad portals are still full of disqualifying images. Untidy rooms, the reflection of the agent taking the photo in the mirror, grainy and crooked photos, and backlit shots won’t help you make a good first impression.

real estate agents in India

If the ad text is important, the photo is even more so. Whatever property you are dealing with, it certainly has a value of tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars: these deserve something more than a photo taken with your smartphone.

10 Important Questions About Rented Properties in Delhi ?

Before renting a property, whether, for private or professional use, some doubts arise in the tenant that must be clarified to maintain a good relationship between the parties during the term of the contract.

1- How and where is the monthly rental of the property paid?

In the rented property in Delhicontract, the landlord and the tenant must establish the place and way to pay the amount of rent, being more convenient to manage the real estate itself to avoid any inconvenience

2- When is the guarantee deposit refunded?

The guarantee deposit serves to cover the possible damages that the property or the objects inventoried in the contract may suffer during the rental period, as well as the invoices for services that arrive after the delivery of the dwelling. For these reasons, this deposit is made before receiving the property and is returned after delivering property.

3- What is the amount of the guarantee deposit?

A clause indicating the value of the deposit must be established in the rental contract, which can be up to the amount of one month’s rent multiplied by each contract year. Also, the conditions for their return must be layered in the same document.

4- Is it possible to rescind the rental agreement?

Yes, the tenant can rescind the contract after the first six months of rent. Although the system of laws does not define a minimum notice period, it is advisable to agree on one to give notice of the early termination of the same. It must be taken into account that if the rescission occurs within the first year, the tenant must pay the equivalent of a month and a half of rent, while if it is done within the second year, the compensation will be reduced to one month’s rent.

5- Who to turn to if there are inconveniences with housing?

Depending on the conditions of the contract you can resort to the real estate agents in Delhi that manages the rent for help and concerns or with the same owner if necessary or possible.

6- What happens if the rent is not paid on time?

In general, the contract determines a range of days within which the rent must be paid and where a penalty for delay is agreed.

7- Who handles the procedures with the service companies?

Procedures involving service companies, whether to contract, unsubscribe or change the ownership of them, must be done by the same tenant before and after the move.

8- Are guarantees needed to rent a property?

Generally, the owners require the future tenant a guarantee, such as a property with the corresponding papers or a guarantor, to prove solvency and good faith.

9- Can the contract be renewed?

Yes, in most cases the contracts can be renewed. However, this depends on the availability of the property and the owner’s wishes regarding its use. Also, it is advisable to define a term in the contract to notify the intention to renew the lease.

10- To who the keys delivered at the end of the deal are?

Once the contractual relationship between landlord and tenant has been completed, the tenant must immediately deliver the property and its keys to the real estate agency that manages the rent or to the same owner, as previously agreed.

How has the Role of the Real Estate Agent Changed in Recent Years?

How has the role of the real estate agent changed in recent years? What kind of professional figure has become?

The word “professional” nowadays is very close and close to the word “entrepreneur,” even if they are two different concepts. “Doing business” means managing an organized economic activity to produce and exchange goods and services on the market. But a professional is concerned with doing business for every project he is following because he has to coordinate people, resources, and skills to achieve a specific goal.

If we see it this way, the real estate agents in Gurgaon nowadays can no longer do his buying and selling activities by mediating between the seller and the buyer, but he must do much more: he must become a real consultant.

We have discussed it many times in the previous articles; an agent obligation put the customer with whom he interfaces first, without considering it a pure source of income. The user is no longer a passive figure that readily relies on a person or a company, but instead, it is an extremely active figure, able to contribute with his conscious choices to the growth or otherwise of an activity.

When we decide to open our real estate agency, we have to put ourselves on the market with the aim of actively involving our end customer, trying not to cheat or even provide wrong information to those who are looking for a new home or a new apartment, or who are looking to rent a property.

The Internet has revolutionized the way of approaching the purchase of the customer, and the absurd thing is that only 10% of real estate agents use the potential of the web well.

The trust today is gained by working together with the end customer, involving employees of my activities and contributing their expertise to the constant care of existing customers.

The passion, the training, the expertise and the ‘ enthusiasm must go together best to be a perfect real estate agent. It is not enough to have a paper certificate to be considered credible, because televisions, newspapers, magazines, and web confirm us every day that what is written can be false, and only what we know can be truthful.

So to the question “how has the real estate agents in India changed over the last few years?” We can easily answer that today the agent needs to work on himself and on his own interpersonal skills , trying to put the customer first and second place his skills.

Being in a prominent position in your industry is one of the most significant competitive advantages that can exist. We have to understand how to do it, but we have already talked about this in some previous articles, related to the world of online marketing, first and foremost.

Secondly, networking and collaborating with other professionals in the sector is the second essential element in obtaining a considerable advantage regarding development and professional growth.

Factors to Consider When Buying Property in Gurgaon

It is perhaps safe to say that the real estate market in the national capital region is not limited to Delhi anymore. As a matter of fact, buying of new property in the capital has reached its saturation point owing to a several factors, most importantly due to the compact settlements that have mushroomed in recent years. As a result, Gurgaon, the bustling IT hub of NCR has attracted residential property investment in huge numbers. However, the feasibility of this property investment must not cloud the few important factors that need to be taken into account.

  • First and foremost, it becomes absolutely important to extract all the details of the ready-to-move-flats and land for sale in Gurgaon. Due to the huge potential of the NCR real estate market becoming a money spinner, few unscrupulous real estate agents in Gurgaon have been duping the investors. Therefore, one must start with knowing the status of the residential project that they wish to buy. If possible, they must also procure a list of banks that have given financial backing to these projects.
  • Next thing to look at will be the location of the apartments for sale in Gurgaon. As mentioned earlier, Gurgaon has numerous housing and commercial buildings on the offering but at the same time, there is also a beeline of buyers who want to buy strategically placed properties. Therefore, individual as well as the needs of family must be considered while purchasing real estate property. The buyers who plan on living with children and family should prioritize the basic amenities meant for students such as schools and amusement parks for recreation.

What kind of assistance would you get from real estate agents?

The task of closing in the property deals of massive scale cannot be done by two individual parties alone. Since there is a lot of paper trail and market research involved, the involvement of property dealers in Gurgaon becomes more of a necessity if not an obligation. One of the biggest advantages to seek the assistance of property dealers in Gurgaon is their reach with the financial institutions like a bank which can help the prospective buyer in procuring housing loan or mortgaging their old property to buy new ones. The real estate agents in Gurgaon are always open to the strategic consultation so the buyers get the right choice at a fair price.

Much as the property market continues to thrive on newer buyers, there is also a sizable base of sellers who wish to get their property evaluated. And once again, the real estate agents of Gurgaon and the NCR at large come into play. Due to the large base of buyers, these agents can fetch the sellers the price they have been willing to buy at.

In such testing times for both buyers and sellers, Jainoncor has taken on itself to bring these two components on the same page to crack a property deal not just in India but in abroad as well.

Common Renovation Mistakes that Decrease Your Property Value

At a time when the ambition to own property runs high in the young and restless urban youth population, a tremendous rise in numbers purchase of apartments for sale in India. The aspirational shift has also made sure that the property dealers in India rake in as much moolah as possible.

Much as the buying numbers have increased, the market for reselling old houses is on the higher side as well. But there are some pitfalls for the sellers due to some of the renovation mistakes that they have been committing inadvertently. The result; drastic fall in the value of your otherwise valued property. So, what are the common renovation mistakes, let’s find more

  1. Personalization of your property- It’s not a bad idea to have a house that defines your preferences but the same personalization can backfire if you go over the top. Some of the common indoor personalization a person gets tempted to do are color, carpeting, flooring etc. The result; depreciation in the value of your house that is located at a location that is strategically booming.
  2. Wallpaper covers- As good as they are for being a makeshift method of decorating walls, it could also turn away a lot of potential buyers for being cumbersome to remove. Metal covers, wood veneers, and wallpapers may not have many takers who want to have the apartment for sale in Gurgaon in a pristine state. Besides, there is an additional cost involved to get rid of these wall decorations. Hence, you might as well like to keep the décor of your house simplistic to attract more potential buyers.
  3. Built-in electronics- It’s never a bad idea to have a property in your possession that is equipped with electronics for home entertainment. But here’s the flip side to it, it could make your property look cluttered and less spacious than what it is. Again, there is a lot of installation and dismantling task that the potential buyer may find to be a waste of both time and money. Therefore, try and stay away from high-end electronics for your apartment for sale in Noida.
  4. Combining two bedrooms to one- A common phenomenon among many young owners of the apartment for sale in delhi, if you end up combining two bedrooms into one in the quest for “some extra space”, you may be losing out on buyers who plan to move in with their families. It is given that the families would like to have separate rooms for children. Therefore, there is no point in reducing the value of your property for a poor decision that could be avoided in the first place.

5. DIY renovations- A flavor of quite a lot of recent seasons, the majority of the DIY renovations come from the owners of the house and not the professionals adept in this art. What you get is a rather clumsy designing that would discourage your buyers even to have a look at it. It’s highly advised you use minimal of the DIY ideas to keep the value of your property at a break even if not higher.

Short Term and Long Term Rental Properties

Renting property is a form of investment and requires you to choose which type of lease you want to resort to.

There are several factors to evaluate, to understand whether it is convenient to rent real estate in the short or long term. Often, this decision seems almost obvious, achieving the very nature of the property and the objectives pursued. However, both lease formulas have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Do you need help deciding whether to rented properties in the short or long term? You are in the right place. We will take care to outline the pros and cons of both options.


First of all, let us familiarize ourselves with the definition of “short-term rent”.

Short-term rent- in the common language, tourist rent or “holiday homes” – is the lease for delimited periods of a furnished property. At the owner’s discretion, as well as by location and a number of other factors, this type of property is usually rented on a weekly or daily basis.

Many vacation home owners rent their property for most of the year, in all periods when they do not use it themselves.During the last decades, holiday homes have become a popular alternative to hotels.


Long-term rent – unlike short-term lease – typically refers to properties that are rented for a month or more. Typically, renters pay the owner on a monthly basis, paying extra charges such as utilities.


  1. Guaranteed income

One of the main advantages of renting long-term properties is the security of a monthly income that you can count on. Which can be a relief to those who have owned the building recently and are burdened by many expenses. In addition, long-term tenants are generally responsible for paying regular bills for electricity, gas, water and often the Internet.

  1. Stability

Long-term rent implies minor concerns related to the administration of the property (bureaucratic procedures, key delivery, marketing, etc.). Once the tenant signs the lease, it is known (with relative safety) the duration of his stay. The only need to worry about is the search for a new tenant for when the house returns free.

  1. No need to furnish

Some (though not all) long-term guests bring their own furniture. This can make the decision easier if you are thinking about renting your unfurnished property. With long-term rent, not only will you receive a guaranteed monthly payment, but you will not have to buy new furniture for your home.


  1. Deposit

If you are worried about the details of the rent, such as insurance, lease or deposit, you do not need to panic. For long-term rentals, it is normally possible to request a substantial deposit, which will then be returned to the tenant at the end of the rental period, unless damage has been caused to the property. These cash deposits can give the owner an extra reason to feel comfortable when it comes to renting real estate.