What And Why You Should Know About Real Estate Agents?

real estate agent

Do you know what a real estate agency is? It is a team born to help you in your search for advice and management of the sale, exchange, rent or any way of transferring a real estate asset to a third person.

Also, this type of action is part of an activity carried out with the objective of general capital investments important for your benefits.

A real estate agency or a real estate agent will undoubtedly be of great help when carrying out this type of process for the different reasons and benefits that you will get by supporting this great and innovative tool in the world of real estate.

Reasons why a real estate is important

When it comes to selling, buying or renting a property, your security, guarantee and reliability is the most important thing. Therefore, the professional advice of a real estate will be of great help.

Doing things your way and with your own hands is not always the most appropriate and beneficial, as a real estate agent in Delhi supports every move to avoid any type of error or fraud.

As well as, factors such as payment, contract, insurance companies, and other aspects when it comes to selling, buying or renting a property will be supported and facilitated, providing the greatest peace of mind in you.

It is important to take into account the type of real estate chosen, since the trust it gives you and the reputation it has is vital to guarantee the success of the entire real estate process, satisfying the needs of both parties involved.

Real estate agencies guarantee that this process is as reliable, clean and based on the law to avoid any inconvenience.

What does a real estate offer you?

When thinking about going to professionals in the purchase, sale or rental of real estate, you will have in doubt what they can offer that you have not thought about doing. We present a series of advantages when making the decision to have professional advice:

Personalized request: attention to all your needs and doubts regarding the process of buying and selling a property, will be attended in a personalized way regardless of the situation and conditions that arise.

Increase the extension of the business: it is one of the advantages offered to you by resorting to this professional help, since real estate agencies have a sufficiently adequate level of business experience.

Reduce the time used: they handle the information of any type of available property in an adequate and easy way, hitting the characteristics you are looking for quickly and easily, saving your valuable time.

Financial ease: a recognized real estate agent in Noida will not only help you find the best way to manage the buying and selling process, but also create an excellent relationship with the bank to further help you with the financing you need to access the property.

Facilitate legal procedures: do not worry about the legal issue, the advice of a real estate agent will provide you with security and peace of mind in the complexity of paperwork that a purchase, sale or rental of a property entails.

What Do Millennials Expect From Real Estate Agents?

What millennials who want to buy housing expect is that their real estate agent uses the technology to make the operation faster and without complications, process the information to expedite procedures and anticipate possible problems. Real estate agents under 35 will increase their influence as clients in the real estate sector, by centralizing 30% of operations in 2019. In the case of purchase for the first time, they exceed 60%.


One aspect that has changed in millennials compared to other generations, such as baby boomers, is that they live in rented homes or rooms, in some cases by vital decision, in many others, out of necessity. 30% of the population, millennials, prefer to be owners, but have difficulties to achieve it. 60% of them, who live on rent, would like to own property and invest in their own assets, but cannot afford it.

The problem of rent is that the price has risen 25% in the last 10 years, which makes it difficult to access a mortgage loan, due to lack of savings.

The tendency despite this is to increase the percentage of rents, reaching 23% of tenants (four more points in the decade, according to Eurostat5 data).


Young people assume a more active role in the buying and selling process, hoping that their agent will take advantage of technology so that everything is faster and smoothly. They spend more time researching and selecting their real estate agent in Noida, reviewing opinions and their social networks, and interviewing 3 agents on average before deciding on who will represent them.


The “emotional hexagon” report shows that the search for housing is not a satisfactory process; 6 positive and negative attributes have been used to assess the experience:

  • Bland vs. Exciting;
  • Complicated vs. Simple;
  • Tired vs. Comfortable;
  • Distressing vs. Quiet;
  • Frustrating vs. Satisfactory;

Only in one of the six attributes of the emotional hexagon do they see their positive side: the search seems more exciting than nondescript. In the rest, they are more negative than members of more mature generations.


The millennial generation differs from others in how they deal with the real estate sales process. They assume a more active role, ahead of the real estate professional in tasks that years ago were exclusive to the real estate agents in India, as determined by the list of homes to visit (buyers) or determine the price to market (sellers).

The access to information has led to documenting the process, but still rely on the figure of the counsellor to guide them in times of difficulty and solve complex problems.

48% of Millennials review opinions and testimonials made by clients of real estate agents; a percentage that doubles the baby boomers generation. One of the biggest problems they face is that the acquisition means a financial problem, needing help from family members to face the financing, since they do not have enough savings. Therefore, they seek help to find that financing and resolve fiscal questions.

What Are The Expenses When Buying A House?

Buying a house is an important process, and you don’t end up paying the landlord what he asks for. There are some expenses that the buyer must face. Taxes, paperwork, and payments to professionals are some of these. If, in addition, the sale of the apartment depends on a mortgage, the expenses when buying a house are even more. Let’s see what they are then.


Let’s start with what hurts the most. Taxes. A large amount of expenses when buying a house or godown for sale in Noida comes from taxes. When we buy a new home, we must pay VAT.

Expenses when buying a new house: VAT

The VAT we all know, and in the case of housing, the tax is 10 %. But, of course, there is an exception. In the Canary Islands, the tax to be paid is the IGIC and is only 6.5%. In case the house is public, VAT can be reduced up to 4%. However, it is each community that decides what VAT to apply in these cases. Only in these cases, the expenses when buying a new house can vary between communities.

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Expenses when buying a second-hand house: ITP

The ITP is the property transfer tax. You have to pay each time a sale of a property is made and falls to the buyer. Unlike VAT, the ITP varies according to each community. Therefore, the expenses when buying a second-hand house will vary depending on your location. In most regions, the ITP is one of the most economical. 4% and 6%, respectively. On the contrary, in Valencia, Catalonia or Galicia, the ITP can be 10%. An important difference that you should keep in mind when buying a flat.

Notary and Property Registry

Once the sale of houses is made, it must be written. For this, it is necessary to be signed by a Notary. Notary expenses are stipulated by the State and are based on the price of the home. In other words, you will pay more or less according to the purchase price, but never according to the notary.

Expenses when buying a house

The deeds signed by the notary must be added to the property registry. Another item that increases the cost of buying a house. But this is the bureaucracy, and we can do little more than assume it and accept it as it is.

Management expenses

A real estate agent in Noida is one who processes everything. He is the one who takes care of all the paperwork and does not fear legal jargon. The technicalities, the tax models, and the managements are his world and to leave everything in his hands; obviously, you will also have to pay. Of course, the expense of management is optional. Although having paid perhaps more than 10% of the price of your home in expenses, we do not think you will come with more expenses when buying a house.

Abusive Real Estate Agents – How to Recognize Them and How to Behave

We know, maybe you’ve never thought about it, and you’ve always assumed that those who propose to you to sell your home is a realtor regularly qualified for the profession, but unfortunately, in India, it is not exactly like that!

It could have happened to you if you are already looking for rented properties in Delhi or selling a house for several months to deal with without knowing it with characters who pretend to be realtors but have no title to practice and are not guaranteed for their civil liability in the case where you get damage, doing this job illegally.


By stumbling into an abusive real estate agent, the biggest risk that you run is that of not being protected in case of situations that due to negligence or professional errors of the pseudo-agent. It leads you to lose money without being guaranteed in the sale by the policy to cover potential damage that every regular real estate agent has!


The unauthorized real estate agents are all those who carry out the profession of real estate agent without being authorized to do so, not being registered in the appropriate registers of the Chamber of Commerce of belonging.

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Costs Involved in the Property Rental Process

Renting implies a lower economic effort than buying a home, but it also requires a certain amount of savings to cover the initial expenses, which can be several thousand bucks. In this new delivery of our guide on the rent, we tell you what the payment is that a new tenant has to assume after signing the lease. It includes the amount of the deposit and the first monthly payment until the move, through the tax payment.

Living for rent brings more flexibility than buying and requires less initial effort, but an individual sacrifice. The expenses that will have to be faced to rent a floor will depend on each specific case based on if the owner requires us to guarantee, extra guarantees or the payment of some insurance. The most common are:

1. The first monthly payment: The initial payment to be incurred after signing the contract is the payment of the first monthly payment, being the first expense to have.

2. The guarantee: Its objective is to cover the damages that the rented property in Noida can suffer as a result of the tenant or possible non-payments. It is obligatory by law and is equivalent to another month of rent. The owner must deposit it in the body that its autonomous community indicates for this purpose. Although at the end of the contract will recover this money, will mean having to overtake it at the time of entering the house.

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Scope of All Kinds of Properties to Buy and Rent in Noida

Are you looking for the right properties for business, live, and store goods in Delhi/NCR? If yes, you can easily find such properties in Noida easily. The city like Noida is the hub of many industries, multi-national companies, residential, and commercial properties as well. All kinds of properties are available in different sectors of Noida like sector 8, 16, 18, 79, 107, 150, etc. At all sports, the real estate giants in Noida have launched many residential, commercial, and industrial projects for the businessmen and common people. To explore more about such projects, you should approach to the leading property dealers in Noida. They are aware of all ranges of properties in Delhi/NCR and can suggest affordable one for customers under the budget.

Types of properties available for buying, selling and renting in Noida are:

Residential properties in Noida

Noida is a right city to find the best residential properties of leading real estate builders and constructors of the industry like Guar city, Ajnara, ATS group, Supertech group, etc.

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Buy Modern Design Office Spaces in Noida through Real Estate Giants

The real estate companies are launching several property projects for businesses and common people across Delhi/NCR. This makes the right sense if you take the aid of the finest property developers and consultants in the market for fulfilling all types of property requirements at affordable prices. If you are in search of a furnished office space in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon, you should check the best commercial projects of the renowned giants of the industry. They might have proposed the world-class infrastructure for the global businesses to run their trades in the competitive market. In Noida, you can find many furnished and beautifully designed office spaces, where you can start the new venture easily. Also, these properties are available for sale and rent as well. For this, you will have to get in touch with the reliable property agents in Delhi/NCR. They can brief you about the complete details of the office spaces available at different sectors of Noida along with price details.

Usually, there are various office spaces available across Noida, where you can start your new venture and run it smoothly. So, your requirement for an IT office space in Noida can be easily fulfilled through the leading brands of real estate industry. You should approach the genuine property dealer and ask for the furnished, IT, spaces for the business dealings. The market leader will surely suggest you several options of official offices at diverse places of the city such as sector 8, 15, 18, 79, etc. Besides, you can also search for the unfurnished office properties in Noida, which you can add-on as per your requirement. The interesting fact is that the property dealers are offering office places on rent and for buying needs of the customers as well. So, it is up to you that what type of business space you require in the IT hub viz. Noida. You can get the same with the assistance of the real estate brands operating in the city.

In Noida, one can also find many business centers which are the best options to book for the office spaces. There are many real estate companies which are offering furnished office properties in the recommended business centers in Noida. For more details, you should consult with the finest property dealers in the city. They will suggest you options of dream office spaces possessing modern design and perfect finish as well. Also, the prices for such properties would also be an affordable one. But make sure you are dealing with an authentic real estate partner for property dealings.

It’s easy to find the trusted and renowned property dealers in Noida, which are located at different places like sector 2, 10, 15, 18, 62, 63, 79, etc. At such places, you can find many genuine and top-rated real estate giants which are deeply involved in selling and buying commercial and residential properties of all sizes and designs. Besides, they can also provide you the best office spaces, warehouses, and other industrial spaces for rent or for buying need at the affordable charges. Thus, it is easy to search for the best properties for business and to live in Noida through right dealers of the industry.

What are the Positive Points of Employing a Real Estate Agent in Noida?

There is no doubt that India has developed a lot in the gone past and the future ahead is even brighter. There can be no question on the fact that this all has been possible only because of the immense infrastructural progression of the homeland. The metro cities of the country are progressing at a very rapid speed and have evolved in the tints of modernisation. Noida also stands its name in the most well developed cities of the continent and the planet. The metropolitan has crossed all the leaps and bounds in terms of growth and has emerged out as a perfect model of well built infrastructure.

In the recent times, there has been an emergent call for Real Estate Agents in India. This is all because of the booming architectural premises of the motherland. Noida today attracts the eyes of investors from all the corners of the globe. The transformation of the metropolis from a meager real estate to a true world class city is really a laudable one. Noida has become a sweet spot for IT activities in India and is a home for some of the best IT enterprises of the world.

Property dealers in India

Advantages of a Real Estate Agent

If you are planning to take advantage of the booming conditions of Noida and want to buy a possession in the locality, here are some of the advantages of real estate agents that will; convince you to hire one for your needs –

Good Source of a Fair Deal – When you opt for a good real estate agent he will browse you through the most favorable options that best fit in your needs. He will get you a good deal according to your needs and demands.

Convenience – The biggest advantage of employing a Real estate agents in Noida is that they provide you a lot of convenience. You need not take out time from your busy schedule and look for your property, instead you need to just contact a property professional and he will browse you through the most favorable real estate choices.

Handling all the Paper Work – Another great advantage of appointing a real estate agent is that he will handle all your legal work. Sometimes it becomes quite a cumbersome task to get hold of the legal work and in this situation property dealers turn out to be a boon for your real estate needs.