Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate?

We will help you to compare with different points, an investment in real estate or in stock market, in order to know the most favourable.

Specifically, people who have money to invest often ask the question, “What is a better investment- apartments for sale in Gurgaon or shares? There is no exact answer because it depends very much on your preferences and your investment strategy. However, we will start by looking at each type of investment:

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Investing in real estate with a rental investment involves buying a property for rent, house or apartments. Each month you receive rent from your tenant, you pay the fees and keep the difference as a profit.

Investing in the stock market with shares represents a financial participation, you buy a piece of business. You can buy shares in a company regardless of its activity. You hope that the company gains value in order to sell your shares at higher prices.


Everything will depend on the strategy of your investment. The scholarship can dream because it can garner high capital gains in a short time, however, investors do are never safe from a turnaround in an identical time.

If you invest for the long term, your profitability will depend mainly on when you invest: that is, if you buy stocks at the highest, in the long run, it will be very difficult to achieve good profitability.

Although in recent years the market is up, worries remain with the rise including rates and oil strikes for example! You have to be very careful. This is not always the case, many investors get used to the hikes and forget that the market follows cycles. Inevitably after a bull market follows a consolidation or a declining market.

Why is it advantageous to invest in land for sale in Gurgaon?

It’s a more stable market than the stock market

By investing in real estate, you can take advantage of leverage. The leverage effect is the ratio of the money you have invested and the money you are given to make your investment.

When you buy your investment, you will usually take out a bank loan. On average, the contribution is 20%, and the bank lends the rest. For rental investment you will put your property to rent, income generated by the amount of rent paid by your tenant, can allow you to repay your loan. Thus the leverage effect is important for real estate investments. Unlike where, on the stock market, the use of financial leverage is much more restricted.

Indeed, when you invest in real estate once your loan has been repaid, you receive an additional income each month with the rent that you will pay to the tenant. Whether you are active or retired you know the amount you will collect and its frequency. In addition, in the long term your investment in stone is a heritage that you can pass on to your descendants.

With actions you can lose much of your stake in a few days. Unlike real estate, the declines are less significant due in particular to longer transaction times, and the duration of a higher investment. The Stone is therefore much more stable than the actions.

The financing of real estate investment is more advantageous, financial investments cannot be financed by a credit. While in real estate it is possible, and it is a real good especially that today the interest rates are lower than the yield of the stone.

Why Buying Real Estate in Delhi NCR is a Good Decision?

On the off chance that you have been faltering to purchase property in Delhi-NCR because of the high property costs, here is uplifting news for you. Real estate costs in Delhi-NCR are going to descend in the following three to five months. Hence, this is only the ideal time for you to put resources into a property in Delhi-NCR.

This is the first run through in the most recent 3 years that the offer of residential properties in NCR (National Capital Region) and Delhi has seen a stoppage. There has been a drop of around half in real estate deals in the area. Specialists have opined this is one of the significant supporters of declining property costs.

Fall in Property Prices

On the off chance that you are hoping to buy property in Delhi or NCR, this is the best time to go for your new loft. There has been a noteworthy fall in auxiliary market costs of properties in luxurious south Delhi regions in the late times. Besides, investors in the real estate market have now ended up frantic dealers. The locale is seeing the accessibility of numerous troubled arrangements in the market. Individuals are frantic to auction their properties, as they need the cash for option employments. They are notwithstanding ready to offer their flats at a much lower cost.

Unsold Inventory is Helping the Buyers

Numerous representatives have guaranteed that practically every builder in Delhi confronts the issue of unsold stock. They are not ready to clutch the stock any longer, as they are urgent for money. In addition, buyers in Delhi are taking a ton of time to decide on buying a property. While the issue of unsold stock is a noteworthy explanation behind property costs descending, the administration’s late choice to climb the hover rates in Delhi has additionally affected the property deals. Buyers are currently getting a charge out of a high ground, and are figuring out how to arrange installment terms to support them for up to 6 months rather than 3 months, which had been the standard as such.

Buyers Have an Upper Hand

It is only the correct time for you to purchase property in Delhi/NCR. Real estate engineers have been continuously slicing their costs and giving different alluring plans to draw buyers towards their properties. In this manner, buying a house in Delhi/NCR today is a brilliant choice. Merchants in Delhi are very urgent to offer, and you as a buyer can deal and get a house of your decision at the right cost.

Costs have never been this low since the most recent two decades, and the appealing plans propelled by the investors have hit home with the buyers. Costs of properties have descended in Delhi/NCR because of a few variables like high rate of swelling, moderate monetary development, and high rate of interests. Property designers are loaded with high stock levels and obligations that are convincing them to slice costs in numerous areas of Delhi.

The variables that have added to such a quick development are more prominent financial action, rising individual pay and the subsequent movement. After a brief break in 2008-09, property costs saw a sharp upwards drift in the period a while later. The blast has prompted more than 1 lakh recently propelled condo units into the market. The vast majority of these projects take into account the mid-wage bunch who need to possess their own particular dwelling place be a piece of the city. We should investigate some of these main four goals that has indicated development and colossal potential in the course of recent years.

Home buyers inclination in the present market situation is to embrace a hold up and watch strategy as they expect costs and loan fees to descend advance in the midst of real estate sector crosswise over India hinting at restoration. The interest for the end-client home buyers is limited to moderate fragments with certain smaller scale markets demonstrating development in deals and dispatches.

“The desires of better costs and lower financing costs have made a considerable measure of buyers put their buy choices on hold. Curiously, the Reserve Bank of India has made a few cuts in the repo rate (which influences the financing cost on advances) in the previous 18-20 months, with the desire to help liquidity however that has not affected the end client purchasers’ choice,” Shveta Jain, overseeing chief, residential administrations, India, Cushman and Wakefield said.

Delhi-NCR area which has risen as the most noticeably bad among the real estate markets saw less dispatches in the primary portion of 2016 with new dispatches limiting to a sum of 7,614 units posting a 22 for each penny decrease contrasted with same period a year ago, as per Cushman and Wakefield first half yearly report. Of the aggregate dispatches more than 70 for each penny were in Gurgaon in the locale of Sohna that will see the coming of roughly 2100 units in the following 3-5 years, making Gurgaon (Sohna, Golf Course Extension Road and Dwarka Expressway) to be a potential district for individuals to put resources into.

The main class that saw an expansion in supply in Delhi-NCR is the mid-fragment at 4,229 units, a peripheral increment of 11 for each penny contrasted with H1 2015, while moderate section saw a fall by 44 for every penny at near 3000 units when contrasted with the dispatches in the same time a year ago. So now you might be convinced that the present time is the best time for making a real estate investment in Delhi and the National Capital Region.