The benefits of investing in a rented properties for sale in Gurgaon

rented properties for sale in Gurgaon

Rented properties for sale in Gurgaon means they have been leased to a tenant before being put on the market. After the sale, the lease is transferred to the new owner, who then has the legal right to receive future lease rentals. If you are thinking of buying such a property but are not sure what it might entail, in this blog, we will go over the benefits it brings to the new owner in a quick overview.

The benefits it brings to the new owners

No Waiting Period: there is a waiting period for the buyer to receive a return on their investment because a preleased commercial property is already leased and earning a monthly rental income. The return on investment begins the very next day, once the lease deed of the rented properties for sale in Gurgaon is transferred.

Capital Appreciation: Typically, the value of pre-rented units increases over time. And, if it’s in a good location with good infrastructure, architecture, and amenities, capital appreciation might be significant. If the buyer has a time horizon of a long period, then they can experience good capital appreciation on preleased properties.

Regular and Assured Income: By default, when the investor receives the lease transfer, he also gets the tenants and rental revenue. As a result, there is guaranteed and fixed rental revenue each month. This revenue may be utilized for a variety of company objectives, such as working capital or reinvesting in a financial instrument, optimizing returns even more.

Easy Liquidity: Most real estate properties have limited liquidity since they might take months or years to sell. Commercial properties that have been leased, on the other hand, benefit from steady rental earnings, making them a more liquid investment.

Rental Discounting: The lessor can obtain a low-interest term loan against the rental income of the preleased commercial property. Rental discounting allows the lessor to raise cash based on the discounted value of the rentals as well as the property’s underlying value.


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