Is buying pre rented property in Noida worth it?

Is buying pre-rented property in Noida worth it

Buying pre-rented property for sale in Noida has become a popular trend among investors, and for good reason. There are many benefits to buying pre-rented property, which can make it a wise investment decision. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why buying pre-rented property for sale in Noida is worth it.

  1. Guaranteed rental income: One of the biggest advantages of buying pre-rented property is that it comes with a guaranteed rental income. When you purchase a pre-rented property, you can be sure that you will have a tenant in place, which means that you will have a steady stream of rental income coming in. This can provide a sense of security and stability for investors, especially during uncertain times.
  2. Low vacancy rate: One of the biggest concerns for landlords is the vacancy rate, which can be a significant financial loss. However, with pre-rented property, you don’t have to worry about this. The property has already been leased, so you can be sure that you will have a tenant in place and will not have to worry about vacancy rates.
  3. High returns on investment: Buying pre-rented property can provide investors with high returns on investment. The rental income generated from the property can provide a significant return on investment, and the property’s value is likely to appreciate over time.
  4. Reduced risk: Investing in pre-rented property can reduce the risk associated with investing in real estate. With a guaranteed rental income, investors can be more confident in their investments and can feel more secure about their returns.
  5. Easy to manage: Pre-rented properties are easy to manage, as the property is already leased, and the tenant is already in place. This means that investors don’t have to worry about finding tenants, collecting rent, and dealing with maintenance issues.
  6. Tax benefits: Investing in pre-rented property for sale in Noida can also provide investors with tax benefits. Landlords can claim deductions for the interest paid on their home loan, property taxes, and maintenance costs
  7. Location advantage: Noida is a city that is rapidly developing and has a lot to offer to both residents and investors. It is well-connected to Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Greater Noida. The city has a good infrastructure, and excellent connectivity, and offers a good standard of living. This makes it an attractive location for businesses to set up and for people to live in. As a result, the demand for rental properties in Noida is high, making it a good location to invest in.
  1. Flexibility: Investing in pre-rented property gives investors the flexibility to hold on to the property for the long term or to sell it after a certain period of time. This flexibility allows investors to make their own decisions based on their financial goals and risk tolerance.


In conclusion, buying pre-rented property for sale in Noida can be a wise investment decision for many reasons. It offers a guaranteed rental income, low vacancy rate, high returns on investment, reduced risk, easy management, tax benefits, location advantage, flexibility, professional management, and low maintenance cost.

With the growing demand for rental properties in Noida, it is a city that is worth considering for investors looking to buy pre-rented properties. So, if you are interested in buying property in Noida, contact jainoncor today.

Keys To Buying A Rented Home. It Is Profitable?

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Is it possible and profitable to buy a house or apartment that has a tenant? In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about buying a rented home and for this we are going to give you a series of tips and keys so that you do not have problems in case you decide to buy a home with a tenant.

Buying a rented home, to what extent is it profitable?

We go in parts. First of all, acquiring rented properties in Delhi is more common than you think. Obviously, not everyone does it, but it is not as strange a situation as you might think.

Above all, it does not attract so much attention if we think that there are other scenarios in which there are people who sell their home and continue to reside in it or there are even situations of people who want to buy a house while selling theirs.

For all this, there are buyer profiles who buy a home thinking about an investment since they have a business idea and want to obtain economic returns with it. This profile or anyone else who thinks about this possibility must take into account the following aspects:

It is profitable?

First of all, answer the question, yes, it is profitable. In the following link we will tell you some real estate investment alternatives among which rent and sale are present, although there are more, and some of them are interesting.

Therefore, the key in this case is the duration of the contract. The question and what you should ask yourself is if you want to keep the house with a tenant who has a long rental contract.

In the event that you have the apartment for rent and we want to sell it in the future, we must establish it in a clause included in the contract.

Assuming that this clause is active, the contract must always be respected and in all cases since the current law guarantees that future owners of rented property in Noida must respect the tenants regardless of whether or not the rental contract is registered in the Registry of the property.

That is, you must take into account the duration of the tenant who resides in the apartment. Maybe he has a year left, like two or three of the contract since he just signed it recently, if you don’t care about the purchase.

On the other hand, think that tenants can also request a rental extension at the end of the contract in the event that the owner is a company or real estate and not an individual.

But this changes with the purchase of the new owner, so it would be necessary to agree on the situation once the contract is finished.

Of course, when it happens, the tenant can ask to continue living in the residence, but that the owner wants and can is another matter.

It is not obliged and has mechanisms to get the tenant to leave once the contract ends. That is why we say that it is important to know how long the contract is.

The Irresistible Benefits Of Renting Commercial Real Estate

Conducting any business, as a rule, is associated with the need to have office, warehouse, retail, production and other premises designed for certain needs.

Therefore, sooner or later, every entrepreneur faces a dilemma: which is more profitable – renting commercial real estate or buying?

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Based on our long-term experience in the real estate market, we can assert that, in addition to one undoubted plus – getting the property into undivided possession and use – in the event of a purchase, the owner will face a number of problems.

These are, first of all, significant acquisition costs that are not comparable to rental costs. The next disadvantage is the automatic assumption of obligations for the maintenance of the facility, its repair, equipping with communications and equipment necessary for doing business.

And another significant drawback is the assumption of tax obligations by the owner of the property.

What is the advantage of renting?

Unlike buying, renting commercial space in Gurgaon has a number of undeniable advantages. Firstly, an entrepreneur is not required to make large expenditures associated with the purchase of an object, which is especially important for small businesses.

Secondly, entrepreneurship is an area of ​​constant risk. When renting, entrepreneurs get rid of all kinds of costs, unlike the owner. Thirdly, a wide range of offers from lessors significantly expands the possibilities of territorial coverage at minimal financial costs.

And if the initial location of the company turns out to be unsuccessful, the company can easily and quickly reorient itself to another territory by renting real estate in another area of ​​the city. In fact, renting has undoubted and obvious advantages for enterprises of any scale and profile.

Why is an independent search dangerous?

Considering that many of the entrepreneurs prefer not to buy but to rent premises for offices, production or shops, it should be noted that some of them make the mistake of relying solely on their own experience in choosing a property.

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The first difficulties that lie in wait for the future tenant will arise already at the stage of finding a suitable premises. Another problem in the case when you rent on your own will be the moment of developing the lease.

A well-drafted lease agreement is a guarantee against many losses, protects the interests and rights of the tenant, and eliminates many risks.

But this seemingly obvious fact is often ignored by future tenants. And over time, some find that the profitable commercial property they have found is not actually profitable.

As a rule, the search for premises is carried out within a limited time frame, during which it is rather difficult to assess all the advantages and, importantly, all the disadvantages of the proposed real estate.

And only after some time after the conclusion of the contract, certain problems related to the operation of the facility begin to emerge.

But then nothing can be fixed: you will either have to accept it, or spend a certain amount to improve conditions, or start looking for a new option. And in the end it turns out that the property rented “at random” simply does not pay for itself.

Search subtleties.

If the premises you need should not meet any special requirements, then the best option is to go for Office space for lease in Delhi-NCR in any business center that suits you in terms of price, location, etc.

However, if a real estate object must have a number of necessary characteristics and parameters, then the best way out is to contact a specialized real estate agency, such as Jain Oncor.

Of course, the search for pre-rented properties in Noida with the help of an agency has at least two undeniable advantages.

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The first is a guarantee of the client’s safety and high legal literacy of the lease agreement, which will spell out not only the obligations of the parties, but also represent the interests and protect the rights of the tenant.

And the second advantage is the efficiency of selection of the best real estate option from the huge number of office spaces presented in the agency’s database.

Do not forget that the choice of commercial real estate for rent is carried out in a complex and unstable market, where experience and constant awareness of its current state play a decisive role.

Investing In Pre Rented Properties: A Safe Bet

A business that works and ensures profits to its investors, is the purchase of properties and then resell or rent them. Business specialists recommend investing in real estate, as it enables the acquisition of an asset that is always desirable to prominent tenants or buyers.

In turn, if a good purchase is made and the odd remodel is done, the property can increase in value. Also, the real estate business offers some flexibility, since the owner is free to sell the property or rent it, having a constant inflow of money.

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Investing in real estate requires intelligence and experience, to know how to choose the property according to its location and characteristics, since despite being an almost safe investment and low risks, it may happen that the property is not sold or rented because it is in an unappetizing area.

It is also necessary to consider that the necessary renovations do not exceed the budget capacity.

This is why it is imperative to obtain correct advice on the various factors that affect to achieve the maximum benefit from the investment.

Valuations to take into account when investing in a property

It is important to note that each type of property has possible returns, subject to supply and demand at a given time. It is recommended to evaluate several options -that do not escape your budget- before making the decision, taking into account its location, conditions, the long-term projection of the property, the liquidity of the asset, and the possible returns that can be obtained.

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When making a real estate investment that guarantees a good return, the main factor to always consider is its location, which is the fundamental principle of Real Estate.

If you are interested in investing in real estate and living on the income that this can generate, you should create a portfolio of long-term properties; This can be achieved through quick deals and being on the lookout for opportunities, as there are people who sell their properties out of necessity, being forced to offer them at low cost, and that is the ideal time to do business.

You can also grab the opportunity of buying pre-rented properties in Noida and get the best returns on it.

These cases will not be as frequent, which is why it is advisable to be with your eyes wide open to be able to identify them.

If you are looking to generate passive income in the long term, you should examine properties with high development potential, where the initial price is low and the monthly rental income is as high as possible.

Make sure, when making your investment, to have professionals on your side, to achieve an excellent investment, with the highest return on your money and the lowest possible risk.

Pre-rented properties in Gurgaon seem to be an ideal option, because there are already flows of potential tenants around them, which are easy to track. It is easy to find out how long the current tenant has been renting this premises, how often tenants change at all.

As real estate investment is an extremely long-term investment tool, it is necessary to investigate all such risk groups before buying housing and to minimize the risks that may be encountered.

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In all these matters, choosing the most affordable pre-rented properties in Delhi that do not contain any risks is of great importance in terms of “profitability” in the long term.

One of the most important features that real estate investors should have; is to be patient. Although most investors are far above their normal value, they make hasty decisions and incorrect investments in order not to miss some residences.

The zoning conditions of the region, the state investments that may affect the value of the region in the next 5 years, the commercial value of the region, will be your main compass that will guide your investments for the future.

Buying A Pre-Leased Rented Accommodation: Specificities And Advantages

You want to make a real estate investment and an opportunity is offered to you: an apartment already rented. What are the specificities of this type of acquisition and its advantages? We will explain everything to you!

Investing in already rented accommodation: what are the specificities?

When you buy a rented apartment, the lease is transmitted when the authentic deed is signed. You then become the lessor at the same time as the owner.

As a new landlord, you are required by law to abide by the terms of the rental agreement signed by the previous landlord, just as the tenant retains his obligations.

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What happens in the event of a lease takeover?

  1. The tenant remains in place;
  2. The amount of rent does not change;
  3. The obligations of the lessee’s guarantor are transferred to the new lessor.

What are the advantages of buying an already rented property?

When you buy pre-rented properties in Noida, your land income is immediate. The rents received can in particular cover all or part of the monthly mortgage payment contracted to finance the acquisition. The presence of a current rental lease is also a strong argument for obtaining a mortgage.

The known and proven profitability of the operation tends to reassure the lender. A situation which also avoids you having to market your property and quickly select a solvent and serious tenant to avoid rental shortfall!

In case of lease takeover: what about the security deposit?

The question of the security deposit paid by the tenant at the time of signing the lease must be settled by the notary in charge of the sale.

The draft authentic act may stipulate that the seller pays the sum in question to the purchaser at the time of the final signature or not. Whatever the decision taken by the parties, the new owner-lessor must return this deposit upon departure of the tenant under the conditions provided for by law.

Buying an already rented apartment seems a good solution for a rental investor who thus saves himself the search for a first tenant. But be careful to take all the necessary precautions.


Buying pre-rented properties in Gurgaon can be an opportunity for rental investors. There is already a tenant in place and with a history, known rental profitability for an established period. There will be no vacancy of the housing after purchase for the buyer.

pre-rented properties in Gurgaon

Investing in a rented apartment also allows you to save money, with a purchase discount of 5% to 15% compared to an empty home. The price difference is all the more interesting for a large area and an empty rental.

Last advantage: obtaining a loan can be made easier! The bank takes into account the immediate rental income generated by your future property, for the simulation of your loan.


If the purchase of a rented apartment is attractive, the characteristics of the lease should however be carefully studied before starting.

What are the current rental conditions? You will not be able to renegotiate the contract during the lease, so it is better to carefully study the conditions: rent level, revision conditions, presence or not of a termination clause in the event of non-payment.

How long is the lease to run? If there is less than 6 months of empty rental lease, and 3 months in furnished rental, and the seller has not notified the tenant to leave, the contract will be automatically renewed for 1 to 3 years.

Is the property furnished or empty? If it is furnished, you become responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the furniture appearing in the inventory.


It is important to check the tenant’s history by asking for rent receipts and agency management report. A clause on the absence of payment incidents may be added to the deed of sale.

The condition of the property is also important. Although the security deposit is transferred to you, if the tenant’s inventory of fixtures indicates that the accommodation is in poor condition, you cannot charge him for the repair costs.

Also check the surroundings of the property: a future nearby construction site can scare your tenants away, while a metro project can retain them over time.