What Are Tenants Looking For? Demand For Commercial Real Estate

Selecting an office is not an easy task. But it’s even more important to clarify a number of points during personal negotiations or when viewing an office.

It is clear that by acquiring an office, warehouse or retail space, the owner wants to receive income. But in order to sell something you need, you must first buy something you need. What is the demand for commercial real estate for rent today, and how the preferences of metropolitan tenants are changing.

Tenants are becoming more demanding on the quality of rented premises. However, in principle, the tenant is required to maintain the premises. He must thus repair all that has been degraded by him or by third parties.

In addition, tenants are ready to sublease small premises. Such offices are most often looking for individual entrepreneurs and organizations, in which mostly employees work remotely, or businessmen who are just starting their business.

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What does demand depend on?

In short and capacious, it depends on the economic situation in the country and the level of well-being of potential tenant companies. Therefore, it is clear that an office or warehouse of a considerable area will be more difficult to hand over than a small room.

If you look a little wider, then the demand for commercial real estate depends on several fundamental factors:

  • Building profile. A free-use premise is easier to “find” a tenant than a building converted to a bank office;
  • High passability of the location and convenient transport location will attract the attention of a wide range of tenants. Premises located on the outskirts or far from the metro – only if the cost of the company is more important than comfort;
  • Market conditions;
  • Recognition of a place (for example, a business center).


In the office space segment, areas of 100-300 m2 located in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon are most in demand. Such an area is optimal for companies representing small and medium-sized businesses.

Typical tenants are consumer services firms, the IT sector, trading and construction companies. While a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon speed up the entry of tenants, so it makes sense to furnish your property first and then put it on rent.

Blocks with an area of ​​500-1000 m2 are less in demand, so when buying or renting an office space, it is reasonable to consider the possibility of dividing the room into small blocks.


The most popular at the moment are spaces of 1000-3000 m2. As additional requirements, tenants indicate high ceilings, floor loads, a certain temperature, the presence of road and rail access roads, and a ramp.

The owner wants to get the maximum income from renting his premises, and the tenant wants to save. The intersection of their interests is the very point of adequate price. It is best to turn to real estate agents in Gurgaon for help: their objective assessment of the market situation and the potential of the space will be more accurate.

New Technologies and the Real Estate Market

We cannot stop progress, but we can control it. The collaborative economy is changing the world, and it would be silly to believe that traditional actors have not noticed it.While traditional sectors of the economy sometimes struggle to integrate the use of new technologies into their business, the real estate market has demonstrated over the last five years that it can take full advantage of these new tools.

Online real estate agents use the magic of the Internet so that everyone can offer their vacant space; many other platforms have emerged to highlight their offers on the market. If the collaborative economy disrupts the traditional market, the actors would be wrong to try to fight it when it is a big opportunity.

Need to adapt to new technologies

The new flexible office rental platforms allow companies to find and rent low-cost spaces when traditional practices would have led them to co-working spaces, company roommates or subletting.

But fully furnished office space in Delhi, as beautiful and exciting as they are, are not suitable for everyone when the colocation of companies does not always offer the relaxed environment that startups often look for.

Finally, the sublease, in addition to being hard to find, requires a ton of administrative paperwork.

Thus, for many freelancers or startups, the alternative to telework was not very good, despite many vacant workspaces. Now, thanks to new technologies, all these spaces can easily be referenced and accessible by all. First base employees have understood the mentality of the startups for which they work and are aware that they will need to quickly master these new technologies to overcome the delay they have made.

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