Office Space: Latest Trends And Tips

One of the consequences of using new technologies has been the total redesign of offices. In fact, thanks to the digital switchover, the mountains of paperwork have disappeared, Wi-Fi has eliminated the problem of flying wires and the compactness of the new devices has significantly reduced the volume of electronic equipment.

Rationality and order have thus made the environments much more productive and efficient. Office architecture initially adapted to these changes but later began to dictate its evolutionary bases, anticipating the future and promoting innovation. Today, modern and flexible workplaces are designed where men, machines and virtual reality can interact in order to improve and optimize productivity.

The new office spaces in sector 44 Gurgaon are therefore aimed at functionality and practicality. In the design phase, a central role is assumed by the liveability of the spaces. These must be exploited to the fullest, without forgetting that these are the places where you spend most of your day. They must also be comfortable and well-lit, to promote mental relaxation which leads to better concentration. Even in the new concept, the office remains the visiting card of your company, therefore aesthetics continues to be a non-negligible element.

In order to create the perfect environment, therefore, practicality, comfort, and aesthetics must be combined. The office furnishing tips definitely focus on:

  • The essential style
  • Multitasking skills and flexibility
  • The reception
  • The gamification
  • Green

Now, we will understand the meaning of “the essential style”

The workspaces become essential and minimal, thanks above all to the use of new technologies that make them functional while maintaining a high level of comfort. The latest trends in office furniture embrace hi-tech innovation, creating captivating and above all smart places.

The separation between workspaces and private areas is no longer so distinct, the furniture becomes common, intelligent and above all transformable, that is, able to adapt to any new needs. The most requested objects are functional and versatile but at the same time decorative and design. These help to create a comfortable, warmer atmosphere, so that workers can feel at ease as within the walls of their homes.

This new way of conceiving office spaces in Noida reveals its great grip and its high popularity by the public, noting its diffusion also in other types of environments, such as the spaces of hotels, restaurants, and airport lounge areas. These areas are designed to maximize profit and focus on the visual impact without neglecting functionality.

The motto that you must always keep in mind during the design phase is “Less is more”, which literally translated means “less is more”. The aim is, therefore, to identify the functional and above all necessary elements for the work activity, avoiding anything that may be superfluous.

A well-organized desk and an ergonomic seat are the centrepieces of the office, the rest simply becomes an outline. Bookcases, notice boards and chests of drawers become options to be taken into consideration only if necessary. The challenge in such a context is that of not falling into aseptic minimalism, making the workplace dry and impersonal.

Great attention must, therefore, be given to details and to the choice of furniture, who must always be a little refined and not too serious.

How Does A Coworking Space Work?

The coworking spaces are now a real option for companies looking for a physical site to install their offices. But it is much better than an office since it creates a collaborative microsystem between companies that live under that same roof.

Coworking concept

The concept is simple. It is a shared workspace where professionals who do not have to be from the same sector intermingle. Each one pays a monthly fee to the company that rents the space, as if it were a gymnasium.

Instead of your company taking on all the expenses required to rent (or buy) a private office only for your equipment, which can sometimes be very expensive, in a coworking space you only pay the monthly fee, which includes various extra services that , in your own space, you would have to assume the cost.

For entrepreneurs who are starting, and who do not have a very high capital to invest, coworking is the best option to work with your team, since you only allocate a small amount per month to this end, allocating most of your funds to make your business take off. It also avoids other worries, such as hiring someone to clean (coworking is responsible), having to buy furniture and pay bills for water and electricity, among other things. You do not have to waste time among thousands of invoices.

In recent years, office spaces in Gurgaon are no longer reserved only for startups and SMEs but have also attracted the interest of large companies. It is true that being an open space is a bit lost privacy, especially if your company treats sensitive issues or that, being in a trial period, still cannot know its existence. But coworking has already thought about that.

Types of coworking spaces

The office spaces in Noida are divided into different types of offices, ranging from the most open to a closed office, avoiding the visit of curious.

  • Shared Offices: Consisting of long tables whose positions can be reserved by companies (or individuals), or you arrive every day, and you sit in the first one you see free with your computer to work. It is ideal for remote workers, freelance or small teams, who do not need a large office to perform their tasks. The tables have plugs to connect your devices and enough space between a chair and the one next to you to not feel imprisoned and anguished.

  • Private offices: Four walls just for you and your team. Total privacy for your business, to be able to speak loudly among yourselves, discuss the topics of the day and have your own office material safe and without danger of theft, since it is locked at the end of the day. This type of space has a higher cost and is the closest thing to having a private office.
  • Business Center: Business centers offer a wide variety of additional services to rent (secretary, consultancy, translation services, etc.). They are characterized by being specialized in the rental of offices and have strategic locations in the center of the cities.
  • Hub: They are spaces of inspiration where priority is given to networking and exchange of ideas. Very focused on entrepreneurs with embryonic projects and startups.