What Premises is Suitable? When buying Office Space in Connaught Place

The real estate market offers tenants a huge number of proposals. In order to navigate freely in them, you need to know which premises are office premises and how they differ. We will tell you about the purpose and classification of offices.An office is a room in which employees of a public organization, a manufacturing enterprise, or a firm are accommodated. The office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaoncreates comfortable conditions for working with clients, storing and processing documents, conducting commercial activities. Offices include the office of the head, the employee of the structural unit of the organization.

Purpose of classification

To determine which category of premises is most suitable for organizing a particular business, a letter classification of office premises has been developed. Classes A, B, C are assigned to an office taking into account their characteristics:

  • Location,
  • Type of building,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Year of construction,
  • Engineering systems;
  • Layout, etc.

The classification was modelled on Western offices. It implies the division of office facilities into elite, business and economy class premises. However, we will only talk about the Class A and B in this article.

Class A: prestigious area and open plan

Premises of category “A” are located in new business centres. They are distinguished by a well-thought-out layout, high quality finishes according to European standards, and convenient access to the property. The building provides an area for communication with clients, a reception, a conference room. These buildings are located in prestigious areas with developed infrastructure, underground or surface parking.

Features of the “A” class office:

  • Workplaces are equipped with communication facilities, office equipment, the latest equipment;
  • Security systems provide a multilevel security system for a business organization;
  • Proximity to a traffic intersection with high traffic;
  • Automated control system;
  • Availability of a modern air conditioning and ventilation system, an automated life support system;
  • A sufficient number of elevators;
  • Automatic control of access to the territory and inside the building is organized;
  • Absence of objects that can negatively affect the company’s image;
  • High cost of the rental rate.

This category can include companies in a business centre, mansion, office building. The property has been completed taking into account all engineering requirements. It is rented by representatives of Western corporations and large domestic companies, you can also check office spaces in Connaught Place if you are in search of a good office premises.

Category B: business class properties and professional management

Class B offices are not inferior to the previous category in many respects. Office buildings have a convenient location, transport accessibility, and secure parking. High quality materials are used to decorate the facade of the building. The facilities are located near busy transport routes and metro stations.

Distinctive characteristics:

  • The building has an entrance lobby, a hall, a separate parking lot;
  • Unified management of the facility is carried out by the management company,
  • Own service or outsourced company;
  • Office/open-plan premises;
  • Provision of round-the-clock security with a video surveillance system;
  • Minimization of fire hazard;
  • Availability of telecommunication services;
  • Average rental price.

Offices are in demand for the work of bank employees, employees of publishing companies, and for commercial activities. Despite the high rental rates, there is an increase in demand for rental properties in this segment, like office spaces in Connaught Place.

How to Choose the Right Design for Office spaces in Connaught Place?

In the modern business life, where we spend most of our time in the office, the choice of interior design and furniture and correct selection of office space is of great importance. Office spaces in Connaught Place is the right choice to provide an efficient and pleasant working environment.

Many employees spend time in the empty office where furniture is randomly selected in a poorly designed office. It is a proven fact that the positive effect of office space and innovatively designed office furniture on employees will increase the harmony and efficiency of the workplace, especially the health of the employees.

Before creating a properly designed office environment, a detailed list should be made for your dream office. You can make a correct and conscious shopping with this list, which includes your office furniture needs and the decorative office accessories necessary for office design. Creating a detailed list of all the items that will be useful in the office environment, such as office desk, office chair, study chair, telephone, file storage cabinet, computer, will protect you from the extra expenses you will encounter financially.

The first decision you will make before creating your office furniture needs list is to decide on where you will establish your office and what sort of office design you have chosen.

the right office design:-

An interior design language is determined in line with the business line and corporate identity of the company. At this point, employees, business partners and customer profiles should be considered. The first point when creating the right office design is to choose a design parallel to the working order and to choose office furniture in accordance with this design.

Getting support from professional interior architects while developing your office design will increase your workplace productivity. For those who cannot choose the right office design, it is beneficial to examine the sample offices and to be inspired by the office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon.

How to Choose the Right Office Desk?

You should strive to gain significant advantages from the space you will use for the office. Office furniture to be used for small office designs, especially office desks, L desks and Workstation office desks, while large and functional office desks can be used for large office designs.

Office furniture has many options, especially the most important component, the desk. While it may seem like all you have is comfortable furniture, the right office furniture should combine your skills and increase productivity.

Office desks that offer comfort and functionality together will be the right office desk choice. Choosing your office desk in accordance with the area you will use will help you store the equipment and cables you will use.

As with all office furniture choices, your office desk should be strong and durable. It is preferred that office furniture is long-lasting. If you have a lot of documents related to your work area, using office desks with drawers that provide storage allows you to work more regularly during the day. Here, you can choose fully furnished office space in Gurgaon so that you won’t have to equip your office with necessary elements before starting your work.