Earn on a lease: We Invest in The Office

Renting an office is quite a lucrative and popular business, especially in Delhi. Of course, rental rates of retail space are higher, but the cost per square meter of such facilities is much higher than the cost of administrative area. One of the reasons why investors prefer office space is the limited funds for initial investment. However, in the field of commercial real estate, the cost of admission does not always affect the effectiveness of investment.

As in the case of shops, the profitability of the office depends on the liquidity of the premises. It consists of many factors: the location of the facility, its accessibility by public transport and cars, the possibility of parking arrangements, the condition of the building and others. Choosing an object for investment, it is important to soberly assess the prospects for subsequent resale or the demand of tenants. At the same time, one should not pursue a low price, the payback depends on the totality of all the characteristics of the project, as well as the competitive environment.

Currently, the popularity of not gaining a large area of ​​office category B. The need to reduce costs forces tenants to move from central areas closer to the Moscow Ring Road.

Office for all.

Not only large companies need premises, but small businesses also affect demand in the office space in jasola segment. In response to the need for cheap areas, a proposal was formed – small rooms, mini-offices, coworking centers. Rent business is transformed into something more and is oriented towards the mass consumer. Small areas and low prices attract freelancers, beginning entrepreneurs, IT workers.

A separate story of renting small areas is the adaptation of apartments to offices. It should be noted that renting an apartment for commercial purposes is illegal. Russian legislation determines the appointment of living quarters for living, organizing commercial activities in the apartment, the owners violate the law. However, this phenomenon is widely spread due to the fact that it is beneficial for both parties: the lessor gets up to 30% over the income, and the tenant finds a cheap premises by the standards of the market.

Investments in construction.

Shared construction is one of the options for investment in the office space in Gurgaon sector. The first thing investors think about, touching on this area are possible risks. The most terrible of them is the termination of construction. The risk of not paying back the investment due to lack of price increases and demand applies to all types of commercial real estate investments.

To avoid these risks, it is necessary to take a careful look at the choice of the developer, carefully check all the documentation for the facility, and make sure of the financial stability of the company and the history of the implemented projects. The behavior of the developer with a decrease in buying activity can show the true state of affairs. The desire of the company to sell the area faster and cheaper probably means a lack of own funds and serious financial partners.

However, possible risks cannot be regarded as indicators of the failure of the project. The investor can vary the terms of the transaction in order to secure his investments. For example, the parties agree in advance that the developer undertakes to search for tenants and thus guarantees the return on the property.

Which Offices to Choose to Develop Its Open Space?

Gradually becoming the norm in the premises of start-ups but also in those of large groups, this mode of office organization optimizes the number of square meters while encouraging sharing and collaboration between teams.

But when it comes time to develop it, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Office sizes, tray colors or insulation… To better understand these important questions that you ask yourself when designing an open space, Jain Oncor gives you an overview of the types of offices and office furniture that you will be able to use.

The bench office 4 or 6 places: the most classic office space in Bhikaji Cama Place and the most used also called a modular office, the bench office is dedicated to the work of 4 or 6 people or more. It allows to optimize space but also to build teams on the physical plane. As you can imagine and understand, each employee has another employee opposite and beside him.

Often cheaper (by reasoning at a price per workstation) than an individual office, it allows making great savings on the supply of office furniture for your offices.

It has many different ranges, which adapt to all needs and all budgets. The bench desks can contain walls between each workstation (acoustic or not), the possibility of hanging a screen (with an articulated arm support) and of course a hatch for passing cables. This is the type of office we recommend!

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What is the difference between Residential and Commercial Real Estate?

Do you know the differences between residential and commercial real estate investment? An investor who bought two commercial and residential properties should be aware the difference between the two to avoid getting from trouble. There are many details that distinguish these two types of properties from one another. To get the most out of your situation, you need to know what commercial real estate is, and how it differs from residential properties.

The residential real estate deals with properties for people in their habitat such as houses, apartments, real estate, etc. The commercial real estate refers to a building or land intended to generate profits in capital gain or rental income as a showcase, an apartment complex, a building for office space in Delhi, shopping center, etc.

It is essential to differentiate between the two types of real estate when buying or leasing because the process of buying or leasing these properties can be very different.

The most fundamental difference is how the two types of properties are used. In residential real estate properties, people live that includes single-family homes, condos, townhouses, etc. Whereas, in a business property where people work, which includes things such as office buildings, shops and other properties along these lines. So, as you can see, you live in a residential real estate and working in commercial real estate.

Also, the way you invest in both can differ significantly. Although real estate investment is similar for both, the fact of the matter is that your strategy may be a little different for some various reasons. If you are buying commercial real estate, you will probably spend more money. Even though it not always the case, but most of the time it is true. For this reason, you will need to modify your initial strategy to be on the right track.

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Commercial Property to Let in and Around District Centre: Jasola and Saket

Jain Oncor is the fastest growing real estate consultancy firm offering unique and remarkable services to provide customer’s dreams into reality. Jain deals in sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Delhi and NCR.

With the help of Jain one can find the finest apartments located in the best place like in some of the poshest neighborhoods in the city. From office space for sale in Jasola or Saket or any business centre in Delhi can easily find a home with the help of Jain Oncor that satisfies their beautiful preferences and way of living or the way they want a business place. Even if an individual is new to the city and has very little idea as to how the real estate market works in Delhi, the experts at Jain Oncor can present with the most steadfast guidance that can make finding properties easy in the capital city. The outcome we are striving for to look for office space in India or in surrounding major areas Delhi, Saket, Gurgoan, Jasola with the help of dedicated professionals.

Jasola District Centre auctioned by Delhi Development Authority comprises of commercial complexes and residential complexes constructed by many reputed builders like DLF, TDI, Omaxe and many builders have brought up their root in here. It is one of the most modern office complex that is emerged in Delhi. Common places are within the reach like South Extension, Lajpat Nagar and many others. It is a great area to be considered for the people looking for office area with modern specs which is exquisitely planned and designed.

DLF Towers A & B:

Well provided office space available for lease as well as rent in Jasola, South Delhi where the super area is 1056 sq. ft. And the total covered area is 686 sq. ft. It is well-equipped with centrally air-conditioned, 100% power backup, metro connectivity, high speed elevator, Security supplies and overall best suitable for Offices.

Copia Corporate Suites

A corporate complex located in the commercial development has a structurally glazed glass with classic design covering 10,000 sq ft. The building is well equipped with all modern basic amenities like Lift, Fully Power back up, centrally air-conditioned, fire safety, security etc.

Omaxe Citadel

Located on the 1st floor facing east direction catering to a target audience of over 25 lakh people. It is easily accessible from commercial and residential centers of south Delhi covering 1,70,000 sq ft especially designed for modern office spaces.

Jain Oncor had ambitions to grow fast and established its offices at Delhi, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc as ideal locations to begin a quality presence in the center of the fastest growing areas of the National Capital Region. Whether commercial or residential, we at Jain Oncor understand the customers’ requirements and serve with state of the art quality and assurance in every job. They have self-possessed to become the most trusted place to find a home in India. Jain Oncor is centrally located to a variety of organizations in.

For more information, please visit: https://www.jainoncor.com/commercial-space-jasola-district-center.php.

Tips to Explore Business Centers in Delhi

New Delhi is a multi dimensional city. It is a seamless blend of modern and traditional cultures. Indeed, New Delhi has been ranked among the most coveted retail destination among emerging markets. In New Delhi, the largest commercial and financial centers for business in Connaught Place. There are various business centers, which provide requirements to help build your own office space in New Delhi.

Business is a thoughtful decision which helps you to search for options for a space, team, and format your profession even more when one opts for a business center. There are flexible terms and no liabilities that might constraint you. One must invest in furniture, equipment, installation costs, security deposits and start up capital for your business centers. In a business center, one has an advantage of professional support team. To receive and relay the messages, they are experienced according to their needs and handle visitors to giving personal attention. At a business center, technically qualified team has to be available to take care of properties and problems, binding documents etc. Business centers must be spacious including space for private offices, managerial cabins, open workstations, flexible cabins and seating area.

Office Space in Delhi

Kothis in Delhi are designed keeping in mind the need and requirements of modern day investors and the biggest advantage is the security and safety which is surely being taken care of. Kothis for sale in Delhi is gaining a large number of buyers and they array the facilities and services appreciated with lush green ambiance. The property which lies in the vicinity of all services and amenities is preferred much more. Localities like Greater Kailash, Vasant Kunj, Mayur Vihar, CR Park, Hauz Khas, Lajpat Nagar, have the hot selling kothis for sale in Delhi.

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Concept of Co-working and Its Comparison with Traditional Offices?

“Co-working” means the sharing of the same premises by workers belonging to different companies and freelancers. The work area in question is both furnished and equipped with the necessary equipment for the pros (computers, photocopiers, etc.).

The objective is to allow the development of activity in a convivial atmosphere where human relations have the importance. Indeed, sharing the same office space in Jasola with a complete unknown promotes exchanges. Moreover, it is entirely possible that the coworkers work in complementary sectors or even similar.

On the other hand, evolving into an open space paves the door to new partnerships and sharing of experience that will give companies a boost.

Office Space in Delhi

Traditional commercial real estate still has strengths

Even if the co-working is gaining in size, the traditional office space in Jasola are not dethroned. Already, the rent is more advantageous since there is less equipment rental. On the other hand, confidentiality is better preserved because people with access to a computer or an office are sorted out. Also, rules regarding working environment can be set more directly in traditional offices.

The sound shade is another disadvantage of co-working spaces. As the center in question is frequented by several professionals with different habits, it is automatically noisier. The fact that the entry and exit schedules are free is part of the sources of nuisance.

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Rent a Flexible Office Rather than Traditional One

Every entrepreneur knows the time when to settle in offices, whether to gather his team, to welcome his clients, or only to leave his house. But when you are a startup, or you own a business that is still in its infancy, engaging in a commercial lease for three years can be binding. Fortunately, several flexible office space in south Delhi rental solutions exist.

The advantages of renting flexible offices

Every entrepreneur knows the time when to settle in office space in bhikaji cama place, whether to gather his team, to welcome his clients, or simply to leave his house. But when you are a startup, or you own a business that is still in its infancy, engaging in a commercial lease for three years can be binding. Fortunately, several flexible office rental solutions exist.

The classic commercial lease versus flexible office rental

The 3/6/9 lease is the classic lease of office rentals at office space in bhikaji cama place. Created to protect tenants from the volatility of landlords, this form of contract commits both parties over three years, six years or 9 years.

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More Companies Interested in Co-working Spaces

If they are initially planned to provide the self-employed with space for socialization, equipped with office automation equipment needed for work, co-working spaces are increasingly used by medium and large enterprises to place their employees.

Reducing employee travel time

The main advantage of co-working at a business centre in Delhi is that it allows employees to work in business premises close to home and thus, lessen the amount of time they spend on public transport every day. If this time is not included in the working hours of employees, it is nevertheless a major asset for those who will appreciate more to work for you.

• Reduce real estate costs
• The development in new premises for a company entails the appearance of various expenses:
• The security deposit.
• Property tax, office tax, and property tax.
• The charges.
• Bank guarantees.

In a business centre in Noida, all these costs are included in the price of the subscription, which allows the entrepreneurs to know exactly what it will pay at the end of the month.

Share resources with other companies.

In business, some rooms, such as a meeting room, are not used on a daily basis. Sharing costs related to these rooms through a co-working space can be an attractive option for many business leaders.

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The Location of Your Business Matters

The location of the business and the characteristics of the space in which it is installed, whether commercial premises, office or ship, can play a decisive role in the competitive position and the chances of success of much self-employed, especially in sectors such as commerce or tourism.

This article looks at the factors you should consider when choosing the location of your office space in Delhi and those related legal procedures: lease and opening licenses and works.

What should I rate when choosing my location?
• Rent or buy?
• The lease for a business
• The license of openings
• The works license

Most of the self-employed business owners do not give the choice of their location the importance it deserves. The lack of time and resources prevents them from deepening enough and unfortunately in many cases, time proves that the choice was not the most appropriate.

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Important Questions to ask Your Real Estate Agent?

You think you have found the house of your dreams. At first, it meets your requirements, and you are about to sign. Still, take the time to ask 7 essential questions to the seller and his neighbors or directly with the real estate agents in India.


The seller will probably have a reason ready to give you, and you may never be able to know the real reasons. However, by asking the question, you will at least get some guidance and feel if it needs to sell quickly or not. These indices can be very useful in negotiating the price.


In the rest of the first question, the answers to this question may make you chic to problems of hidden defects of the building or nuisances in the neighborhood.


Do-it-yourself enthusiasts do not necessarily master all the intricacies of an electrical installation or the importance of a supporting wall. If you have any doubts as to how the fittings have been made, do not hesitate to have an expert accompany you during a visit to the property. Similarly, knowing the names of the companies that have set up the house can also be useful if you decide to buy the house.


If it has been for more than a year that the building is on sale and its price is constantly decreasing, you arrive at the right time, the one where the price of the property is finally in line with the market price, or the others visitors have not seen the potential of the building that is obvious to you, or the other visitors have been hampered by the knowledge of a vice or a nuisance of which you must also become acquainted.


A faulty installation of the sanitary side, aging plumbing or poor thermal insulation can strongly influence your monthly bills. Find out about the amounts of oil, electricity or gas paid by the former inhabitant of the site. Why not ask to have a look at the latest bills?


This information will give you a better view of the value of the property or office space in jasola for which you have a favorite that temporarily prevents you from reflecting pragmatically. This market analysis can help you negotiate the price of the property.


Ask the property dealers in Delhi whether neighborhood of which there are many properties for sale can easily allow you to locate the price of the building compared to its neighbors but also raises the question of why? Do you know about the future developments or settlements in the area? The coming of an industrial zoning? From a shopping mall? From a high building? From a landfill? Of an important road axis?

Keep this list handy when you go for house seeing next time!