Making an Investment in Office Space in Delhi – what to consider?

Making an Investment in Office Space in Delhi – what to consider?
You must carefully evaluate the financial requirements and needs to carry out the business duties and handle day-to-day office activities before buying office space in Delhi to launch your business. In this article, we’ll examine the factors that affect the amount of money you require for your office.


Think about a place that expands as your objectives do. Considering both the employees’ and the clients’ comfort is crucial. It is one thing to consider because it promotes the expansion of the business. It is crucial to be aware of the services and amenities that the office building provides, such as security, parking, power backup, etc. Accept flexible workplaces that meet your company’s demands. In addition to having several offices, you can group different departments or offices with shared support personnel, such as housekeeping, reception, and infrastructure resources.

Office space in Delhi offers a variety of advantages because it can be customized and offers flexible possibilities. Permanently furnished alternatives, flexible EMI options, leasing options, and rent accommodations are all offered for the office spaces. Many service companies also offer coworking spaces. Jain Oncor is a perfect example if you’re seeking spacious offices. We offer quality solutions for office spaces that are incorporated with features like roomy, sizable commercial plots, plenty of parking, and a sophisticated security system. We are also investigating these commercial spaces.

Bankrolls and morality

Properties or offices in opulent, pricey locations with cutting-edge features typically offer more commercial options. In a sense, they cost more, so you should be able to pay more for them. One must understand the breadth and status of commercial properties. Significant financial investment is required for commercial properties. There are several office spaces in Delhi if you can afford them in terms of loans and other cash.

Growth Potential

Available office space is another essential criterion for determining growth potential. Have a practical approach from the customer’s point of view and select the growth scale. Will it generate a sizable return on investment? Analyze your company’s suitability for the specific area, adjustments, etc. A business that caters to international customers needs a well-designed office space. Keep an eye out for various viable solutions that fit your needs and budget.


For those looking to launch their business, there is nothing better than finding a nice office space in Delhi. However, it’s crucial to locate an office in a suitable area because having the correct amount of space will influence your chances of success in the future. So stop by Jainoncor and talk to a member of our staff.

Why office space in Delhi is an ideal location for many?

It is claimed that a workplace is more than just a place to work; it is an environment that fosters innovation and progress. It serves as the cornerstone for your business, and it allows your staff to grow in an ideal environment. As a result, investing in good private office space is the best way to achieve a perfect workplace. These offices are already completely equipped and furnished, allowing you to pay as you go rather than signing a long-term lease like in a regular office. If you’re looking for a place to start your business, here are five reasons why you should consider renting a private office space in Delhi.

The benefits of having office space in Delhi

  • Flexible leasing terms– Unlike typical offices, where you must lease a space for a maximum of two to three years, private offices allow you to rent by the month, which means you will pay for the services you use each month. Your office will also scale with your company’s eyeballs and flow thanks to the flexible leasing terms.
  • Latest facilities– To enhance your experience, private office space in Delhi provides you with a wide selection of the most up-to-date amenities, including air conditioning, lighting, security, cleaning services, high-speed internet connection, printers, scanners, and standard pantry, conference, and meeting rooms. They also provide high-quality office equipment, such as desks and seats. This relieves you of any financial obligations, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your organization.
  • Prominent location and address- The majority of private offices are located in a city’s commercial district, allowing you to obtain the most prestigious office address for your firm. These locations are easily accessible by all modes of transportation, including road and metro. This will also make a good impression on your clients.
  • Networking- For start-up owners who wish to meet with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, private offices in a co-working environment are a suitable option. You and your neighbors’ businesses are likely working toward the same goals, so there are plenty of insights and ideas to share. You may foster an environment of creativity, vision, and ownership in which your team seeks to improve all of your business processes while also attempting to save money.
  • Speedy availability- Because remodeled workspaces are fully equipped and prepared, there is almost no downtime after you’ve reserved your space. All utilities are now set up, which means you can start working in your new office and move any extra hardware you may require.

Before You Go

Your productivity will be influenced by your working environment. Humans are not identical machines that only come in one size. Unlike robots, employees have diverse needs at any given time. Contact Jain Oncor right away if you’re seeking office space in Delhi.

5 factors that makes buying or rent office space in south Delhi great

Office Space in South Delhi

The need for office space has risen in recent years. It continues to expand in response to the need for startup spaces in the Delhi-NCR region. If you’re looking to buy or rent office space in South Delhi, there are a few things to consider. There are dozens of office spaces for sale in Delhi from which to choose for your future company’s corporate headquarters.

People used to open startup offices in their homes, garages, or basements, but that is no longer the case. Because the market has grown extremely competitive, you’ll need to buy or rent suitable office space to meet with clients or work with top management. Here are some examples of why office space in South Delhi is needed and valuable:

  • Better Road Connectivity: Better Road Connectivity: In south Delhi, the majority of corporate office space is well connected to the roads via various forms of transportation. Commuting becomes much easier for you, your employees, and your clients when you are connected to good roadways.
  • Good parking space: vehicle parking becomes easy and safe for individuals working or doing business in the building space, which is one of the main annoyances. To maintain a consistent flow in and out, organized driving keeps all two- and four-wheeler vehicles together.
  • Major Industries in the Area: When you move to office space, you will have easy access to other popular industries in the area. It raises the chances of obtaining more consumers in a shorter period.
  • Strong Security: Purchasing luxury office space also ensures the area’s high security. Internal security is guaranteed not just by the state government but also by business buildings like Wave One Business Center.


Many people have found their ideal office space in south Delhi thanks to Jainoncor, and you may be one of them. Contact our consultant with Jainoncor specialists right away.

4 major benefits premium office space in Delhi can bring you

Office Space in Delhi

Obtaining commercial and premium office space in Delhi for IT-related enterprises provides numerous advantages for 2022 and beyond. We’ll go over four key ones in this article, namely networking, IT support, amenities, and minimal maintenance.  

At Jainoncor, we believe these are the most important and necessary to take any business to the next level and make Delhi an ideal city.

  • Networking Opportunities: Great networking opportunities are provided by office space in Delhi in business parks and centers. Because they are surrounded by some of the biggest players in the market, they must go out of their way to create events and festivities to associate with other firms.
  • IT Support: To run well, every business relies on technological plants and machinery. They have access to all of the necessary tools in equipped workplaces without incurring any additional fees. They don’t need to engage a separate tech support team, and IT equipment and assistance are included in serviced office contracts.
  • Lesser Responsibilities: Many administrative tasks are alleviated by having an equipped office. Many administrative duties can be delegated to individuals who control the building where these offices are located. Most business parks, for example, include a large welcome room on the ground floor where guests of all office spaces are greeted. This means that entrepreneurs do not need to invest in their greeting services because they are already covered.
  • No Maintenance: Maintenance of an office is both time-consuming and intimidating. To ensure regular office care, MNCs usually hire a large maintenance staff. You can avoid these responsibilities by renting a commercial building’s office space in Delhi. This is because all-inclusive contracts include maintenance services such as cleaning and sanitizing. However, as a renter, you cannot be openly reckless and should make every effort to keep the office clean.

Go with Jainoncor

If you’re seeking a top-located office space in Delhi but aren’t sure which one to choose, contact our specialists at Jainoncor for assistance. We provide office spaces ranging in size from 500 square feet to 20,000 square feet to meet your capacity and financial needs. We’ve helped hundreds of people find their ideal office space, and of course, you can reach out to us right now.

How to Determine The Right Size Before Buying an Office Space in Delhi

office space in Delhi

When it comes to purchasing office space in Delhi to start your firm, you must carefully assess the space requirements and needs to carry out the business responsibilities and managing day-to-day office activities. In this article, we’ll look at the elements that influence how much space you’ll need in your office.

Is it Better to Have a Private or Shared Space?

The first and most important thing to consider is whether you need a private office or a shared office, based on your needs for office space in Delhi. Also, whether you choose a private or shared office space, make sure you select an area that meets your needs.

The Two Main Factors in Space Requirements


Equipment is required to run a business properly. Many individuals overlook this consideration when choosing office space, and when it comes time to install this equipment and furniture in the empty space, the available space always shrinks. So, be careful to consider the amount of space needed to accommodate this equipment when choosing an office space.


The number of employees is yet another consideration that might help you determine how much room you’ll need. Your office must have adequate room to accommodate all of your staff. Not only should that but there be enough room for the staff to move about freely. So, even if your company is a start-up with fewer than ten people; you should avoid choosing a small office space.


Nothing beats getting a nice office space in Delhi for those looking to get their business off the ground. But it’s important to find an office in a good location, as the right amount of space will determine the success potential you might have In the future. So come on over to Jainoncor and speak with one of our professionals right now.

Why Future Potential Matter When Picking An IT Office Space In India?

IT office space in india

When choosing a location for IT office space in India, keeping the requirement & prospective potential outcomes in mind when designing the correct office space can make all the difference in your organization. It is not sufficient to merely furnish your office; it must also be functional. Your office should be designed to reflect your company’s beliefs, culture, and personality. But where do you begin?   Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide to assist you in deciding on a workstation location.

Potential of Illuminating The Room

The illumination is the first step towards creating an ideal working environment. You should make sure that your office has plenty of natural light since it will boost your employees’ moods, which will lead to higher happiness and, as a result, increased productivity.  

Potential for Utilizing Furniture

The second step is to ensure that you select an IT office space in India that allows you to fully utilize its potential. When creating a conference room, take into account the table size, as it must seat enough people to be practical without feeling claustrophobic.

In addition to desks and seats, you should ensure that your break and lunch rooms contain comfortable couches and tables where they may dine, providing them with the ideal location to unwind from their workday. Consider providing adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs to your workers to enhance their pleasure. This will demonstrate that you care and will result in more employee motivation, which will increase your team’s total productivity.

Potential of Aesthetic & Its Effect

There are two-factor matters in this Clutter & Colors…

1, A congested area will seem tight, which will hinder productivity. As a result, while planning your office, take into account the amount of area you need,  that the atmosphere is suitable for creativity and productivity. While you may not be able to keep the overall clutter in your workplace and on your employees’ desks under control, you should avoid overcrowding your area with too many pieces of furniture or accessories.

2,. The ideal workplace space has a light and airy feel to it, which is conducive to productivity. Your office should be balanced with neutral tones to facilitate the flow of natural light and colors to promote your brand image, and by doing so, you will increase your employees’ productivity.

Storage Potential

You should provide storage for files and other business-critical activities in addition to reducing clutter by not overcrowding your office. Shelves, bookshelves, drawers, and filing cabinets will give your staff a variety of options for keeping their desks clean. Resulting in increased productivity because they won’t have to spend as much time hunting for what they need to perform their daily tasks or projects.

Where to begin…

Considering these factors will assist you in finding the ideal IT office space in India. Of course, you’ll need to start with a solid workplace in a suitable location where you can put these ideas into action. If you’re looking for an office space where you may design your ideal workspace, contact Jainoncor immediately.

Office Space in India: 4 Key Concerns to Focus for a Good Find

office space in India

If you lack information and experience in this industry, commercial office space in India might be perplexing. However, armed with the aforementioned advice, you can purchase a property that guarantees high success and prosperity. You can find strategies to limit the risks if you have a good plan in place. We’ll go through four main factors that will help you find a good place to call home for your company:

  • Assess your financial situation before buying any commercial office space in India. Make sure you’ll be able to afford the EMIs even if the residence doesn’t generate any rental revenue. You should also consider the potential for earning money from a property before purchasing it. Additionally, you should analyze the risks associated with the overall firm.
  • Pay attention to market trends before investing in real estate assets. Find out what kinds of homes are in high demand as well. You should evaluate the breadth of continued expansion in the locations before determining what to buy. Purchasing a home in a developing neighborhood is considerably superior to purchasing a home in a well-established neighborhood. The former option is less expensive and offers a greater return on investment.
  • When you have no experience in this industry, estimating the actual cost of purchasing commercial real estate might be challenging. As a result, you should seek financial advice and prepare your budget accordingly before purchasing a home. In a real estate deal, tax ramifications can be difficult to understand. Inquire with your financial advisor about the finest banks and financial organizations for acquiring a home loan. Don’t forget to bring up the subject of interest rates.
  • The layout has a significant impact on the operating efficiency, if you’re establishing an office space, a shop, or a mall, or simply restoring one. It will have a direct influence on your ability to profit from renting or reselling your property. As a result, you should devise a wise strategy for renovating or designing the house. Use the services of an architect if necessary.

Most Important Thing

When buying a commercial property, you should always employ a reliable partner like jainoncor. Investigate the builder’s history and seek feedback from people who have already purchased a home from them. Also, evaluate if the developer has any prior experience purchasing and selling office space in India.

The Takeaway

India’s real estate industry had exploded in recent years, and demand for commercial real estate will continue to rise. As a result, commercial buildings can help you earn large returns on your investment. Investing in commercial real estate, on the other hand, can be a little intimidating because it requires a larger sum of money. However, if you keep these few simple points in mind, you can invest in a property that will help you succeed.

5 Elements to Organize a Productive Office Space

fully furnished office space in Noida

There are hundreds of entrepreneurs who operate from their homes. One of the reasons why they are hesitant to move their operations from home to a rental office space in Delhi is the anticipated rental costs.

But, did you know that you can turn rented fully furnished office space in Noida from a cost-generating entity into a productive revenue-generating asset?

Read on and discover the key elements to organizing a productive office space and how you can transform your office into one.

Productive office space starts with the right location

If you want to move your business operations from head office to rented office space, then you should start by finding the right location. Find a place where customers, suppliers and staff can easily find you and access your business.

A great location means there is a high possibility of increasing foot traffic, and enjoying close accessibility to surrounding businesses and transport links to increase productivity.

Productive offices have layouts that increase efficiency

Once you get an office space lease, a poor layout can further damage your staff’s productivity and negatively affect the business.

Layouts that have ‘silent thinking areas’ close to noisy machines, or missing rest areas are likely to hinder staff’s ability to work and complete tasks efficiently. On the other hand, a layout that optimizes collaboration makes room for multiple approaches to work and allows easy workflows increasing efficiency and productivity.

Productive offices consider staff comfort, health and safety

The office is the nerve centre of your business operations. Your team members meet there to strategize, brainstorm, and complete tasks. However, if they are working in an uncomfortable environment, such as a crowded room, the productivity level is likely to be much lower.

Other conditions that are important for optimizing staff engagement include proper lighting and ergonomics of office furniture.


Facilities like workplace equipment and internet connectivity are essential for smooth operation. If you are a professional looking to move into an office, fully furnished offices are an excellent choice. You will get office space, comfort, location and facilities in one package.

At, you can find office spaces that provide in-house IT maintenance and support, high-speed Internet, and meeting and conference facilities. Basically, the real estate agents provide affordable, low-cost, hassle-free set-up furnished office space that meets all business needs. This will certainly fit your bill if you are looking for cheap office space rental.

Flexibility and look and feel

Full of piles of documents? Stock boxes piled up? All too often, employees use most of their desks and workspace to store excess documents and office supplies.

A workspace should ideally be open and clutter-free so that a person feels uninhibited to focus on their work and complete work tasks.

There should also be a better flow of human traffic without crashing into office furniture or requirements. Employees can also contribute and take responsibility for their own work environment, in creating a more efficient office space.

However, you can still keep some personal items as a great way to add a personal touch and set up the right environment for productivity.

5 Factors That You Should Consider While Choosing The Office Space

office space in Delhi

If you’re looking for new office space in Delhi, then you need to be careful because choosing a new space is incredibly important to your business. A good and efficient space affects not only your day-to-day operations and your staff morale but also your brand image.

There are many factors and things that can affect which office you choose, but there are five factors that are crucial to the process. Here are the five factors that you should consider while choosing the office space:

Office Space Location

The first thing that you make sure of before choosing office space is the location. Thus, you need to choose the right office space for your team and clients that are being closed for parking, restaurants, transport and facilities as well as green space.

The next thing that you should consider before choosing the location is your competitors and partners. You have to make sure that position your business in contiguity to your partners and also competitors, creating no further competition.

Exterior Designs 

The exterior of the building, as well as the aesthetics within your workspace, are the important factors to consider. The exterior design not only influences your business but also enhances the reputation in the market, from customers to shareholders and employees.

While preparing the right design for the office, it’s crucial to think about functionality as well as visual appeal. It is a place where you start your business but also a place that employees will spend much of their week. Therefore, it needs to be comfy while still offering a professional image to visitors.


Commercial office buildings offer facilities that focus on what business needs. Facilities such as shared meeting spaces, outdoor space, electricity connection, Wi-Fi and end of trip facilities.

Most of the top-class commercial buildings offer concierge services such as daycare and fitness classes for tenants. The easy access to such services and amenities of the buildings makes your work more constant for the team.

Therefore, choosing the right office space for your business is a crucial decision because it directly affects almost every aspect of your business, from staff to clients and productivity.

Apart from that, the cost and size are the two factors that can drive your workspace decisions but in reality, some other key factors will impact your business. Choosing an office space in the wrong place impacts your ability to attract and retain the right size. So, take your time, do your proper homework and keep the above points in mind while finding your perfect workspace.

6 Expert Tips To Find The Perfect Office Space

fully furnished office spaces in Delhi

It’s always a challenging task to find the ideal place for office space to start a new business. As a business owner, you want to have all the amenities you require to operate, but you don’t want to be overburdened with a sky-high lease payment.

Besides, keeping the check of costs and rent terms makes a difference whether your business strays float or grapple financially. 

However, finding the right place that satisfies all your requirements of office space could be a fine line to tread.

If you have a small business or a start-up one and struggling to find the right office space for your business, then these tips will be very helpful for you to find the right place for your office space.

Don’t Waste Time For the Perfect Place

There is nothing perfect in this world! So instead of finding a Perfect Office Space, make a list of what’s important for you and rate office space according to the list. Be more practical and stop wasting your time to find the Perfect Office Space.

Keep Cost Minimum

As a startup business, spending more than required can damage your business growth. It’s always a better option to keep cost minimum even if it means sharing desks in the office or working from a hallway. Try to avoid spending too much money on fancy office and furniture. You can also consider a shared workspace where you are not committed to any commercial lease.

Optimize Around Commute And Compensation

While searching for office space, using team commuting methods, you can enhance your business efficiency. The method helps you calculate the employees’ travelling time and you can search for a location that minimizes the commute times of your core team. Less travelling time means your core team spends more time on work and family, this improves productivity and work-life balance.

Keep Your Priorities First

Often you can’t have all you want, so you need to determine what’s most important for you and your company. A good amenity surround office space such as parking, building security, Wi-Fi and water facility should be your priority while searching for a new office space.

Maximise Most of The Time

Before finding the right space for your office, remember that you’re not only searching for space for your business but also utilise the after-hours. So, consider a space that can host network events that connect with the community and provide business development. 

Consider space with Flexibility Lease Terms

As a startup business, non-one no what will happen in the future. You hope for quick growth but if it doesn’t pay out; you don’t want to lock yourself in the expansive long-term lease. That is why co-working would be an excellent choice for you if you want to share your expanse and have flexible lease terms.   

The level of competition is rising each day and to thrive and grow a business such competition is the real challenge. Laying the framework of your business with the above tips will help you endure the storm of competition and set your business up for success.

If you’re in search of best office space in Delhi then Jain Estates would be a great real estate consultancy firm for you. For any query or information contact us Today!