Aspects That Make Us The Best Office Rental Company

The offices for rent have become one of the most requested services by businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have adequate facilities to perform work tasks that allow the operation of the company or business. The truth is that the rental of virtual office space in Jasola has also become one of the most requested services, since it is a service that can be hired for hours, days or weeks; It is a service with important benefits for those who do not have offices modern and luxurious enough to receive customers who will hire services, or who will buy the products of those companies or businesses.

The truth is that the hiring of this type of services should not be taken lightly, especially since at present many companies offer services that are not of quality, which can be counterproductive due to the fact of not complying with the customer needs.

For those who are just starting a project, they should know that the rent of furnished offices is one of the best alternatives for which they can choose, especially since, regardless of the size of the office, furnishing it is extremely expensive, and it is also a task that it would importantly reduce the budget, which can mean the failure of the business. This has been understood by more and more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, which means that more and more are opting for this effective alternative.

Although it seems an exaggerated issue, those who are in the business sector and the field of entrepreneurship, know in advance that to attract potential customers it is necessary to take care of all the details so that the client takes a positive image of the company or the deal.

For this reason, the reception in a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, with reception staff and with all the necessary elements to make a professional and formal presentation of the products and services is fundamental for the client to be convinced that you are responsible and committed people, people with whom it is worth investing capital to obtain important benefits. With the above we want our readers to understand that the office in which customers are received is an element that is part of the corporate image.

Low costs, compared to the competition: They should know that our prices are highly competitive, meaning that they will not find a better price elsewhere. In this sense, it is important to clarify that the fact that our prices are low is not synonymous with poor quality; On the contrary, our services are the best that currently exist in the City.

Simple procedure: There is a large number of companies that request a myriad of requirements to contract the service; they should know that with us, Oncor experts, none of this will happen, especially since we have very specific contracts that do not require paperwork or cumbersome paperwork. Of course, our contracts do not have the annoying “little letters” that only generate additional costs to the service.

Shared Workspace Universe: The Basics of Co-working

If you open a dictionary, the definition of a co-working space is: “shared workspace”. This definition does not reflect the extent of what is behind this concept freshly landed from Uncle Sam.

In reality, a co-working space is more than just a shared workspace. Co-working is a real trend, which changes every day a little more, the idea we have of work.

Those days are gone when you had to start from your sofa, with no connection to the outside. No more time to find an office, you have to spend hours looking after paperwork.

As you will have probably understood, Co-working has many facets, much more complex than the simple shared renting of offices.

A co-working office space in Connaught place is based on a number of values, fundamentals, which make these spaces a place where life is good, good work and good success.

office space in cp

A Co-working is a COMMUNITY

Each person integrating a co-working space integrates at the same time a true community. This community shapes the soul of Co-working and space itself. A Co-working without a community does not exist. The bonds that coworkers weave are paramount and contribute to the development of space.

A Co-working is a PLACE OF SHARING

The literal meaning of Co-working is the sharing of workspaces. But we do not share an office in a Co-working. We share our daily life, our cooking, our experiences, but also the advice and know-how. Each brings his stone to the building, the mutual aid being a pillar of a co-working space.

The sharing of ideas and knowledge, mutual aid and the tools available in these spaces, encourage a dynamic of work where creativity operates to leave room for the emergence of new collective projects.

A Co-working is a FLEXIBLE workspace

The adage that best summarizes this dimension of Co-working is sure “When I want, where I want, with whom I want”. In a Co-working, we work as we see fit, at our own pace. You choose where you want to work, if you want to work alone or accompanied, you are master of your schedule. Following the principle of “Plug & Work” Co-working simplifies your life and gives you all the tools necessary for your professional achievement.

A Co-working is a NETWORK

How lucky to have a neighbor as a graphic designer when you need to redo his logo! How lucky to have in your office a real estate agent, a journalist, a lawyer or a furnishing specialist! Co-working promotes meetings and exchanges. The network we create at Co-working is a network we can rely on. Your office neighbors may be coming from customers, suppliers, or even collaborators.

As you can see, a co-working office space in south Delhi is more than just a shared workspace. We learn, we develop and we make enriching meetings.

How To Distribute The Space Of An Office?

The months of winters are months of movement in the offices, as many companies take the opportunity to make transfers or reforms. At Oncor, we want to move forward and give you some tips for when the time comes to distribute the equipment in the office space in India.

Recognize space

To begin with, it is essential to recognize the general space. In this way, we will determine the best location of each space and, thus, achieve a pleasant environment for those who will work in the office and future visitors.

Office space in India

It is already known the importance of a pleasant and relaxed work environment to increase productivity, encourage their inspiration and reduce stress. In short, a good distribution of the office will increase the quality of work.

The image of the company

We also have to think about the image we want the office to project of the company. Certain conditions of use of the space will be necessary, depending on the type of business and activities conducted.

For example, a company for which it is important to mark a certain hierarchical order, must have very strong divisions. On the other hand, if we sought to facilitate fluency and communication among workers, we will bet on a more open and dynamic environment.

Basic spaces

There are some basic points or spaces in the distribution of an office, such as the access and reception door, the work stations, the meeting rooms and the rest and recreation space.

The access and reception door is the most important place of the company, since in it the visitors and customers will have the first contact with the company. It has to be a warm, welcoming, clear and orderly space, with functional and comfortable furniture.

As noted above, jobs are vital to gain efficiency and effectiveness in daily activities. It should be a large space and, if possible, with natural light. If the distribution of the plant prevents it, there will be what to buy lamps of artificial light in white or blue tones (the first ones are useful for places with low light and the second ones favor the concentration). In addition, the use of LED lamps will provide us with more precise lighting.

The office space in India should also have storage points, such as drawers for each two people maximum and shelves for books, invoices and other documents.

The meeting room should be in a strategic location -with easy access for workers- and with all the necessary elements for the presentation and exhibition of projects. It is recommended that the table in the room be located near the window, as this will offer a feeling of warmth to customers.

Rest spaces

Finally, we cannot ignore the importance of allocating some spaces of the office to the rest of the workers to take a break from the cumbersome work and change the position of the body. The poufs or bar furniture can be a good alternative.

What Makes the Real Estate Consultants Indispensible?

Property Dealer in India

Investing in real estate might look rosy and simple – there is hardly any doubt about it. In fact, real estate is a fast growing business and a magnificent source of employment. You will find real estate firms hiring various types of professionals to run their business. They include brokers, inspectors, lawyers, and other professionals. However, running real estate business and investing in properties is not as easy as it looks apparently. On the contrary, there is a fair amount of risk associated with real estate investment. One wrong step may invite utter disaster. That is why, if you are planning a real estate business, you need to hire a real estate consulting firm as well, which will guide you in your endeavor to prosper.

What Difference Does A Real Estate Consultant Make?

Are you looking forward to purchasing a fully furnished office space in Delhi? Have you planned to put your old godown for sale in Noida? Either way, a real estate consultant will use all its experience and assist you in the process. Be it purchasing, investing or selling real estate properties there are a plethora of issues to deal with. All these three areas of real estate business have their own technicalities and issues to tackle and a quality real estate consultant would coordinate everything in a seamless manner using all their experience and expertise.

Whom do you Rely on the get that Difference?


There isn’t any dearth of real estate consultants in India and Delhi is no exception. In a crowded pool of too many names, you need to pick up one of the bests, if not the best one. In order to do so, you need to opt for the ones that are truly experienced and have been in the business for long, and the ones that are enough seasoned to provide you all the guidance you need. The name you vouch for, has to have a healthy pool of reference or contacts and should be competent enough to help you in considerable savings by the virtue of these contacts.

You need to take into consideration the location of the consultant as well. For instance, if you are looking to purchase an office space in Connaught Place, you cannot look for a consultant from Pune. Rules and every aspect changes from place to place in real estate business and you need to be specific when it comes to choosing a quality consultant.

The Issue of Discount

One major setback that you have to face when you move all by yourself, you seldom can save. That’s where the presence of a quality would come in handy. Quality real estate consultants come up with schemes that help you earn discounts on purchases, and that leads you to considerable savings.

When you accumulate this, with all the guarantee and safety assurance that these companies provide you on a property along with all the assistance they provide, the contribution of these companies indeed turns to be enormous, thus proving their indispensability in the realm of real estate business.

Therefore, the bottom line is that but for these real estate consultants, you simply cannot excel in real estate business.

4 Received Ideas About Office Renting

Our phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and e-mail led us to hear a lot. Between false truths and true lies, clichés and received ideas, let us decipher together four accepted views on the rent of office space in Connaught place.

# 1 – “I do not understand why a 9m² office costs so much while I pay the same price for my 40m² apartment in the suburbs.”

The real estate housing markets and the real estate business are very different; it is not very easy to navigate. Especially when looking for offices for the first time. Taxation, legal and administrative procedures, fixed costs, etc. are more restrictive for the owner of a workspace. Also, a local business represents a more significant investment. Both regarding furniture (prices are up to 10 times higher than those for home appliances) and Internet providers for example (professional packages are systematically more expensive).

# 2 – “Your offices seem expensive. I saw a local three times cheaper and three times bigger in the agency.”

When looking for offices, you have to pay attention to several points before making an engaging decision. Especially if it’s the first time. Three main factors affect the price of an office: its geographical location; the services offered and the flexibility of the rental contract.

First, it’s easy to understand that a downtown office will cost more than an office in the middle of the countryside.

Then, a local rented naked will obviously be cheaper than an office equipped with furniture, internet connection, meeting room and so on.

Also, the flexible nature of a lease is of vital importance: the rent of a lease workspace with a commitment of 9 years (or lease 3/6/9) will be cheaper than its monthly rental. Just as it is more expensive to rent a hotel room than an apartment.

Finally, the trap to avoid is to rely only on the cost of a rental: a leasing office 3/6/9 may have low rent.

# 3 – “I open my business center, I put workstations in my box, we sell printers.”

Beware of vocabulary errors. If the service contract that binds you with the company(s) you are hosting is not regulated by the law, do not be mistaken: unlike a sharing approach for to reduce its costs, the provision of workspace for profit is a regulated activity.

Indeed, offering a third company to occupy part of your premises does not make you a business center, this status is reserved for companies whose business is the rental of equipped offices and the provision of services additional services (secretarial services, domiciliation, reception and postage of mail, commercial domiciliation, etc.).

If you want to make your office space in India available for professional use and make a profit, you will need to obtain an approval issued by the competent authorities.

# 4 – “The bigger it is, the better … I’m looking for a 100m² office … We’re two …”

When one starts one’s activity, and one looks for one’s first premises, it is easy to disperse.

Indeed, it is often considered the necessary area is taking into account the common areas, the kitchen, the relaxation area, etc. However, in the context of a flexible rental, we reason more in some positions or m² of office.

Good Plan: Rent an Independent Space

The workspace is a key concern in today’s businesses. We know that it affects the productivity and well-being of the salaried workforce. Of course, depending on the type of business structure and potential tenant profiles, the chosen workspace will be different.

In the general subconscious, by default, the typical workspace is represented by a private office (also called a closed office). However, other growing companies are turning their choice of space into new models. The independent space is an example. Focus.

Rent an independent space: why?

We know only too well: Delhi real estate has long been confronted with an overproduction of goods and workspaces left empty. The fault is accessibility conditions that are too complex, improper rental conditions, too high operating costs, etc.

The so-called “independent office space in connaught place” designates a workspace whose area is substantial (from 40-50m²) and whose structure is at the complete disposal of a company. This kind of space is very popular with growing companies (workforce, production or activity): it allows to adapt and anticipate growth.

Rent an independent space with flexible duration: is it possible?

Given the large number of work spaces without occupants, it was urgent to find solutions to fill them.

Today, the 3/6/9 lease, a classic form of lease agreement for a property, governs 98% of contracts. This contract commits a company to rent an office for at least 3 years, renewable up to 9 years, so 3 times.

New players, such as start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as independent professionals, are bringing their needs to the fore across India. Thus, in recent years, the form of professional activities mutate and France has become in a short time and in the eyes of the world, a real “factory to entrepreneurs” and “factory to startups”.

Few of these small organizations have visibility over 3 years- These first 3 years of life represent for many a critical threshold, since 80% of start-ups created do not go beyond this period. Few still have the opportunity to enter the rigid conditions of the lease 3/6/9.

Fortunately, new uses, the adaptation of real estate legislation and the development of new types of contracts make it possible to rent all types of office space over a flexible period.

New forms of leases have recently been created: the subletting of offices, the provision of services, flexible or derogatory leases, precarious leases, etc. Thus, it is possible to rent an office for a minimum of 1 month, up to 36 months.

To rent an independent space, the case is more particular: the idea is to optimize the rented properties in Delhi on a long term.

Not to be confused…

Because of its size and rather loose layout, the independent space is not to be confused with other types of spaces. An independent space has the advantage of being fully convertible, partition able, and configurable at the discretion of the tenant (depending on the rental contract chosen).

This differs mainly from other types of spaces such as:

  • Closed office (or private office), usually smaller;
  • The workstation in coworking, business center or open space, shared with other companies
  • Rent an independent space: different from coworking / business center

The idea behind renting such a space is not to work in complete autarky, but rather to emancipate itself from a framework in order to evolve by itself, without a third help. Renting an independent space is also suitable for companies with a certain foundation and financial stability.

5 Tips to Create a Co-working Space

Large, small, rural or urban: Co-working office space in Connaught place abound across India. But exactly, how do you define a co-working space? A co-working space does not just offer a shared workplace. It gives its members the opportunity to join a community of coworkers to create partnerships, to create synergies, to sprout new ideas, to stimulate your activity and much more.

Do you want to embark on the adventure by creating your co-working? Here are some tips to get you started and create a great co-working space!

1. A particular place

With the exponential growth in the number of office space in sector 44 Gurgaon, it is essential to choose the place that will set you apart from the competition. For that, everything is allowed: from the artist’s studio to the industrial loft, passing by the church or the barn, the motto is originality.

In addition to the architecture of your space, you will also need to think carefully about the location. It is especially important to take into account the accessibility criteria as well as the types of activities identified in the neighborhood (Is it a district of artists, digital actors, business?).

2. A dynamic community

Creating your coworker’s community is the key to the success of your space! The world attracts the world. The more your network of coworkers is developed, the more you will attract other members who will see in your space an opportunity to find new customers, partners, and funding. To organize your community more easily, you have the chance to give a theme to your space (publishing, digital, art, cooking, etc.).

Obviously, nothing forces you to target a sector of activity; some spaces attract precisely by the mix of their coworkers who are then certain not to compete with each other and benefit from their complementarities.

3. Additional services

Give your members a full range of services: internet access, printers, cafeteria, mail reception, domiciliation, meeting rooms, nap rooms, sports classes, etc. Even access to 3D printers! Your coworkers must not miss anything. Some spaces go as far as offering them support and advice on the development of their activities.

4. Regular animation

Animate your space to encourage exchanges between your coworkers and strengthen the community spirit. Creating a co-working space means thinking about its animation upstream: social networks, newsletters, and blogs will be your allies in this process! But that’s not all, plan physical meetings by organizing breakfasts or entrepreneurial meetings.

5. Current management to anticipate

Creating and managing your co-working space cannot be improvised overnight! You will have to manage the contracts and the invoices, take care of the day-to-day management, the supply, and organize the access to the meeting rooms, to the Internet or the printers. So that everything is done at best and that the rules are known to all post a regulation of life in space.

You know (almost) everything! We gave you our essential tips to get you started on the adventure of co-working spaces. And if you ever needed inspiration, do not hesitate to go and see what others are doing!

Office Rent- Features of Search in Modern Conditions

It’s no secret that sooner or later, almost every company faces the task of renting an office. There can be a lot of reasons for this: from changing the size of the company, ending with the company’s entrance to a new level and, as a consequence, the need for a more (or less) presentable, and therefore expensive, office.

The key aspect of the changes is the lack of choice when looking for an office space in Connaught place for rent. If before the client could consider at least 3 to 15 variants that meet the search criteria, now if there are only three options, this is an unprecedentedly wide choice. Naturally, if the search criteria are broad, then the opportunities can be much more significant.

We have in mind a situation where there is a clear idea of which office is needed, in which district, with how many cabinets, the level of repair and other parameters. Thus, with other things being equal, the number of offers on the office rental market decreased by 3-5 times, over the past three years.

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An Overview about Commercial Office Space in Connaught Place

Connaught place is the biggest commercial business and financial hub. It has big multinational companies and even small scaled Indian firms. It is in the heart of the city, and the commuting part is surely not a difficulty with all the Delhi metro, bus facilities, auto rickshaws, instant cab facilities are frequently available which makes it easy and comfortable for the people. The variety of commercial office spaces available in Delhi and NCR are vast. It truly depends on the needs and the budget one wants the space. A fully furnished place is ready to move in with furnished tables, chairs, cabinets, boards etc available. On the other hand unfurnished ones would be more like a raw empty space and the clients would have to shed off a good amount of money to get it done as per their requirements and needs.

1. Office space at the Statesman house has ample area for car park, centrally air conditioned. Excellent space area options from 1250 sq ft, 2200 sq ft, 5000 sq ft whichever one suits the requirement.

2. Narain Manzil is a fully furnished ready to move in office space in Connaught place located in such prestigious buildings has 4 units on each floor. Excellent space for the conference hall, cabins, reception area, ample natural light for your spacious office space.

3. Gopal Das Towers – fully air conditioned with excellent space selection from 2200sq ft, 5500 sq ft, 10000 sq ft according to your needs and requirements. Round the clock security, main road facing which attracts majority clients.

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Rules of Surviving Shared Office Spaces?

Many blogs and editorial sites they talk about what are the rules to follow for coexistence among colleagues, what are the ways to make the office a serene place and less stressful , or what are the things to avoid in a work environment surrounded by four walls .

But what are the balance to maintain when beyond the four walls there are other offices, who share corridors, walls and common areas?

Those who rent an office space in Connaught Place in a business center, and therefore is not only to share the space with their employees, but also with other companies, each with very different needs and behaviors. About adding to the share in the co-working spaces, where the proximity is even denser.

Office Space in Delhi

Often in these situations you find yourself in the difficult position of having to create and mitigate tensions between members of the different companies in order to create the best possible environment and working conditions, and to create in the structure an atmosphere of balance and harmony to avoid clashes and resentment.

That’s why it is good that the head office of the individual face observed by the team a few simple rules, which could be a kind of tacit “super-regulation” of a Business Center.

But then what are these rules? And how to act if they are not respected?

Contain noise: Everyone deserves to disconnect those 10-15 minutes from work, to have a coffee and chat with colleagues. Whether in the office space in Connaught Place or in the hallway, it is important to remember that during our breaks, others are working.

Maintaining order and cleanliness in the spaces: Not all are maniacs of order, but the common areas, to remain welcoming to staff and to our customers and visitors, must necessarily be neat and clean. It is up to the individual ensure that decorum is maintained a level where there is respect for those who came after, and would otherwise be in the unfortunate situation of offering coffee to a customer in untidy or dirty area.

Share: On a more related to the co-working logic, we close this list with a fundamental rule to be respected, the only one who remembers tautological title, and reminds us that the best condition sine qua non to share the space is just share. But the co-working is not simply share a physical fully furnished office space in Gurgaon.

Follow the reservations of meeting rooms: A meeting between members of their team, a refresher course, an important meeting to close a deal. The meeting rooms are the ideal place for the circulation of information, the presentation of a project, the strengthening of teamwork and the exchange of opinions. You have to remember that in a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, there are rooms that have to be booked and therefore delimit their use to certain times.

Smoking in areas engaged: For workers with the smoking habit, it remembers that, according to the law, smoking is prohibited in public places and places of work. Smokers can easily make use of the designated areas or simply the external spaces of the structure. It’s mandatory, because of health and safety reasons, also avoid smoking in fully furnished office space in Delhi, although looking out the window.