Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate?

We will help you to compare with different points, an investment in real estate or in stock market, in order to know the most favourable.

Specifically, people who have money to invest often ask the question, “What is a better investment- apartments for sale in Gurgaon or shares? There is no exact answer because it depends very much on your preferences and your investment strategy. However, we will start by looking at each type of investment:

apartments for sale in Gurgaon


Investing in real estate with a rental investment involves buying a property for rent, house or apartments. Each month you receive rent from your tenant, you pay the fees and keep the difference as a profit.

Investing in the stock market with shares represents a financial participation, you buy a piece of business. You can buy shares in a company regardless of its activity. You hope that the company gains value in order to sell your shares at higher prices.


Everything will depend on the strategy of your investment. The scholarship can dream because it can garner high capital gains in a short time, however, investors do are never safe from a turnaround in an identical time.

If you invest for the long term, your profitability will depend mainly on when you invest: that is, if you buy stocks at the highest, in the long run, it will be very difficult to achieve good profitability.

Although in recent years the market is up, worries remain with the rise including rates and oil strikes for example! You have to be very careful. This is not always the case, many investors get used to the hikes and forget that the market follows cycles. Inevitably after a bull market follows a consolidation or a declining market.

Why is it advantageous to invest in land for sale in Gurgaon?

It’s a more stable market than the stock market

By investing in real estate, you can take advantage of leverage. The leverage effect is the ratio of the money you have invested and the money you are given to make your investment.

When you buy your investment, you will usually take out a bank loan. On average, the contribution is 20%, and the bank lends the rest. For rental investment you will put your property to rent, income generated by the amount of rent paid by your tenant, can allow you to repay your loan. Thus the leverage effect is important for real estate investments. Unlike where, on the stock market, the use of financial leverage is much more restricted.

Indeed, when you invest in real estate once your loan has been repaid, you receive an additional income each month with the rent that you will pay to the tenant. Whether you are active or retired you know the amount you will collect and its frequency. In addition, in the long term your investment in stone is a heritage that you can pass on to your descendants.

With actions you can lose much of your stake in a few days. Unlike real estate, the declines are less significant due in particular to longer transaction times, and the duration of a higher investment. The Stone is therefore much more stable than the actions.

The financing of real estate investment is more advantageous, financial investments cannot be financed by a credit. While in real estate it is possible, and it is a real good especially that today the interest rates are lower than the yield of the stone.

An Overviews About Rented Residential and Commercial Properties in Delhi

Residential and commercial property in the capital is now prepared to shell out more for buying or renting property. The prices have been going up and down this year and there is no looking back. Giving out property on rent is one of the best ways to get the best return. Buying a property will gross you with 20 to 25% profit and on rental yields you will net around 2 to 3% if you are not staying there by yourself.

On the other hand, with prices getting a peak, it is quite comprehensible to invest in real estate market as there are many real estate agents in Noida or Gurgaon or capital city itself. The first thing that would come to your mind is rent. Giving your property on rent is one of the best ways to get profit out of the property. Not just that, you soundlessly also enjoy the capital appreciation.

If you possess a commercial property, you have a lot of choices in stock for you. For renting a commercial property, one has got retailers depending upon the city, area or location as the rent differs for each. They don’t cut any corners; shelter they provide are built with best materials and exceptional workmanship spanning across India and all over the world. Thousands of customers are greatly thankful to the Jain Oncor for the type of roof given let it be rented space in Noida or Gurgaon or Delhi.This company ensures that all of the customers are properly managed and taken care of for their benefit.

Few properties that can be detailed referring to commercial properties in Delhi:

1. Commercial Building, Nehru Place: This property is fully furnished with office in two cabins and 8 workstations. A perfect office space in Nehru Place as this is the most prominent hub of business activities. This building is well maintained with all the basic amenities like 100% power backup, centrally air conditioned, A+ Grade building, located in the close vicinity to metro station. Having approx 7455 Sq. ft. Total Built-up Area on Second Floor.

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Commercial Property to Let in and Around District Centre: Jasola and Saket

Jain Oncor is the fastest growing real estate consultancy firm offering unique and remarkable services to provide customer’s dreams into reality. Jain deals in sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Delhi and NCR.

With the help of Jain one can find the finest apartments located in the best place like in some of the poshest neighborhoods in the city. From office space for sale in Jasola or Saket or any business centre in Delhi can easily find a home with the help of Jain Oncor that satisfies their beautiful preferences and way of living or the way they want a business place. Even if an individual is new to the city and has very little idea as to how the real estate market works in Delhi, the experts at Jain Oncor can present with the most steadfast guidance that can make finding properties easy in the capital city. The outcome we are striving for to look for office space in India or in surrounding major areas Delhi, Saket, Gurgoan, Jasola with the help of dedicated professionals.

Jasola District Centre auctioned by Delhi Development Authority comprises of commercial complexes and residential complexes constructed by many reputed builders like DLF, TDI, Omaxe and many builders have brought up their root in here. It is one of the most modern office complex that is emerged in Delhi. Common places are within the reach like South Extension, Lajpat Nagar and many others. It is a great area to be considered for the people looking for office area with modern specs which is exquisitely planned and designed.

DLF Towers A & B:

Well provided office space available for lease as well as rent in Jasola, South Delhi where the super area is 1056 sq. ft. And the total covered area is 686 sq. ft. It is well-equipped with centrally air-conditioned, 100% power backup, metro connectivity, high speed elevator, Security supplies and overall best suitable for Offices.

Copia Corporate Suites

A corporate complex located in the commercial development has a structurally glazed glass with classic design covering 10,000 sq ft. The building is well equipped with all modern basic amenities like Lift, Fully Power back up, centrally air-conditioned, fire safety, security etc.

Omaxe Citadel

Located on the 1st floor facing east direction catering to a target audience of over 25 lakh people. It is easily accessible from commercial and residential centers of south Delhi covering 1,70,000 sq ft especially designed for modern office spaces.

Jain Oncor had ambitions to grow fast and established its offices at Delhi, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc as ideal locations to begin a quality presence in the center of the fastest growing areas of the National Capital Region. Whether commercial or residential, we at Jain Oncor understand the customers’ requirements and serve with state of the art quality and assurance in every job. They have self-possessed to become the most trusted place to find a home in India. Jain Oncor is centrally located to a variety of organizations in.

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