What is the Advantage of Renting Storage Facilities ?

Any company that has to store its goods sooner or later asks the question: to buy your warehouse or to choose a lease.

Some may think that it is much more profitable to purchase a warehouse. However, on closer examination of this issue, one can see that this approach is not the most reasonable.

So, first of all, you require to understand the turnover of the company. As the experience of a large number of entrepreneurs shows, warehouse for rent in Gurgaon has some advantages. Small companies, whose turnover is not too significant, is unprofitable to spend on an expensive purchase. In large cities, warehouse property cannot be cheap. Also, you always have to spend money on the maintenance of the premises.

Choosing the same lease, you can maximally flexibly build the marketing policy of your company. Undoubtedly, your warehouse is a good asset. But considering this situation. On the other side, we can see the apparent instability of the market. Most recently, there has been a significant drop in property prices. And you cannot be sure of the impossibility of a recurrence of the crisis.

It is worth noting that renting a warehouse is the best solution for a company that has just started to get on its feet. It is much more reasonable first to strengthen your financial position in the market, and only then to plan expensive purchases.

An essential aspect of the maintenance of warehouses is associated with working personnel. Choosing a lease, you avoid many difficulties, and you do not need to look for workers independently. The landlord completely incurs all these obligations.

It is noteworthy that renting a warehouse allows you to conquer new positions in the market quickly. So, you will have the opportunity to strengthen the desired direction of sales and adjust tactics.

Take into account that having your warehousing real estate, you cannot quickly adjust to the changes in the market. In turn, when renting a premise, you have the opportunity at any time to abandon those or other assumptions, thereby reducing costs. The procedure for termination of the contract is much faster than real estate sales.

Choosing the lease of storage space, you will not invest in any investment in infrastructure development or repair. And this reduces the financial burden on the enterprise.

Also, rent allows you to choose any district of the city. And you can easily be located close to the sales markets or other places relevant to your business.

Of course, renting warehouse property requires the most serious relationship. You need to determine precisely the purpose of the room. Please note that often the goods require a unique microclimate. It concerns, for example, products and medicines. Therefore, you may need refrigerators or at least enough space to install them. It is desirable that the storage room is certified.

When choosing warehouse properties, consider all the nuances. The contract signed by you must equally take into account both your interests and the interests of the lessor. Before signing the document, carefully study it. Avoid tricks if you turn to a lawyer for help. A competently drawn up lease will avoid misunderstanding.

Summarizing, we can say that warehouse for rent in India real estate is beneficial not only for start-up businessmen but also for large companies. After all, it is often the mobility of an enterprise that allows you to get the best result and effectively develop your business.

How to Lease my Office Faster and Effectively?

If there is something that disturbs office owners, it takes a long time to market their property. Having a good without generating profitability becomes a burden when it does not make interest in demand.

Faced with this, Jain Oncor explains what you must take into account so that your office can be leased quickly and satisfactorily. Take note and do not forget any of the following tips.

The price should be attractive for the location where the office is located. Remember that potential customers evaluate the cost against the size and condition of the property. For this, it is also important that it offers excellent amenities that generate interest and add value to your office.

As the possessor, you must be willing to listen to offers and provide incentives to anyone interested in your warehouse for rent in India. The attention you give and the benefits you offer to reach an agreement are essential in the negotiation.

Keep in mind that a market study in the sector is essential, there the real estate plays an indispensable role, since, in addition to doing this marketing work, your office has more exposure in different web pages of consultation, optimizes the search and finding potential clients thanks to allied networks and sending newsletters to companies that are looking for offices.

If you have not yet been allowed to market your office or are interested in one, communicate to one of our brokers, who will assist you and answer all the questions about the lease of your property.


Before publishing your offer, it is essential that the place is in excellent condition. Try to repair areas that may have some damage and leave all the elements in perfect working order. The unique state of the facilities will attract those interested more quickly.


Another fundamental aspect is the painting of the walls. A new layer will give the place a renewed and neat image. In turn, in this way you can deliver the property immediately to the first reliable candidate, without losing time in last minute repairs.


The price is a prominent point to achieve immediate success at the time of leasing. Before determining the value, it quotes similar properties in the same areas to avoid placing a price that exceeds the market fees and not to lose money in the transaction.

A correct analysis of the market and a study of similar properties will give you a favorable panorama to offer the best conditions. Read here the factors that influence the price of a property


At the time of making the lease announcement, it is essential to be precise and clear in the terms that describe the warehouse for rent in Noida, being accurate in its dimensions with updated plans and highlighting its virtues with sobriety. One recommendation is that you put the phone legibly, since many times you cannot read the contact numbers.


When publishing the notice, the attributes of the place should be highlighted: storage spaces, rest areas, cafeteria, parking, lounge and other features. For that, it is recommended to include high-resolution photographs of all the spaces, with the best frames to highlight the strengths of the office. It is advisable to show the offices by day and not by night so that there is more luminosity.

Industrial Warehouses- Perfect Space for Everything

Industrial warehouses can offer possibilities to generate income beyond the usual uses we know. The most common type of warehouse is inside the company within which the raw materials are received, and where the finished products are placed waiting to market them, in practice, it is very similar to the logistics warehouse. Currently, many warehouses are wholly or partially automated capable of handling all the goods contained within it.

Following the cross-docking points or better-defined sorting points, these provide that the incoming goods come out during the day. Then there is the warehouse for third parties, in general, this type is managed by companies operating in the field of transport and shipments that use warehouses as temporary storage for goods before they are shipped and transported.

Finally, there are the customs warehouse for rent in Delhi these are the public warehouses managed by companies authorized but controlled by the Customs, in particular, the materials that come from foreign countries not belonging to the host country.

Complementary uses

Among the uses that generate income in a manner complementary to the usual activity for which they were conceived, we can find several such as the rental of the roofs, office spaces or the facade.

Space can be rented on the roofs to locate mobile telephony antennas, meteorological stations or pollution meters, or photovoltaic panels can be placed.

You can rent the spaces of offices or unused space, to other companies.

You can rent the decks, walls and other architectural elements of the ship, as support for advertising elements (posters, video screens or large murals).

Alternative uses

A ship, be it an old factory or a warehouse for rent in Gurgaon, is usually a space that, when it is located in a central location, allows it to have a use that goes beyond what was planned when it was initially designed.

In monumental buildings, with some historical interest, you can find old disused train stations converted into sports centers or shopping centers, old factories that are now showrooms, offices and civic centers, and old wholesale food markets that have become cultural centers.

There are also ships that go unnoticed and that allow having spaces that can be rented for the development of activities such as sporting events, concerts, theatrical performances, markets, exhibitions, religious ceremonies and social events.

Likewise, many companies have converted their industrial buildings or warehouses into offices or archives, either for themselves or their rental to third parties.

Because of their discretion, they are usually used as data centers, for the location of computer servers or as backup offices for crisis situations of corporate headquarters or for locating cash centers for large companies and financial entities.

If the municipal regulations of the place allow it, the ships can also be used as homes that receive the denomination of “loft,” so that they can obtain gains by the division and later rent or sale of the space.

Many advertisements and films have been shot in this type of craft, so renting these spaces for this purpose is a source of income that must be taken into consideration.

As you can see, there are many options for the profitability of the ships, either complementing an industrial activity, giving new and different uses, or making available to third parties the buildings and facilities for the generation of income through their rent.

Warehouse Rentals and Their Types

You want to buy or rent a warehouse for your structure? Discover all the features of this storage space and its advantages to reduce your operating costs, with JLL.

Definition of a warehouse

In the strict sense of the term, the definition of a warehouse refers to a storage space of variable size. More generally, it is a place whose organization and logistics make it possible to reduce the operating costs of an activity, and whose importance intervenes at each stage of the production cycle. It could be:

  • logistics warehouses dedicated to managing the flow of goods;
  • refrigerated warehouses, allowing the good preservation of perishable goods;
  • storage rooms (goods, materials, chemicals …).

To buy or get warehouse for rent in Gurgaon makes it possible to have all the resources that the company needs before or after the production, but also after the sale of the products, during the post-manufacturing stage (stage during which are added the differentiating elements of standardized products).

Before production, the warehouse is used to store the products that will be used during manufacturing, such as raw materials, consumables and unassembled manufactured products.

After the production stage, the warehouse acts as a storage place before the products are integrated into the production line. It must meet specific storage and safety standards for stored goods. It must also optimize the space to meet pre-established storage requirements.

Rent or buy a warehouse and make good use of it

To be optimally operated, a warehouse must be well organized and meet your needs, in terms of size, location and possibilities depending on your business. Before renting or buying a warehouse, check that it has, according to your needs:

  • sufficient storage space;
  • a space for storing finished products;
  • a reception and order preparation area;
  • a storage area for maintenance and / or handling equipment;
  • a space dedicated to the administration.

To know the area you need, take into account the type and quantity of goods you want to store, the rate of rotation of the products, as well as the type of storage desired: in barrels, crates, pallets or in shelves.

Production warehouse rental to store your raw materials and finished products

Located close to your industrial site or production site, the production warehouse has the function of storing raw materials for your production line, but not only. In fact, your work in progress and your semi-finished products can also be stored temporarily in your warehouse for rent. The intermediate storage allows in some cases to be able to regulate the production process depending on the pace of work supported by your company or following the demands of your customers.

The distribution warehouse to deliver as soon as possible

Intermediate site between the point of removal of products and the point of delivery, the distribution warehouse is a place of storage of goods by distributors. They are often associated with the messaging network to consolidate a set of feeds with different origins and destinations.

The terminal warehouse to process your unsold and waste

Less preferred, terminal warehouse rentals can sometimes be very useful. This storage place comes at the end of your activity because it allows you to manage the storage of your unsold products or end of life. These industrial premises can also be used for the treatment of your production waste such as oils or wastewater. Some toxic industrial waste may require special precautions regarding the protection of people and the environment, renting a terminal warehouse can allow to treat this waste safely.

Four Errors of Business When Renting Premises

How to choose premises and conclude a contract, then not to sue the landlord?

Rent of commercial real estate in a crisis remains for business the cheapest way to provide itself with an office, warehouse for rent in Gurgaon or retail space. But the tenant should be carefully approached as to the choice of the object of lease, and to the agreement of the terms of the agreement with the lessor. What common mistakes do tenants make?

Rent an object for which there is no permit for commissioning. When constructing premises for leasing, developers often enter into contracts and receive security payments from tenants until they receive permission to enter a building or structure into operation. Therefore, the lessee must first ascertain the legality of the leased premises: ask the landlord for a building permit, as well as documents on rights to the land plot, land categories and the type of permitted use.

Rent self-construction is often the subject of consideration in arbitration disputes. Thus, the organization that leased the last two floors in a six-story building required collection from the lessor of the amounts paid under the lease agreement, which had previously been declared invalid by the court. The reason- rented floors were built on a four-story building and had all the signs of unauthorized construction. All instances refused to the tenant to collect money.

Also tenants need to take into account that they cannot use leased premises for their purposes in a building not put into operation. The landlord in this situation is entitled to transfer the premises to the lessee only for repair work. Any other activity in such a building is prohibited and punishable by an administrative fine in accordance.

Unclear separation of costs for utility bills- The lessor and the lessee can independently agree on whom the expenses for the maintenance of the leased property, i.e., utility payments, will be assigned. Inexperienced tenants do not always pay attention to this item when drafting a contract, which often leads to unforeseen expenses, and sometimes to litigation. The practice of courts is unequivocal: the lessee is obliged to bear the costs of maintaining the property, unless otherwise stipulated by the contract.

Non-agreed purposes of use- Each company when choosing a rented property in Gurgaon is repelled from its own goals. When drawing up a contract, such goals should be agreed with the lessor and, in addition, must correspond to the designation of the premises provided for in the project and technical documentation.

Uncoordinated improvements in the leased premises- The tenant often has a need to re-equip the premises to meet the needs of the business. All improvements, as well as related costs, must be agreed with the landlord in advance in order to avoid negative consequences. The laws presuppose two types of improvements to leased property: separable and inseparable, but the criteria for their determination are vague. Therefore, the issue of improvements is recommended to be agreed separately in the contract.

Types of Warehouses and Storage to Choose

The warehouse is the main component of the logistics system. After all, any product, any product at the stage of movement from the producer to the consumer, requires competent storage in specially designated premises.

To choose the right warehouse, which is ideal for storing and storing your products, you need to be able to navigate in the current classifications of warehouses.

In practice, various classification options are used.

For example, according to the logistics direction:
• Production warehouses;
• Warehouses for the redistribution of goods;
• Supply depots.

Closer to this is the classification according to functional characteristics:
• Distribution warehouses ;
• Transshipment warehouses;
• Warehouses intended for long-term storage.

At the same time, warehouses can differ in the type of stored products:
• Specialized;
• Universal;
• Mixed.

Also, the storage areas are divided according to the type of buildings:
• Open areas;
• Grounds under a canopy;
• Closed buildings.

Divisions to the temperature regime are also available:
• Premises equipped with a heating system;
• Warehouses without heating system;
• Refrigerated warehouses.

For the convenience of a choice of this or that warehouse premises by experts on the commercial real estate the system of classes in which each type of a warehouse for rent in Delhi is designated by a letter of the Latin alphabet is developed.

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Warehouse for Sale: The Search Criteria not to be Dismissed!

Looking for a warehouse for sale? Follow our advice by having all the search criteria to make the right choice among warehouses for sale. Before you start looking for a warehouse to sell, you have to have in mind some elements that will allow you to find the premises that meet your needs. Buying a warehouse is not as simple as it seems and we offer you a list of preferred information to compare ads for sale.

Warehouses are for import-export, industrial and others. They are responsible for the receipt and control of the goods. When choosing a business location for warehousing, you need to know the various criteria that are useful when making a warehouse purchase or rental decision.

The Accessibility of Your Future Godown for Sale in India

Unless your business involves the routing or distribution of products in an area restricted to the local environment or the continuous storage of goods, your future warehouse will require multi-modal accessibility. The presence of fast lanes, especially motorways, the proximity of a railway network dedicated to cargo, or even an international airport, will not only ensure the transport of your goods in the best conditions but also reduce the costs to the routing. The location and ease of access are essential criteria to consider when looking for a warehouse for sale in India.

Experts recommend you to pay attention to access to heavy vehicles in your premises. Does the maneuver area easily allow entry and exit from the enclosure of your future warehouse for sale in Noida? To assist you in your search, the warehouse advertisements for sale on the site of CBRE presents in detail the premises, their accessibility, and their equipment.

Warehouse for sale: interior

Among the offers of godown for sale in Delhi, you will certainly find buildings offering large surfaces on the ground and others providing high heights under the beam. If the space on the ground allows a better internal circulation, be aware that buying a warehouse with a large volume in height can be a good real estate operation. The arrangement of pallet racks, in particular, this shelving equipment for the storage of heavy pallets, has the advantage of saving space for storing your goods.

Do not forget the offices!

Of course, godown for sale in Delhi is your priority, but do not neglect the office space of your premises. Your staff will need functional, easily accessible offices to manage your inventory. Because the fitting out of offices would be a significant extra cost, we advise you to check their presence in the warehouse advertisements to be sold. You will find that some are integrated into the storage building, and others are arranged to be more independent.

Adapted to type of storage

The principle of the logistics room is to accommodate diversified goods: manufactured products, combustible materials or flammable liquids. Some of these products are dangerous, so it is necessary to check if the infrastructure has a safety or extinction system, by prevention in case of a problem. Also, the premises that receive the products must be adapted to them. For example, for fresh products, it is essential to select a refrigerated warehouse for sale.

Get Your Own Space to Let Your Business Grow

It is a dream to have a business of own, to earn money and reputation in the market. The first and the foremost need for a successful business is an idea which is capable of sustaining in the market long enough to become successful. All other stuff for business comes later. One should always focus on the idea where the market’s demand is fulfilled, and the idea should be attractive. The idea may be old, but the way of presenting it marks the success. If the idea seems to have potential to become successful then the next important thing required is a place, an office to set up the business. A well- furnished, well- maintained, properly working office which also reflects the theme of the business.

As what a client sees the first time forms an idea in mind regarding the business and one must always be able to get into the good books of the client, therefore, the office must be properly working and well-maintained so that the client is impressed by the very first look. The objective should be to get inside the client’s mind and give what exactly he needs.

The problem arises at the very stage of selecting the suitable place to set up the office for which one usually visits a property dealer or a consultancy firm. Businesspeople in India usually plan to set up the headquarters of their business in the capital of the country, a fully furnished office space in Delhi.

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Find the Best Godowns and Warehouses in Delhi/NCR

In the manufacturing sector, many factories and industries require secure godown and warehouse for storage of their construction or product materials, costly items, products, and clients’ consignments. However, the industries have to make efforts in developing world-class godown or warehouse that should be furnished with all modern security facts to keep secure the items all kinds. But the big deal is the space required for building godown. There is a requirement of huge space for developing a well-constructed godown or warehouse. In India, many small level factories or manufacturing units do not have their storage spaces. However, they have to face a problem in the storage of the production material and developed goods. In this situation, there is the only way to buy or hire warehouses of reputed builders or property constructors in Delhi/NCR.

Nowadays, there are many real estate giants have built, well-designed and secure godown for sale across India. The offered properties are constructed smartly and have made secure against any damages, rain, fire, theft, etc. Also, there will be proper arranged of lightening, water, and other necessary things that require for the safety of the items.

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