Choosing An Office Space? Things You Need To Look For

The efficiency of the company depends to a large extent on the correct choice of office space. The office reflects the status of the company. It should be located in a convenient place for clients and partners, and its size and configuration should correspond to the requests and needs of the organization. When choosing the … Read more

4 Received Ideas About Office Renting

Our phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and e-mail led us to hear a lot. Between false truths and true lies, clichés and received ideas, let us decipher together four accepted views on the rent of office space in Connaught place. # 1 – “I do not understand why a 9m² office costs so much while I … Read more

Keys to Setting up a Rental Business for Hours

In search of savings, energy efficiency and the use of time, society is demanding new services that, sometimes, go through the rental of products only for a few hours.

How many times have you booked a hotel room for 24 hours, when you just needed to spend some rest until the next flight? Or did you have to rent a car for a minimum of one day, if you only had to make a three-hour trip?

In fact, you have paid more time than you have needed (and consumed), an extra cost for your pocket, but also for the rental companies, who could better monetize your goods during all those hours that are leased, but not are used. There are many fully furnished office space in India formulas per hour: here are some models that have been successful.

New mentality:

Already years ago some businesses knew how to take advantage of this demand for hours, whose implantation did not finish curdling among the population. The crisis has been the one that has allowed to give that final impulse that needed this new form of consumption, more balanced and efficient.

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