Where To Rent An Office?

For each company, regardless of its size and scope of activity, there comes a time when it is necessary to find a suitable room for a new office. The grounds for finding a room can be very different: Staff expansion; Opening a new representative office or branch of the company; Optimization of company resources; Search … Read more

An Overview about the Office of the Future

The workplace has undergone one transformation after another in recent years, such as, among others, advances in technology, geographically dispersed work teams, an increase in the hiring of self-employed and independent contractors, a rise in Horizontal property and more millennial with professional positions.

This evolution is not intended to stop for now, and it is clear that the office space in Saket of the future will be an entirely different place. Both our experience and the recent studies on changes in the workplace allow us to imagine how these spaces will be.

In the coming years, we can expect companies to consolidate their fully furnished office space in Noida for more efficient use, more staffing, satellite offices and increased work agility. There will also be a greater need for collaboration spaces.

Let us analyze these data in more detail.

Work environment

Geographically distributed work teams in different cities, countries and different working conditions are becoming the norm. A combination of contract employees and temporary employees rather than full-time staff is a rising trend.

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