The Irresistible Benefits Of Renting Commercial Real Estate

Conducting any business, as a rule, is associated with the need to have office, warehouse, retail, production and other premises designed for certain needs.

Therefore, sooner or later, every entrepreneur faces a dilemma: which is more profitable – renting commercial real estate or buying?

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Based on our long-term experience in the real estate market, we can assert that, in addition to one undoubted plus – getting the property into undivided possession and use – in the event of a purchase, the owner will face a number of problems.

These are, first of all, significant acquisition costs that are not comparable to rental costs. The next disadvantage is the automatic assumption of obligations for the maintenance of the facility, its repair, equipping with communications and equipment necessary for doing business.

And another significant drawback is the assumption of tax obligations by the owner of the property.

What is the advantage of renting?

Unlike buying, renting commercial space in Gurgaon has a number of undeniable advantages. Firstly, an entrepreneur is not required to make large expenditures associated with the purchase of an object, which is especially important for small businesses.

Secondly, entrepreneurship is an area of ​​constant risk. When renting, entrepreneurs get rid of all kinds of costs, unlike the owner. Thirdly, a wide range of offers from lessors significantly expands the possibilities of territorial coverage at minimal financial costs.

And if the initial location of the company turns out to be unsuccessful, the company can easily and quickly reorient itself to another territory by renting real estate in another area of ​​the city. In fact, renting has undoubted and obvious advantages for enterprises of any scale and profile.

Why is an independent search dangerous?

Considering that many of the entrepreneurs prefer not to buy but to rent premises for offices, production or shops, it should be noted that some of them make the mistake of relying solely on their own experience in choosing a property.

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The first difficulties that lie in wait for the future tenant will arise already at the stage of finding a suitable premises. Another problem in the case when you rent on your own will be the moment of developing the lease.

A well-drafted lease agreement is a guarantee against many losses, protects the interests and rights of the tenant, and eliminates many risks.

But this seemingly obvious fact is often ignored by future tenants. And over time, some find that the profitable commercial property they have found is not actually profitable.

As a rule, the search for premises is carried out within a limited time frame, during which it is rather difficult to assess all the advantages and, importantly, all the disadvantages of the proposed real estate.

And only after some time after the conclusion of the contract, certain problems related to the operation of the facility begin to emerge.

But then nothing can be fixed: you will either have to accept it, or spend a certain amount to improve conditions, or start looking for a new option. And in the end it turns out that the property rented “at random” simply does not pay for itself.

Search subtleties.

If the premises you need should not meet any special requirements, then the best option is to go for Office space for lease in Delhi-NCR in any business center that suits you in terms of price, location, etc.

However, if a real estate object must have a number of necessary characteristics and parameters, then the best way out is to contact a specialized real estate agency, such as Jain Oncor.

Of course, the search for pre-rented properties in Noida with the help of an agency has at least two undeniable advantages.

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The first is a guarantee of the client’s safety and high legal literacy of the lease agreement, which will spell out not only the obligations of the parties, but also represent the interests and protect the rights of the tenant.

And the second advantage is the efficiency of selection of the best real estate option from the huge number of office spaces presented in the agency’s database.

Do not forget that the choice of commercial real estate for rent is carried out in a complex and unstable market, where experience and constant awareness of its current state play a decisive role.

How to Choose a Retail Space for Rent?

Properly chosen space brings business income. Unsuccessful premises will result in losses and the burden of unrealized opportunities: you could earn money, but in such a room it will not work. How to rent a commercial space for rent and make money on it, we tell in this article.

How to choose a room under the store? Depends on business strategy

Whatever business you do, before choosing a business Centre in Delhi, you must define your business model- what standard you want to meet and for whom to work.

Target audience is another landmark when choosing a retail space.

In addition to the business model, the choice of the premises and its location is influenced by the target audience of your business. Think about who and in what conditions is interested in your goods. And which of them do you want to sell the most and most? We will give an example from the pharmacy business.

Retail Space


Which rooms are better: in buildings (first floors of houses and buildings) or in shopping centers?

Commercial space on the first floor of a building or apartment building. A good option if the house is well located and the room is on the first floor, while it has a separate entrance from the street.

You have the right to install a sign above the entrance and on the windows, and to place outdoor advertising you will need permission from the management company or the HOD and the Committee for printing and interacting with the media.

Good commercial premises- in new homes. But they are more expensive.

All premises have some reputation. For example, if you drove into a room where you had a similar store, you would get the “loop” of its reputation. Out of habit, those who went to the former tenant will go to you.

If the rented properties in Gurgaon is rented for the first time, then it will take time to “promote” it. The normal period to remember people is six months or a year. You may have to do repairs.

What you need to remember about commercial premises in buildings and homes:

  • On average, prices for renting space in a building are lower than in a shopping center.
  • You can set a convenient schedule for you
  • Compared to a shopping center, it is more difficult to choose a good room.

The room in the mall. Modern shopping centers are built in good places, where a lot of people have all the infrastructure for shopping: parking, restaurants, play areas. People go there to buy and stay for the whole day.

What you need to remember about the premises in shopping centers:

  • Completely ready premise – drive in and trade
  • Nice place, great cross
  • High rental prices

Competition inside the mall

It will be harder for you to set your own schedule. Most likely, you will work according to the schedule of the shopping center.

Conclusion: the most convenient (“enter – trade”) shopping premises – in shopping centers. But they are the most expensive. Premises on the first floors of houses with a separate entrance are cheaper.

How to Retrieve a Rented Property?

Various reasons are justifying a return of housing by its owner. Personal and legitimate reasons may explain this recovery. However, the restoration of a home by its owner can be a real obstacle course. Thus, it is essential for the homeowner to comply with current regulations and deadlines to recover his property legally. So how to recover rented housing?

The leave to take back rented accommodation concerns the requisition of the dwelling to occupy it or renting it to a relative. The owner can thus recover his housing to settle there permanently, provisionally or to rent it to a relative (spouse, descendant, and partner). He must, for this, notify his tenant six months before the end of the lease. Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt must send written notification. The owner can also choose to be supported by a bailiff. The latter will forward the information to the tenant.

Leave for sale

Leave for sale may occur when the owner wishes to recover his rented property in Noida from selling it. As for a recovery project, the sale leave must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The owner must send this mail six months before the end of the lease. The letter must mention the intention to sell and must specify the selling price. The current tenant of the dwelling has a right of priority. This means that if he wants to buy the house and make a proposal, he will have preference over all the other offers (according to his suggestion).

Leave for “serious and legitimate” reasons

The landlord can claim his housing as “serious and legitimate” reasons. The definition of these reasons is left to the appreciation of justice. However, certain acts such as non-payment of rent, non-compliance with the rental contract, undeclared subletting or nuisances in the neighborhood fall directly within this framework. In the event of serious shortcomings, the owner can, therefore, assert the leave for reasons “serious and legitimate” to recover his property.

As an example, there are severe and legitimate reasons:

  • Nonpayment of rent and charges
  • Repeated delays in the payment of rents.
  • Undeclared and unauthorized subletting.
  • Nuisances in the neighborhood.
  • Significant degradation of leased premises
  • Change of destination of the leased premises.

Also, an owner can request his rented properties in Gurgaon to carry out significant renovations or an expansion of the home. If the landlord feels that he has to renovate his property by carrying out heavy work, thus preventing any life in the dwelling, he can put forward the pressing reason for his recovery.

What to do if the tenant refuses?

In some cases, the tenant may refuse the leave, either because he finds it unreasonable or because he has not found another home. In this case, he decides to stay in the dwelling beyond the end of the lease. The owner is then entitled to apply to the magistrate (from the place of residence) to enforce the leave and evict the tenant. It can be removed overnight without further notice. He will have to find another home by his means, in the private or public network.