What is Important to Know When Buying/Selling an Office?

If advertising is the face of your company, and employees are the soul, then the office is undoubtedly her home. After all, in the office, your employees spend their working day, in the same place they accept clients, and their clients make an opinion about your company. Therefore, it is very important to attend to the acquisition of the office for the company as early as possible and to approach the matter with all seriousness.

Advantages of buying before renting

One of the crucial points is the choice between purchasing an office space in Gurgaon and renting it. Of course, renting a room in a business center is incomparably cheaper, which is especially important for a beginner entrepreneur. But, undoubtedly, full ownership gives advantages: absolute independence from outside organizations, the possibility to avoid force in the future, etc. Also, investment in real estate is still one of the most profitable investments in the financial market.

Characteristics of buildings and premises

If you need to buy an office space, first of all, it is necessary to determine its location and size. The maximum number of offers for sale traditionally falls on the central premises.

Pay attention to the technical condition of the premises, architectural features of the building, the possibility of redevelopment, as well as the availability of telephone lines. It is necessary to comply with all the protocols for ventilation, electricity, and lighting.

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What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Rental Premises?

The market for retail space in India has been developing rapidly in recent years. In general, the increase in the number of retail space is due to the construction of new shopping centers.

The classification of retail real estate at the moment does not have a single standard, in contrast to the classification of office space. Most often, retail premises are classified according to the following parameters:

• Type of building (built-in room, detached building, shopping center).
• Size of the trading zone (district, district, regional).
• Location.
• Product specialization:

Mixed and universal – the implementation of food and non-food products.

Combined – the implementation of a group of goods, united by a common demand.

Specialized – the sale of goods of one commodity group.
• Narrowly specialized.
• The main consumer.
• The state of the retail space (architecture, quality of repair, layout).

The cost of rented properties in Gurgaon is mainly determined by the following factors:

• Location – the main pricing factor. It also takes into account the proximity of the store to pedestrian and traffic flows, position relative to metro stations and public transport stops.

• Type of district and social class of the population.

• Presence or absence of some stores of a similar orientation.

• Presence of parking, show-windows.

• The general condition of the premises and communications.

• The total area of the store, the size of the trading floor, the layout, the availability of ancillary facilities.

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Categories of Office Real Estate

Commercial real estate is assigned one of the categories – A, B, C or D, the result depends on a large number of parameters, such as the year of construction, remoteness from the center, the state of engineering communications, infrastructure development, and repair quality. The most prestigious are considered real estate class A and B.

In category A, elite offices with the highest rents are located in the new business centers of the central part of the city. Typically, in category A offices, there is a restaurant, an underground parking lot, large conference rooms. The business centers in Delhi have the latest equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire and security alarm sensors, and fiber optic lines. It is also planned individual decoration or author’s design of the premises.

Offices of category B are not much inferior regarding comfort to class A. They are often located in business centers built 5-7 years ago, or in old, but renovated buildings in the central part of the city. Such real estate differs from class A in that it may not have an automated building management system.

Commercial property category C usually rent small firms that do not want to overpay for a prestigious business center in Noida. Most often, this class includes re-equipped buildings of scientific research institutes and state enterprises. There is no common system for air conditioning and ventilation, but there is central heating in winter, as well as telephone lines and the Internet. Often the room requires cosmetic repairs.

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Where Should I Invest- Commercial or Residential Real Estate

For some time you have been observing commercial real estate transactions, and you already own one or more buildings. Alternatively, let yourself be tempted by a residential building that can help you finance your retirement. Before you get started, do you know all the responsibilities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these types of investments? Whether you want to operate in residential or commercial real estate, the relevance of investing is undeniable.

So what to choose: invest in residential or commercial real estate?

Commercial Real Estate
Investing in the real estate sector has its pros and cons. Benefits first!

The property could very well gain in value, and since you are responsible for the management of the rents, it is also you who reap! Also, there are costs associated with your loan and the depreciation of the building may be tax deductible.

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What is the difference between Residential and Commercial Real Estate?

Do you know the differences between residential and commercial real estate investment? An investor who bought two commercial and residential properties should be aware the difference between the two to avoid getting from trouble. There are many details that distinguish these two types of properties from one another. To get the most out of your situation, you need to know what commercial real estate is, and how it differs from residential properties.

The residential real estate deals with properties for people in their habitat such as houses, apartments, real estate, etc. The commercial real estate refers to a building or land intended to generate profits in capital gain or rental income as a showcase, an apartment complex, a building for office space in Delhi, shopping center, etc.

It is essential to differentiate between the two types of real estate when buying or leasing because the process of buying or leasing these properties can be very different.

The most fundamental difference is how the two types of properties are used. In residential real estate properties, people live that includes single-family homes, condos, townhouses, etc. Whereas, in a business property where people work, which includes things such as office buildings, shops and other properties along these lines. So, as you can see, you live in a residential real estate and working in commercial real estate.

Also, the way you invest in both can differ significantly. Although real estate investment is similar for both, the fact of the matter is that your strategy may be a little different for some various reasons. If you are buying commercial real estate, you will probably spend more money. Even though it not always the case, but most of the time it is true. For this reason, you will need to modify your initial strategy to be on the right track.

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