Why Coworking Is A Good Investment For Your Company?

Do you know what a coworking space can do for your company? Coworking is becoming increasingly popular. SMEs, large companies and freelancers are looking for a flexible office to work. It is an ideal solution for small companies thinking of rented property in Delhi where the rental price is high. But there are still people who think that coworking is a trendy thing.

The reality is that coworking is not for every type of business. The advantages it offers can be counterproductive for one company and very effective for others.


Coworking spaces are communities. Shared office space in Connaught place creates a relaxed environment in which you can develop your own network of working colleagues. There is no rigid office structure that has its own culture and social code. You can connect with the people in your environment the way you want.
And best of all, you have no rivals in the coworking communities. There is no one who says that your ideas are not worth it or that they cannot be developed. The atmosphere and community of a coworking site help you do inspiring work that you could never do in a classic office.


In large cities, traffic restrictions have already been introduced to reduce pollution levels. Shared office space in South Delhi can save you the time you waste every day in traffic. A coworking space also offers you flexibility in traveling around the city. For example, if you have meetings in the morning, but have nothing planned in the afternoon, you can go to work in a business center in Noida instead of going home.


From your first day in coworking office space in bhikaji Cama place, you already discover that you no longer have to work with your enemy: yourself at home. When you have a flexible office, there is no one to distract you and nothing you can distract yourself with.
You have more productive days in a business center in Delhi because you don’t have to fix the little things that, for a reason, always take you an entire afternoon to fix. Doesn’t the internet work? Does your computer not connect to the printer to print? One calls the service people and it’s already fixed.

There is a certain degree of loneliness in working from home. Although loneliness can help you dream up new ideas, too much loneliness results in more stress and difficulty sleeping. To reduce your loneliness, go to social activities and events that are organized in business centers.

The advantages of a coworking space for your company.

A fully furnished office space in Noida can be beneficial for any company. Their sense of community creates opportunities to collaborate and to let your self-esteem grow. Your productivity is increased with a coworking space since you no longer waste time with housework, or small problems that arise when you work at home and loneliness does not affect you as much when you work outside some days.

Are you interested in having your own coworking office space in Jasola? Contact real estate agents in Delhi, so that you can find out about the options and plan a visit to the available coworking offices.

4 Received Ideas About Office Renting

Our phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and e-mail led us to hear a lot. Between false truths and true lies, clichés and received ideas, let us decipher together four accepted views on the rent of office space in Connaught place.

# 1 – “I do not understand why a 9m² office costs so much while I pay the same price for my 40m² apartment in the suburbs.”

The real estate housing markets and the real estate business are very different; it is not very easy to navigate. Especially when looking for offices for the first time. Taxation, legal and administrative procedures, fixed costs, etc. are more restrictive for the owner of a workspace. Also, a local business represents a more significant investment. Both regarding furniture (prices are up to 10 times higher than those for home appliances) and Internet providers for example (professional packages are systematically more expensive).

# 2 – “Your offices seem expensive. I saw a local three times cheaper and three times bigger in the agency.”

When looking for offices, you have to pay attention to several points before making an engaging decision. Especially if it’s the first time. Three main factors affect the price of an office: its geographical location; the services offered and the flexibility of the rental contract.

First, it’s easy to understand that a downtown office will cost more than an office in the middle of the countryside.

Then, a local rented naked will obviously be cheaper than an office equipped with furniture, internet connection, meeting room and so on.

Also, the flexible nature of a lease is of vital importance: the rent of a lease workspace with a commitment of 9 years (or lease 3/6/9) will be cheaper than its monthly rental. Just as it is more expensive to rent a hotel room than an apartment.

Finally, the trap to avoid is to rely only on the cost of a rental: a leasing office 3/6/9 may have low rent.

# 3 – “I open my business center, I put workstations in my box, we sell printers.”

Beware of vocabulary errors. If the service contract that binds you with the company(s) you are hosting is not regulated by the law, do not be mistaken: unlike a sharing approach for to reduce its costs, the provision of workspace for profit is a regulated activity.

Indeed, offering a third company to occupy part of your premises does not make you a business center, this status is reserved for companies whose business is the rental of equipped offices and the provision of services additional services (secretarial services, domiciliation, reception and postage of mail, commercial domiciliation, etc.).

If you want to make your office space in India available for professional use and make a profit, you will need to obtain an approval issued by the competent authorities.

# 4 – “The bigger it is, the better … I’m looking for a 100m² office … We’re two …”

When one starts one’s activity, and one looks for one’s first premises, it is easy to disperse.

Indeed, it is often considered the necessary area is taking into account the common areas, the kitchen, the relaxation area, etc. However, in the context of a flexible rental, we reason more in some positions or m² of office.

Good Plan: Rent an Independent Space

The workspace is a key concern in today’s businesses. We know that it affects the productivity and well-being of the salaried workforce. Of course, depending on the type of business structure and potential tenant profiles, the chosen workspace will be different.

In the general subconscious, by default, the typical workspace is represented by a private office (also called a closed office). However, other growing companies are turning their choice of space into new models. The independent space is an example. Focus.

Rent an independent space: why?

We know only too well: Delhi real estate has long been confronted with an overproduction of goods and workspaces left empty. The fault is accessibility conditions that are too complex, improper rental conditions, too high operating costs, etc.

The so-called “independent office space in connaught place” designates a workspace whose area is substantial (from 40-50m²) and whose structure is at the complete disposal of a company. This kind of space is very popular with growing companies (workforce, production or activity): it allows to adapt and anticipate growth.

Rent an independent space with flexible duration: is it possible?

Given the large number of work spaces without occupants, it was urgent to find solutions to fill them.

Today, the 3/6/9 lease, a classic form of lease agreement for a property, governs 98% of contracts. This contract commits a company to rent an office for at least 3 years, renewable up to 9 years, so 3 times.

New players, such as start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as independent professionals, are bringing their needs to the fore across India. Thus, in recent years, the form of professional activities mutate and France has become in a short time and in the eyes of the world, a real “factory to entrepreneurs” and “factory to startups”.

Few of these small organizations have visibility over 3 years- These first 3 years of life represent for many a critical threshold, since 80% of start-ups created do not go beyond this period. Few still have the opportunity to enter the rigid conditions of the lease 3/6/9.

Fortunately, new uses, the adaptation of real estate legislation and the development of new types of contracts make it possible to rent all types of office space over a flexible period.

New forms of leases have recently been created: the subletting of offices, the provision of services, flexible or derogatory leases, precarious leases, etc. Thus, it is possible to rent an office for a minimum of 1 month, up to 36 months.

To rent an independent space, the case is more particular: the idea is to optimize the rented properties in Delhi on a long term.

Not to be confused…

Because of its size and rather loose layout, the independent space is not to be confused with other types of spaces. An independent space has the advantage of being fully convertible, partition able, and configurable at the discretion of the tenant (depending on the rental contract chosen).

This differs mainly from other types of spaces such as:

  • Closed office (or private office), usually smaller;
  • The workstation in coworking, business center or open space, shared with other companies
  • Rent an independent space: different from coworking / business center

The idea behind renting such a space is not to work in complete autarky, but rather to emancipate itself from a framework in order to evolve by itself, without a third help. Renting an independent space is also suitable for companies with a certain foundation and financial stability.

An Overview about Commercial Office Space in Connaught Place

Connaught place is the biggest commercial business and financial hub. It has big multinational companies and even small scaled Indian firms. It is in the heart of the city, and the commuting part is surely not a difficulty with all the Delhi metro, bus facilities, auto rickshaws, instant cab facilities are frequently available which makes it easy and comfortable for the people. The variety of commercial office spaces available in Delhi and NCR are vast. It truly depends on the needs and the budget one wants the space. A fully furnished place is ready to move in with furnished tables, chairs, cabinets, boards etc available. On the other hand unfurnished ones would be more like a raw empty space and the clients would have to shed off a good amount of money to get it done as per their requirements and needs.

1. Office space at the Statesman house has ample area for car park, centrally air conditioned. Excellent space area options from 1250 sq ft, 2200 sq ft, 5000 sq ft whichever one suits the requirement.

2. Narain Manzil is a fully furnished ready to move in office space in Connaught place located in such prestigious buildings has 4 units on each floor. Excellent space for the conference hall, cabins, reception area, ample natural light for your spacious office space.

3. Gopal Das Towers – fully air conditioned with excellent space selection from 2200sq ft, 5500 sq ft, 10000 sq ft according to your needs and requirements. Round the clock security, main road facing which attracts majority clients.

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