Why Coworking Is A Good Investment For Your Company?

Do you know what a coworking space can do for your company? Coworking is becoming increasingly popular. SMEs, large companies and freelancers are looking for a flexible office to work. It is an ideal solution for small companies thinking of rented property in Delhi where the rental price is high. But there are still people who think that coworking is … Read more

4 Received Ideas About Office Renting

Our phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and e-mail led us to hear a lot. Between false truths and true lies, clichés and received ideas, let us decipher together four accepted views on the rent of office space in Connaught place. # 1 – “I do not understand why a 9m² office costs so much while I … Read more

Good Plan: Rent an Independent Space

The workspace is a key concern in today’s businesses. We know that it affects the productivity and well-being of the salaried workforce. Of course, depending on the type of business structure and potential tenant profiles, the chosen workspace will be different. In the general subconscious, by default, the typical workspace is represented by a private … Read more

An Overview about Commercial Office Space in Connaught Place

Connaught place is the biggest commercial business and financial hub. It has big multinational companies and even small scaled Indian firms. It is in the heart of the city, and the commuting part is surely not a difficulty with all the Delhi metro, bus facilities, auto rickshaws, instant cab facilities are frequently available which makes … Read more