Benefits Of Renting An Office In A Business Centre

Are you looking for a space to rent to set up your office? Choose the solution that best suits your needs and your type of activity. Choose to rent space in a business centre in order to benefit from services that facilitate the operation of your business.

Offices located close to transport

If possible, it is always more advantageous to rent offices located in a business district and close to public transport, such as metro, buses, etc. Invest in premises that are ideally located in strategic axes served by public transport. This will be particularly practical for your employees and for your customers.

Furnished offices

By opting for the rental of business offices, you have the possibility of renting furnished offices, individual and collective offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms. You will have at your disposal modern furniture and a space with high-speed internet access.

Benefit from a simple and economical solution by paying only for the workspace and services you need. All equipment and services are available on site. All you have to do is unpack your boxes and put down your personal effects to start your activity.

Rent an office in a business centre or rent a separate room? Most entrepreneurs choose the former. Why?


Business centres are usually located in the city centre, business district. It means:

  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Good driveways;
  • Many parking lots;
  • Proximity to government offices.


Renting an office in a business centre indicates a high status, reliability, and solvency. Arouses the trust of a potential client.


An office in a business centre is cheaper than a separate one. Buying/renting your own building is economically justified for large companies with an extensive structure, many branches. Small and medium-sized businesses will find relatively inexpensive premises in a suitable business centre.


Modern business centres offer:

  • Round-the-clock security;
  • CCTV;
  • Access system.
  • Intrusion of strangers, especially at night, is excluded.


Business Centres in India ensure the cleanliness of common areas at their own expense.It is possible to rent offices in a business centre with the provision of cleaning services (included in the contract, either necessarily or by agreement). You will get regular cleaning without having to find a cleaner yourself.

Additional services

This includes:

  • Maintenance;
  • Meeting room rent;
  • Internet and telephony;
  • Technical support.


Today it is possible to rent an office in a business centre with dedicated parking spaces for employees. Also, many business centres have free parking for employees and visitors.

Potential clients

Business centres have a high attendance. Employees, staff, guests are all potential client. It is highly likely that a person will turn to the nearest company for the necessary services.

Variety of options

The business centre has dozens of rooms of different sizes, layouts, and classrooms. You can rent an office in a business centre for any requirement.

No time? Entrust the search for the premises to a specialist. Contact property dealers in Noida and he will determine the range of the most suitable offices, organize views, help to draw up a contract.

How to Rent An Office Correctly? Criteria For Choosing Premises For Rent

Most entrepreneurs are trying to expand their business. Sooner or later, every successful business will need a room where you can place office equipment, as well as equip workplaces for company employees. To correctly select an office, you must follow certain steps and rules.

Stage 1. Location.

Of course, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its location when choosing a specific office space. Here you need to take into account the proximity to possible suppliers, transport links, and so on.

If the sphere of business is the provision of services, then, undoubtedly, an important criterion will be the ease of finding an office by potential clients.

That is why most businessmen tend to rent an office in the center. In modern times, the trend of building large business centers is developing, where everyone can rent an office.

Stage 2: Square.

Of course, dimensions are an important aspect when choosing an office space. As a rule, according to the norms, 10 square meters are relied on for one worker. Do not neglect this installation and save on space, as this can negatively affect the work of staff.

Stage 3. Planning.

When choosing a specific office space, you need to pay attention to the layout of the premises. When choosing a layout, it is important to consider the scope of the business.

If, for example, a business is associated with the provision of cosmetic services, it is important to have several premises. Most large companies have a meeting room in their offices for meeting foreign guests.

Stage 4. Parking.

When choosing an office in a Business Centre In Gurgaon, it is important to pay attention to the availability of a sufficient number of parking spaces. The modern development of megacities is unlikely to allow for a large parking area.

But it is important to try to find an office with a more or less acceptable number of parking spaces so as not to create complications for both your employees and customers who will use the company’s services.

Stage 5. Classification.

To rent office space in business centers, you need to know the classification of the latter. There are three groups of business centers. The first group is class A buildings. Such buildings are modern and built with high quality materials.

B-class are of acceptable quality, but they are inferior to class A buildings. Group C is warehouse premises that have been converted into office premises.

There are no air conditioners or other conditions of comfort here. Thus, knowing the classification of business centers, you can choose an office building according to your budget and purpose.

Stage 6. Commercial moments.

When drawing up a lease agreement for an office space, you should study all the nuances and read every line. The main thing to pay attention to is a possible annual increase in the rental rate.

Also, an important aspect will be the discussion of the possibility of a rental vacation for the period of renovation work. This is a fairly widespread practice, so all owners of business centers are aware of such points and, most likely, will be sympathetic to the costs.

Thus, in order to choose an office for rent, you must follow all the above steps and rules. It is important to choose an office for yourself in a business center that will meet all the necessary requirements. Of course, it is best to choose class A business centres In India for renting premises. In such business centers, potential clients of the company w

4 Received Ideas About Office Renting

Our phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and e-mail led us to hear a lot. Between false truths and true lies, clichés and received ideas, let us decipher together four accepted views on the rent of office space in Connaught place.

# 1 – “I do not understand why a 9m² office costs so much while I pay the same price for my 40m² apartment in the suburbs.”

The real estate housing markets and the real estate business are very different; it is not very easy to navigate. Especially when looking for offices for the first time. Taxation, legal and administrative procedures, fixed costs, etc. are more restrictive for the owner of a workspace. Also, a local business represents a more significant investment. Both regarding furniture (prices are up to 10 times higher than those for home appliances) and Internet providers for example (professional packages are systematically more expensive).

# 2 – “Your offices seem expensive. I saw a local three times cheaper and three times bigger in the agency.”

When looking for offices, you have to pay attention to several points before making an engaging decision. Especially if it’s the first time. Three main factors affect the price of an office: its geographical location; the services offered and the flexibility of the rental contract.

First, it’s easy to understand that a downtown office will cost more than an office in the middle of the countryside.

Then, a local rented naked will obviously be cheaper than an office equipped with furniture, internet connection, meeting room and so on.

Also, the flexible nature of a lease is of vital importance: the rent of a lease workspace with a commitment of 9 years (or lease 3/6/9) will be cheaper than its monthly rental. Just as it is more expensive to rent a hotel room than an apartment.

Finally, the trap to avoid is to rely only on the cost of a rental: a leasing office 3/6/9 may have low rent.

# 3 – “I open my business center, I put workstations in my box, we sell printers.”

Beware of vocabulary errors. If the service contract that binds you with the company(s) you are hosting is not regulated by the law, do not be mistaken: unlike a sharing approach for to reduce its costs, the provision of workspace for profit is a regulated activity.

Indeed, offering a third company to occupy part of your premises does not make you a business center, this status is reserved for companies whose business is the rental of equipped offices and the provision of services additional services (secretarial services, domiciliation, reception and postage of mail, commercial domiciliation, etc.).

If you want to make your office space in India available for professional use and make a profit, you will need to obtain an approval issued by the competent authorities.

# 4 – “The bigger it is, the better … I’m looking for a 100m² office … We’re two …”

When one starts one’s activity, and one looks for one’s first premises, it is easy to disperse.

Indeed, it is often considered the necessary area is taking into account the common areas, the kitchen, the relaxation area, etc. However, in the context of a flexible rental, we reason more in some positions or m² of office.

A Quick Look at Property Registration Procedure in India

Whether you buy an IT office space in India or something as grand as kothis for sale in Gurgoan, property registration is absolutely crucial and perhaps the only procedure that validates your purchase. Most importantly, the valuation and the legitimacy of the property also increase by leaps and bounds. One would certainly not like to find out one fine day that the property they invested in turns into nothing but a bad investment. Therefore there are few factors that investors must keep in mind when they purchase property in Delhi and National Capital Region. These are:

Property verification- The first of the major processes that are to be done is property verification. Buyers must ensure that they have all the information with regard to who the property belongs to, whether or not it has been mutated and free from any litigation. Since the major real estate market in Delhi and NCR undertaken by real estate agents in Noida, access to property papers is possible only through them. Entitlement to the property for the new owner is possible only when the previous owner has transferred all the property papers.

  1. Estimate value- In order to make the property deal fruitful on monetary grounds and to get a fair price for your property, it is important that the prospect estimates the value of the property. Since the price bracket of the value of apartments for sale in Delhi and NCR is wide, the budget of the prospect is likely to go anywhere but up. Value estimation also helps in ascertaining the stamp duty for the property, a legal obligation whose percentage is based on the property value. The real estate agents in Gurgaon can also help in these procedures since they have a huge database that can be beneficial in analyzing the property value.
  2. Purchase of stamp papers- All the legal procedure to buy, sell or rent real estate in India is completed by the purchase of stamp papers. Non-judicial stamp papers are used to write down all the information with regard to the property location, information about buyer and seller, the amount for which the deal has been inked for.
  3. Property registration- The mere documentation of the property on stamp paper alone won’t validate the property. It must also get the authorization of the government’s land registry department. Hence both the parties involved in the purchase of an office space in Noida or any real estate for that matter must approach the sub-registrar office for submitting the deed for registration.
  4. Completion of registry process- The registration process of property takes seven days on an average, following which the buyer can approach the sub-registrar’s office to collect the original sale deed. To cross-examine the papers you can check the data of the sub-registrar’s office to obtain the registry details.

In view of the rising number of property deals and subsequent transactions, many real estate agents in Delhi have also extended their support to the buyers to get a property that is free of dispute and legal to own in all counts.