4 Tips for Renting the Ideal Office

We often face the dilemma of having to choose between different similar products and on many occasions- we accept wrongly! Just remember that black dress that you should never wear to that wedding, that car in “perfect condition” that you bought second hand or that comfortable beachfront hotel that turned out not to be a hotel, let alone be on the beach.

As from Oncor, we do not want you to stumble again in a new election, today we bring you some tips to rent the ideal office and that it meets your expectations of quality and price. Let’s go!

  1. Only or accompanied

This is the fundamental question you must interrogate yourself before you start. If you intend to share an office with other professionals, you have three options: co-working, business center or shared offices. The co-working are fundamentally open spaces that encourage synergies and networking between professionals and startups place. There is an excellent spirit of community and creativity reigns.

The business center, on the other hand, is dedicated to independent commercial centers, where each professional or company has its space divided perfectly and enabled. You cannot breathe that spirit of networking, but they have very modern facilities.

Another option is the shared office where a company gives an unoccupied space to book for hours, days, weeks, etc. It happens to be a cheap option, and you find companies from all areas, also, possible synergies may arise.

Finally, if you want an office space in Jasola for you or your team you leave aside the networking we are talking about, and your expenses will be significantly increased: bail, high supplies, rent, insurance, etc.

  1. Quality vs. price

Maximum quality and at a minimum amount! As in everything, the logical thing would be a balance between both. However, it is difficult to find an office that at a meager price has a full range of services.

If you are finding cheap, you have to take into account values such as the location or the dimensions of your ideal workspace. Renting an office in the center raises the price much, so try to get away from the core and reserve an office with the right equipment and necessary, as well as enough square meters for you.

  1. Equipment and services

There are those who look for a full team office and those who are content with the minimum. It is evident that there are services such as the internet or a printer that are basic and necessary. What a minimum! But maybe you can do without parking, kitchen, waiting room, community room, and receptionist and thus reduce the price.

  1. Schedule flexibility

Pay only for the time you utilize it. Program your calendar and schedule well to avoid paying more than you owe. If you need to work in the office from Monday to Wednesday from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, why are you going to pay for the rest of the week? We offer you to reserve rented property in Gurgaon, so you only spend the time you need, and you save a lot at the end of the month.

3 Questions to Ask When it Comes to Rented Properties

When you know how to go about it, renting your home is far from complicated. In the lines that chase, you will discover how to rent a house you own, in 3 key points. Read the following carefully and avoid wasting unnecessary time on trivial things, as many homeowners do when renting an apartment.

Because maybe today you own a house that you want to rent, and for different reasons:

This is your primary residence, and you intend to live elsewhere for a few weeks or months, and you want to make your absence profitable. Or you have invested in real estate to derive regular rental income. Or you have inherited a house that you do not want to leave in a vacant state.

But you may be unconfident of how to proceed. You may have heard rental stories gone awry and therefore scary. You would like to know more before you start, to make sure you do not do anything stupid. And that’s normal.

Here’s how to rent a house in 3 fundamental questions. At the end of this article, you’ll already see more clearly about the art and how to rent your property effectively.

1) Rent unfurnished or furnished?

The first question to interrogate yourself is this: do I rented property in Gurgaon empty or furnished? In other words, do I furnish the house I plan to rent, or do I have to borrow the furniture?

To be able to answer this question, it is necessary first to study the type of customers who frequent the geographical area where your house is located:

Are the surroundings mainly visited by tourists who stay only for a short time, or are they instead frequented by a sedentary clientele (like students, families, etc.).

It is evident that if you find yourself in the first situation, you will opt for a seasonal furnished rental. The advantages of seasonal rentals are multiple:

2) Rent your house yourself or go through an agency?

Some individuals prefer to go through an agency; others prefer to do everything themselves. It all relies on your lifestyle and the time you have to spend on rented properties in Delhi. Each way of doing has advantages and disadvantages:

Go through an agency?

The advantage of renting a house through an agency is that it takes care of everything. She takes care of finding tenants and takes care of the visits. The downside is that it makes a commission on rents (around 5% of the total rent), and you will have to pay him a fee.

3) How much to rent his house?

The amount of rent depends on several factors: living space, geographical location (city center? Eccentric?), Equipment and others.

A furnished house will rent more than an empty rented house. In the same way, a house rented as a seasonal (day or week) will generally rent more than a house rented in the month as part of a classically furnished rental.

To set a tariff, you will first have to get an idea of the rates charged by the rental companies in the region. And this in order not to be out of step with the offers of the area.

Tips For Investment in Office Property

A year back, the residential property market saw a slowdown that sent the property dealers in a tizzy. But the surge in buying commercial real estate like office property has reaffirmed the belief that the real estate is still a bankable option for a long-term investment. Thanks to the participation of e-commerce startups, there is a huge demand for office space in delhi especially after 2014.

From the investor’s perspective, choosing to rent IT office in Noida and NCR is extremely fruitful since it becomes a regular source of income when compared to residential property. IT office space in India can hand you a profit of 8-10% annual profit whereas the profit percentage for residential property is a mere 2.3%. Lucrative as it sounds, investors should be wary of certain factors before inking a deal. These are:

1. Risks– While the idea to invest in office space in noida can be an extremely profitable business proposition, there are few risks that depend upon the time you choose to invest. An investment could be potentially risky when a property is under construction or when a constructed property is not made available to the public information. Therefore, it is better to invest in an office space in India which is fully constructed. Another risk is that of your office property remaining vacant after a tenant’s lease has expired.

2. Dodgy schemes– With the emergence of many unscrupulous real estate agents in Delhi, there have been a lot of falsified schemes that have investors have fallen prey to. This leads to two big risks. First, due to these schemes, the developer may charge a higher amount than the current rate of the market. As a result, you end up paying a huge amount of money upfront to get an IT office space in Gurgaon. The second big risk is that the property that you bought may not find a tenant after the constriction of the property is completed. This may give you much lower return than expected. Worse, the developer could default ir delay and the promise of high return may not be fulfiled. These schemes also have the element of soft launch i.e. investment on a freshly started commercial property may not get the approval by the concerned authorities and it can get stalled in the worst case scenario.

3. Due diligence– The investor must have complete clarity of thought as to where they want an office space in Delhi. It is very important to strategize your purchase with regard to choosing the commercial property that can thrive as a profitable investment. At the same time, it is also expected by the interested buyers that they regularly update themselves with the time period by which the property is ready for occupation.

Transport and communication are one of the key factors that determine the valuation of office space in dlf cyber city-gurgaon and access to metro stations should be the first priority while choosing an office space. It must also be kept in mind that a big chunk of commercial property’s demand comes from the sectors like IT ITES, banking and financial services.

Convert a Rented Property Into a Home

You rented an apartment and are preparing to move, or maybe already unpack your suitcases in a new place. Today we will talk about how you can turn a rented apartment into a cozy, harmonious space. After all, we all want to return to a truly beloved and cozy home; regardless of whether it is a question of own apartment or about that which became “our” for a while.

The Right Steps on The Road to Coziness

  1. Determine the degree of correspondence

Here everything is simple: we choose certain criteria and correlate this with what you are used to. For example, you like a certain air temperature, or you need good lighting. Or maybe you prefer that the apartment had a scent of lavender, or coffee with cinnamon? That is, it is necessary to approach the question as sensibly as possible: “in what situation will I feel comfortable?” After this, you can safely go to the second step.

  1. Create “your space”

After you understand what inconsistencies are, we change the rented property in Gurgaon. We create the atmosphere in which it will be most convenient.

You can make cosmetic repairs, add the necessary furniture, or, on the contrary, get rid of excess. Buy fixtures, install air conditioning, adjust the ventilation system, and equip the apartment with the correct (in your opinion) engineering communications. In the case of a long lease, be prepared to invest in your comfortable life.

  1. Zoning the room

Even if you live in an apartment of a hotel type, and it is not large in area, it is necessary to differentiate the territory. Each of the zones should be assigned its own function. When space is organized in this way, it allows a person to relax more quickly.

Try to have an apartment that isin the recreation area – even a small corner where the armchair and coffee table can be located. It is useful to provide for the presence of a common (guest area), where you can meet guests.

  1. Adding coziness

To keep the atmosphere in the apartment to yourself, and you would like to return home – add details that will be native. These can be photos placed on shelves or shelves. Books, paintings, flowers in pots, – everything that you think of as your home, your own.

To give the apartment a pleasant smell, you can place sachets on the open shelves or, occasionally, light aromatic candles. Bring into the environment what you yourself like. It can be a cozy blanket in the bedroom, or a fluffy rug by the bed. The main thing to remember about an important advice: always listen to your inner wishes. Who, if not you should be the best knows what your rented property in Delhi can be like.

Remember the renovation of the interior

Even when the apartment is already filled with a sense of home comfort, it should be remembered that it is useful to add new items to the interior. You can, over time, change the curtains, or buy new sofa cushions. Or you can buy a floor lamp.

Four Errors of Business When Renting Premises

How to choose premises and conclude a contract, then not to sue the landlord?

Rent of commercial real estate in a crisis remains for business the cheapest way to provide itself with an office, warehouse for rent in Gurgaon or retail space. But the tenant should be carefully approached as to the choice of the object of lease, and to the agreement of the terms of the agreement with the lessor. What common mistakes do tenants make?

Rent an object for which there is no permit for commissioning. When constructing premises for leasing, developers often enter into contracts and receive security payments from tenants until they receive permission to enter a building or structure into operation. Therefore, the lessee must first ascertain the legality of the leased premises: ask the landlord for a building permit, as well as documents on rights to the land plot, land categories and the type of permitted use.

Rent self-construction is often the subject of consideration in arbitration disputes. Thus, the organization that leased the last two floors in a six-story building required collection from the lessor of the amounts paid under the lease agreement, which had previously been declared invalid by the court. The reason- rented floors were built on a four-story building and had all the signs of unauthorized construction. All instances refused to the tenant to collect money.

Also tenants need to take into account that they cannot use leased premises for their purposes in a building not put into operation. The landlord in this situation is entitled to transfer the premises to the lessee only for repair work. Any other activity in such a building is prohibited and punishable by an administrative fine in accordance.

Unclear separation of costs for utility bills- The lessor and the lessee can independently agree on whom the expenses for the maintenance of the leased property, i.e., utility payments, will be assigned. Inexperienced tenants do not always pay attention to this item when drafting a contract, which often leads to unforeseen expenses, and sometimes to litigation. The practice of courts is unequivocal: the lessee is obliged to bear the costs of maintaining the property, unless otherwise stipulated by the contract.

Non-agreed purposes of use- Each company when choosing a rented property in Gurgaon is repelled from its own goals. When drawing up a contract, such goals should be agreed with the lessor and, in addition, must correspond to the designation of the premises provided for in the project and technical documentation.

Uncoordinated improvements in the leased premises- The tenant often has a need to re-equip the premises to meet the needs of the business. All improvements, as well as related costs, must be agreed with the landlord in advance in order to avoid negative consequences. The laws presuppose two types of improvements to leased property: separable and inseparable, but the criteria for their determination are vague. Therefore, the issue of improvements is recommended to be agreed separately in the contract.

Features of Search and Rent of Office Premises

In this article we will talk about the nuances associated with the features of the search for office space. It’s no secret that sooner or later, almost every company faces the task of renting an office. There can be a lot of reasons for this: from changing the size of the company, ending with the company’s entrance to a new level and, as a consequence, the need for a more (or less) presentable, and therefore expensive, office.

Rental of office space with the help of the property dealers in Noida

Quickly you can rent an office through a real estate agency with regularly updated bases. In this case, you should choose only a proven agency that accompanies the transaction in stages.

The advantages of renting a property include a lower cost than with a purchase. In addition, you can move immediately. Business centers are located throughout the territory of Delhi, so there will be no problems with the choice of location. It can be a spacious comfortable room with modern reception rooms or small compact facilities.

When choosing office real estate, you should pay attention to the following factors that affect the rental price:

  • Property location- The most expensive is renting in prestigious business complexes, the city center or near major highways;
  • Class of the building;
  • Technical equipment of the office;
  • Area and planning.

Renting an office space in Gurgaon at once for a year is more profitable than for a month. For landlords it is more profitable to issue a long-term lease of real estate than to search for a new tenant every month. That is why the cost of annual office rent is usually lower than the monthly one. Renting an office is a responsible step, so you should first solve the most important issues. One of them is location. With a large attendance of the object should choose the city center, and at a low – remote areas and not the first floors.

You should also take into account the purpose of the building: an administrative or residential building with separate entrances on the ground floor or a business center with conference rooms, parking and a cafe. Then it is necessary to determine the desired area, the number of rooms and the need for additional facilities (toilet, security room, etc.).

Office in Residential building

Rent an office is possible in the non-residential premises of an apartment building, if its activities do not interfere with the tenants. The office can be located on any floor of the building. The right to open an office is with the owner of the premises. There are certain restrictions on the placement in the residential facility of the following facilities: chemical laboratory, industrial production, etc.

Upcoming expenses

When accounting for costs when renting non-residential real estate, in addition to the area and finishing, you should take into account the cost of utilities: water, electricity, heating, sewage, telephony. Also, you should think about how to organize video surveillance and whether it is necessary. These costs can already be included in the rent or paid separately. The upcoming expenses may also include repair of the premises.

Earn on a lease: We Invest in The Office

Renting an office is quite a lucrative and popular business, especially in Delhi. Of course, rental rates of retail space are higher, but the cost per square meter of such facilities is much higher than the cost of administrative area. One of the reasons why investors prefer office space is the limited funds for initial investment. However, in the field of commercial real estate, the cost of admission does not always affect the effectiveness of investment.

As in the case of shops, the profitability of the office depends on the liquidity of the premises. It consists of many factors: the location of the facility, its accessibility by public transport and cars, the possibility of parking arrangements, the condition of the building and others. Choosing an object for investment, it is important to soberly assess the prospects for subsequent resale or the demand of tenants. At the same time, one should not pursue a low price, the payback depends on the totality of all the characteristics of the project, as well as the competitive environment.

Currently, the popularity of not gaining a large area of ​​office category B. The need to reduce costs forces tenants to move from central areas closer to the Moscow Ring Road.

Office for all.

Not only large companies need premises, but small businesses also affect demand in the office space in jasola segment. In response to the need for cheap areas, a proposal was formed – small rooms, mini-offices, coworking centers. Rent business is transformed into something more and is oriented towards the mass consumer. Small areas and low prices attract freelancers, beginning entrepreneurs, IT workers.

A separate story of renting small areas is the adaptation of apartments to offices. It should be noted that renting an apartment for commercial purposes is illegal. Russian legislation determines the appointment of living quarters for living, organizing commercial activities in the apartment, the owners violate the law. However, this phenomenon is widely spread due to the fact that it is beneficial for both parties: the lessor gets up to 30% over the income, and the tenant finds a cheap premises by the standards of the market.

Investments in construction.

Shared construction is one of the options for investment in the office space in Gurgaon sector. The first thing investors think about, touching on this area are possible risks. The most terrible of them is the termination of construction. The risk of not paying back the investment due to lack of price increases and demand applies to all types of commercial real estate investments.

To avoid these risks, it is necessary to take a careful look at the choice of the developer, carefully check all the documentation for the facility, and make sure of the financial stability of the company and the history of the implemented projects. The behavior of the developer with a decrease in buying activity can show the true state of affairs. The desire of the company to sell the area faster and cheaper probably means a lack of own funds and serious financial partners.

However, possible risks cannot be regarded as indicators of the failure of the project. The investor can vary the terms of the transaction in order to secure his investments. For example, the parties agree in advance that the developer undertakes to search for tenants and thus guarantees the return on the property.