Why You Should Rent An Office In A Business Centre?

A business centre is above all a place of life for companies. It offers various services aimed at supporting its client companies in their administrative procedures but also in their need for premises.

A business centre offers tailor-made solutions for every type of business, you can choose between a virtual office or a standard shared office, but you can also rent an entire floor customized to your business needs.

This means that business centres are not only suitable for small and young companies, but also large organizations and even multinationals which tend to operate locally from a business centre.

Renting office space in a business centre has many advantages. The most important are:

1. Focus on your core business

One of the main reasons for the popularity of business centres in Delhi is that they allow you to run your business efficiently. Business centres usually centralize many services, allowing you to focus entirely on your own business.

Some office spaces even come equipped with furniture and all the necessary computer connections so you can just plug in your laptop and start working.

2. Benefit from a helpdesk and other back-office services

In a business centre, you can call on all kinds of back-office services such as reception service, access control, cleaning and maintenance, but also IT support and services. Not having to deal with various tasks within your own organization allows you to increase your productivity and grow your business.

3. Prime location and facilities

Business centres are often located in a privileged area for businesses, close to public transport and important access roads. They also provide a sufficient number of on-site parking spaces for employees and business partners.

In addition to easy and comfortable access, the business centres also provide access to fully equipped meeting rooms. So you can effortlessly organize all types of meetings and events within your building.

Catering facilities, such as corporate and business restaurants, are another important asset of business centres.

4. Profitability

Another surprising advantage when renting premises in a business centre: profitability! Not only will you need less administrative staff to take care of the facilitation services of your business, but you will also have to rent less square meters since the reception areas, the meeting rooms as well as the catering and relaxation areas are part of the business centre.

5. Ease of moving in

The office spaces served generally offer a ready-to-use infrastructure, including a telephone system, Internet connection points as well as networked printer-copiers. Frequent upgrades and updates ensure tenants have access to the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Utilities such as electricity, water and heating are also included in the rent. The business centres also provide shared kitchenettes with a coffee machine and microwave. In conclusion, this type of turnkey office gives you the possibility of moving in much faster than choosing unfinished premises.

For a business that is just starting up, or that values ​​flexibility in its premises, the business centre is the ideal solution. Renting an office in a Business Centre in Gurgaon makes it possible to overcome the constraints imposed by a traditional lease.

How To Choose The Best Working Space For Your Start-Up?

office space in Delhi

When a person decides to start his own business and organize a business, he first of all needs to find a comfortable office. Also, the choice of an office is necessary if an already existing company has started a move.

This process is very serious, and an entrepreneur should approach it with all responsibility, because it is not for nothing that the office is considered the face of the company.

Before thinking about how to choose the right office for your business, you need to decide how much you plan to allocate for this? There are 2 possible options:

  • Purchase;
  • Rent.

The first is possible with significant funds. If a businessman has no experience at all, then it is undesirable to invest large sums in a purchase, it is better to limit himself to rent. Moreover, the benefits of such a solution are as follows:

  • No need to spend a large amount of money for a purchase;
  • The ability to quickly change location in case of inefficiency.

As for the purchase, then, of course, there are also advantages here:

  • The purchase of real estate in itself is a profitable investment, if necessary, the office can be rented to another organization;
  • Unlimited actions inside their premises (within the limits of permissible norms).

At the same time, a businessman must understand that most of the funds will be withdrawn from circulation and invested in the purchase of real estate. If investments are suddenly needed, it will be impossible to remove them from the premises, except to sell them, but this is not a quick procedure either.

An entrepreneur, when choosing a place to work, must take into account the type of business and the specifics of his target audience.

After all, the location of the premises, its layout and price depend on this. Most of them rent premises as it is inexpensive compared to buying. The main thing is to make the right choice of the building.

These can be residential or non-residential buildings, business centres or mixed-use complexes. Business centres, as a rule, have a convenient location and a beautiful appearance.

Usually, these are high-rise buildings that immediately attract the attention of a person. Office spaces in Saket are suitable for companies that specialize in commercial activities.

In non-residential premises, security firms and travel agencies are more often located. In the multifunctional centres there is a food and entertainment business.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs set up offices by remodelling ordinary apartments, but this is only suitable in the early stages of business development. Then you usually have to move to a full-fledged room.

Much depends on the location of the room. If the company is in frequent contact with clients, it is wiser to choose an office space in Nehru Place, where it is easier for people to get to.

It is also worth making sure that there are no competitors nearby that can attract some of the potential customers. If the company has few contacts with clients, it is worth choosing a building located in the residential areas of the city or on its outskirts.

The rent there will be much lower, and you can save on it. The entrance to the office should be clear and convenient, otherwise people will simply not be able to find you.

Business Centers: 6 Benefits You Should Know

Inrecent year, the correct economic and social policies have gone hand in hand; positioning the country, as one of the best options for investment, generating new business, employing manpower and raising ideas for new products or services. Against this background, the Indian business community has been progressing, by placing itself at the forefront of growth, especially in Delhi. That is why, accompanied by State policies oriented towards multinational agreements, service platforms were created to facilitate work at the moment when opportunities opened their doors, known as Business Centers.

The Business Centers are spaces denominated as a business hotel, and stand out as a new commercial model that has been in progressive growth for 20 years.

There are many benefits that business centers provide both for the economy, society and especially the development of new startups, allowing SMEs the best opportunities to start, evolve and make themselves known in a prestigious way (advantages that companies did not previously have).

Here are some of the benefits of business centre in Noida, do not miss it:business center in Delhi

Business centers add value to companies.

Mainly these spaces are located in strategic places, normally in the most prestigious areas of the city, so belonging to a business center will help you project an exclusive and professional image that will transmit confidence and security to your clients.

Costs reduction

Belonging to a business center in Delhi will allow you to significantly reduce all the expenses that a company entails.

You can forget to pay monthly bills for public services such as electricity, water, toilet, among others. Nor will they be, more within your concerns, paying the internet or a cleaning team that is in charge of keeping your office impeccable. In addition, it will no longer be important for you to hire a receptionist or someone to answer your calls, since in business centers it is only necessary to make a monthly payment where everything mentioned is already included.

Spaces ready to work

Before, having your own space to work meant a great investment, since you had to acquire all the necessary furniture, a fact that was sometimes an obstacle for small companies that were just starting out and had few resources. Now in business centers it is possible to immediately acquire the space adapted to your needs, fully furnished and equipped with the latest technology equipment.

Allows networking

Business centers in Noida have common areas at their disposal where professionals from different companies converge. These interaction spaces allow you to expand your network of professionals, generate allies and be constantly in contact with multidisciplinary teams with which you can create relationships that will help you strengthen your economic activity.

Save time

It is no longer necessary for you to spend long months visiting offices throughout the city or managing endless documents to meet the requirements of contractors; business centers give you the facility to access their facilities quickly, easily and for as long as you need it.

Falling in love with the little details

Not only will you have a workplace adapted to your needs and in a prestigious place. Another benefit of business centerin Delhi is that their entire structure has exclusive designs, latest technology, and all areas designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. You can also have access to fully equipped meeting rooms to receive your clients and investors. All in the same place.

Rent An Office Space? Which Office Is Best Suited To Your Business?

Have you ever thought about the possibility of renting or buying an office? It is often thought that the rental costs of an office are more expensive than those of a purchase. After all, it is better to invest the money instead of wasting an amount every month. However, renting an office is cheaper than you think. In this blog, we approach the various factors that you should consider during the search. This permits the buyers to make the best decision between renting and buying an office at the end of this article. Keep reading!

As an entrepreneur, you are trying to create the best possible work situation. An environment with facilities that ensure that you and your employees can operate optimally. Unfortunately, too often, the importance of good offices is underestimated. In fact, finding suitable office space in Delhi is important for your business. In this article, you can decide which office best fits your business!

Jain Oncor distinguishes 4 types of offices. To know:

  • Multi-company/multi-tenant building
  • Business center
  • Conventional Office
  • One tenant

Because you are based in an office building with other companies, it is easy to network. Good connections are worth gold and can even become potential customers! Because you have multiple businesses in an office building, facilities such as toilets, dining rooms, and meeting rooms are shared with other businesses.

Finally, there is the advantage of short contractual terms. It is often possible to rent a space in a multi-business building for a year and in some cases, even for 6 months or less.

Business center

A business center is a more luxurious version of a multi-business building. A business center has more facilities, services, and the opportunity to rent fully furnished. For example, a reception with receptionists, a mailroom, a dry cleaning, and a photocopy workshop.

In addition, it is always possible to rent a meeting room. This is not always the case in a multi-company building. You will find business centers, mainly in big cities.

Conventional Office

A conventional office is not usually rented by a novice. With classic office spaces, you rent a bare space with a fixed rent per square meter. One of the main features of such an office is that rental periods are not flexible. Usually, 3 years or more.

It consumes more time and money to begin in a conventional space. For example, it will often be necessary to work to achieve the desired layout and interior design. You are responsible for the costs of the furniture. Homeowners can sometimes be willing to contribute to the costs of a renovation. These office spaces are usually delivered without flooring, furniture, utilities, service fees, and the Internet. The benefit is that a conventional office can be organized entirely according to your wishes.

Rental of office space to a single tenant

Renting a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon to a tenant is the last option. Single-Tenant office space is very similar to a conventional office. The only difference is that you do not rent a floor, but the entire office building! A lease from a single-tenant often has a minimum term of 3 to 5 years. Nowadays, the concept of single-tenant is not the most common and is only suitable for large companies. These often employ more than 500 employees.

5 Trends in Office Design for 2018

In recent years the design of offices has been booming. Technology and new systems of work have made the trends in interior design in this field evolve by leaps and bounds.

The possibilities offered by the market to renew the appearance of these spaces are endless. Every day there are more places of work that opt for a more modern and avant-garde design for their facilities.

So if you are thinking about giving a new and updated look to your office, take note of what is going to be a reality these next months.


One of the trends that have been rising and continues its growth in 2018 is what is called Open Space. The elimination of dividing barriers allows to take advantage of and optimize the area much better.

Also, it helps to promote mobility and communication among the members of the company, increases creativity and teamwork.


One of the consequences of the office space in bhikajicama place is the disappearance of cubicles and individual offices. The interaction between workers allows different functions to be developed within the same space.

Therefore, the need to create flexible spaces arises with multipurpose furniture that suits the different activities of the company.

The trend in furniture comes to integrate pieces that serve different spaces, uses, and tasks. For example, create an environment that also serves as a meeting center, waiting room or rest area.


Every day more and more companies advocate for the welfare and quality of life of their workers. For this cause, it is common to have spaces specially designed for leisure and relaxation, known as resting rooms.

This American concept consists in setting up spaces where work can be stopped and the accumulated tension released. Qualified areas such as the cafeteria, games room or restroom, in which interpersonal relationships and creativity of employees are fostered.


One of the trends in IT office space in Delhi that is mostly taking place is a natural style. Very bright interiors where neutral colors and sustainable materials such as wood predominate.

By eliminating architectural divisions, light flows freely, which gives rise to spacious and welcoming rooms. In short, spaces that invite the physical and mental well-being of workers.


Lighting in offices has evolved a lot in recent years. The appearance of LED lights and their high energy efficiency has changed the concept of luminaires.

Even so, it is essential to find the right balance between natural and artificial light for optimal development of the company’s activities. It is critical to do a lighting study where different types of lamps are combined for correct lighting.

  1. – Creation of collaborative spaces: beyond coworking

Collaborative spaces are offices in which there are no divisions that separate one department from another. It is committed to an environment that encourages communication without barriers between co-workers. This also motivates creativity, enthusiasm, and empathy among coworkers.

7 Important Tips for Owners of Rented Properties

To be able to fight against fraud, in recent months JainOncor website has carried out a series of improvements in favor of security, such as the option to validate the phone. However, it does not hurt to take certain precautions before signing any contract to avoid future headaches. Some of these are:

Know the rental price of the area

Bargains exist, but first, you should suspect those ads that are well below the average price of the city. Therefore, when looking for a rental property, it is essential to check the expense of other properties with similar features in the same neighborhood.

Consult the Land Registry

Another way to verify that the person who claims to own the home is the real owner is requesting the information in the Property Registry. It is a simple procedure that can be done online asking for a simple note that provides brief and concise information -in paper support-, about the right state of a farm (short description, owner, and charges, if any).

Formalize the face-to-face deal

The most typical instances of fraud occur when the false landlord claims to be abroad and, for this cause, cannot show the floor. One way to stay away from this is always to be face to face to see the floor level and sign the contract, either with the possessor, with the property manager or with the real estate.

Do not pay rent before visiting the apartment

Never, under any circumstances, you must submit an advance before attending the floor, in a hurry to rent that shows the advertiser. If you did, you could find that you have rented property in Delhi in different conditions than you thought or that there is not even the property in question. Therefore, you should not give money or sign the contract without first checking the state of the property, the location, the number of rooms, if there are damages or if you have discharged the supplies, among other things.

Written rental agreement

Whenever a deal is done with someone, it must be noted in writing. The wind blows the words and, a problem arise, live contracts cannot demonstrate the agreed rules or breach of contract. Therefore, it is vital that the contract conditions are contemplated in writing and that each of the parties associated keeps a signed copy of all pages. It is best to use a model contract.

Review the rental agreement

Before signing, you must read the rules of the contract: you must be clear about the monthly rent, the time span of the deal, the costs to be paid by each of the parties, who are responsible for the maintenance of the home. In case of non-agreement, try to negotiate.

Know the rights of the tenant

The best way to avoid faulty clauses is to know in advance your rights and obligations as a tenant. Although it appears as an insignificant detail, sometimes there have been circumstances in which a tenant has rented a house in a community with a pool but without having the right to it. For this reason, before signing any paper is essential it is advisable that you clarify the powers that would correspond to you as a tenant and that these specifically include in the contract.

How should I Distribute a Workspace ?

Currently, comfort and efficiency are consolidated values when distributing a workspace. We work in teams, in a multipurpose and shared space. Therefore, environments that favor both the well-being of the workforce and the productivity of employees should be designed.


First of all, you have to think about the space and study the needs of each work area. Avoiding this, fall into possible errors that affect our work development. Currently, this is the trend in office distribution; open spaces around which private areas are created where you can work in both groups and individually. In this way, the luminosity is enhanced and allows a more fluid communication in flexible and versatile spaces.

Business center in Delhi tends to be divided mainly into 6 zones that we will see in detail below.

  1. – LOBBY

The lobby or entrance area is the letter of introduction to our company, so it must be a space with personality and clear corporate message. Nowadays the reception and the waiting area are designed in the same space, with a modern and comfortable aesthetic for the clients who come to visit us.


In the open space or also called prairie, most of the operative positions are distributed. These tendencies have their followers and detractors.

This type of distribution of a workspace favors communication between employees and increases productivity.

On the other hand, privacy decreases and distractions increase. So it is advisable that these posts have some separate element that provides a certain degree of privacy.


There are specific professional sectors that, due to their activity, need to have private spaces to deal with confidential issues or meetings with clients.

Therefore, although the concept of office space in Delhi tends to disappear, it is advisable to create several private spaces for these purposes. These cubicles can be designed with glass enclosures that let in the light and replace the traditional walls.


Currently these rooms have become modern and multifunctional spaces where numerous tasks are carried out, such as meetings, presentations, video conferences, etc.

For this reason, they must equip themselves with the latest audiovisual technology and provide themselves with versatile furniture that adapts to corporate needs.


The soft seating is a relatively new concept that has emerged changing to new business models.

Equipped with comfortable and functional furniture, it is an area where employees can disconnect when they need to take a break or work more informally and relaxed.


The importance of the well-being of the employees, which directly benefits the productivity of the company, makes it create this type of multipurpose spaces, especially in large companies.

Very creative areas where you can eat or have a relaxed coffee, play a game with your classmates or relax for a few minutes of hard work.

When the search for the sale of corporate offices begins, location is a crucial factor. It is recommended that these be located in places close to the client or staff, according to the needs of the company.

Five Key Factors to Choose the Office for Your Business

What are the factors, the main rules to follow when you have to choose the rental office for your business? You will always have to think about the use you will make of it if you will be visiting customers and then if you need room to welcome them, as well as a secretariat. With the Trento Business Center, we want to offer an innovative and not very well-known service, which allows you to be flexible.

Over time a company changes, it may need more space or reduce it. One of the conveniences of our furnished office solution is this, the ability to use more space, such as offices for business meetings or conference rooms whenever you need them at no additional cost. When you have to choose a new office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon, evaluate thoroughly if it meets the needs of your business, and do not forget the next five factors that can assure you, make the difference during your everyday work.

Office display

It is now known that sunlight plays a fundamental role in everyday life. Working in an office with good exposure to the sun can make the interior more comfortable. Attention to the west-facing offices with windows or reflecting surfaces, the risk is having to spend the afternoons in the summer in a superheated office, if not sultry.

Are there windows in the office?

Another window is the unmistakable element. Operating for 7 or 8 hours a day in a closed space without a glimpse of the outside world leads to a reduction in work concentration. When you are looking for a new office for your business always check that there are more windows and especially that you can open them to change the air, you can regenerate the office environment whenever you need it.

Office heating/cooling system

It is essential to be skilled to compute a good heating system during the winter, while in the summer the air conditioning can be a great help to be able to have a moment of respite from the high temperatures. If you are looking for a fully furnished office space in Delhi in the spring or autumn, always ask for more details on the functioning of both the heating and the cooling system to make sure it suits your needs.

Factors outside the office

Always pay attention to the environment surrounding the office and to the soundproofing. When you’re in the office can you hear annoying noises or is it near a busy road or a construction site? Do not underestimate the place where the office is located, can be an element that can affect the concentration during your work days.

Office parking

Always consider the importance of having a parking space for you, your employees and customers. Imagine a client who needs advice, but does not know where to leave the car. An element not to be underestimated, to make the visit from your customers as comfortable as possible, without losing both precious times.

Business Center or Co-Working, What is the Difference?

The idea of the flexible workspace is the origin of many different types of workspaces and office combinations to offer places to work for small businesses and self-employed people. Those people within the sector know how to differentiate and understand the differences between a business center and a co-working. The differences between a business center and a co-working are usually the subject of debate between those who prefer to use the facilities of a co-working and those who want to use the services of a business center.

Enter a co-working or business Centre in Noida, and in less than a day you are connecting your Mac-Book to high-speed internet, in a space with new furniture, and in an unbeatable office location. Whether you are a small creative team or an established company, a co-working or a business center help you to leave behind long lost hours in search of an office, the furniture to adapt it and the signing of the lease. They are solutions to their particularities, and in this article, we will help you to understand the two concepts.


A business center is a fully furnished office space that houses SMEs and Start-Ups, equipped with all the essential services of an office, such as access to a telephone, Internet, mail service, printing, etc. You consider a business center as an establishment for your company if what you are looking for as the primary objective is to increase your productivity within a space free of distractions, which at the same time can guarantee a face-to-face interaction with other companies within the business center when you need it.

Many people understand it as “share what you want to share,” and that is that, in a Business Center, certain amenities are shared, such as the kitchen, or the secretary at the entrance, but there is no coexistence. A business centre in Delhi can be imagined as several small offices that together encompass a larger space. As regards privacy, it’s excellent; you can work in a Business Center and never get to know or know what the rest of the people with whom you share the corridors and the kitchen do. Business centers usually offer offices of different sizes to suit the size of your equipment and thus ensure that you work in the most productive environment possible.


If you ask this question to the greatest sybarite, defender of one or another concept, he will say no, that they have different elements. Nothing else proof of this is the objective client of each one. They differ in mentality, size of the business and undoubtedly also of needs.

If we focus on the most representative feature of a co-working, which is the creation of a community, we find that it is a problematic need to cover by a business center. This difficulty lies in the ability of the operator of the business center to invest in real time and effort to help the community of entrepreneurs within their center to evolve. The regular work of a business center is to lease an office in a larger space, sharing amenities. While a co-working goes further, it consists in the creation of a community, whose members help each other to progress and form professional and personal bonds.

Now, if we focus on the simplest version of co-working, we find that space, where all the community work is done, does not offer the amenities that a business center offers, so when choosing a place where Install your company, make sure they provide you with all the amenities you need.

Cheap House Rentals: How to Find a Cheap House?

The rental of a house may concern either the rental of a principal residence or a vacation rental (seasonal rental) and therefore be more long-term or short-term.

Whatever the form of the lease, it is a relationship between a landlord and a tenant framed by law. Like renting an apartment, renting a house is governed by a lease and specific regulations.

When looking for a house to rent to live a priori indefinitely, the first question to ask is the type of rental home sought: a furnished rental or an empty rental. In the majority of cases, renting a house as a principal residence concern rather an empty dwelling, the renting of a furnished house is instead the prerogative of the seasonal hiring. The lease and the rights to it are different whether it’s an empty house rental or a furnished house rental.

The main difference between a house rental and an apartment rental lies in the often higher rent when you are renting a home. Indeed the characteristics offered by a house are different from that of an apartment. In most cases, we are looking for a rental house with garden, or at least with parking outside.

This is the main advantage of a house compared to an apartment although rented property in Noida can have beautiful terraces or balconies. In addition to the appeal of outdoor space, the area is often more significant, of course depending on the number of rooms sought. A family will be more inclined to look for a house to rent if it has several children.

But de facto, finding a cheap house to rent requires knowing where and how to find good deals. Viewing for a house to rent on the Bon Coin is becoming more common for example.

Looking for a cheap rental home requires first to identify the leading real estate rental sites and to know how to use them. Other factors come into consideration of course as the geographical area and also the economy of agency fees if you rent a particular live house.

 If you sign up for email alerts on the different rental portals, if you agree to expand your geographical area a bit and if you are dealing with individuals, you can save both in fees and in monthly rent.

All of these circumstances combined make it possible to rent a house at a fair and affordable price. This is true for holiday home rentals and classic house rentals.

But we draw your awareness to the fact that rented property in Delhi between individuals can mean less collateral if the lease is poorly drafted or incomplete.

On the owner’s side, the guarantees can also be lower if you put your house for rent without going through a real estate agency. Indeed, in case of unpaid rent or degradation of the house by an unscrupulous tenant, the guarantees offered by a real estate agency (itself insured) are valuable and provide an absolute serenity.