Setting Up Your Business Centre In Delhi With Jain Oncor

Business Centre In Delhi

In the bustling metropolis of Delhi, where opportunities abound and corporate aspirations soar, the establishment of a Business Centre is not just a strategic move but a reflection of dynamic business acumen. A Business Centre serves as a nucleus for innovation, collaboration, and growth, and choosing the right infrastructure is paramount to its success. In … Read more

How To Rent An Office Space: Nuances And Rules

The office is the face of the company. The first impression that the organization will make on clients, partners, and job seekers depends on how it looks. The vast majority of organizations lease office space. How to rent an office space? Correctly plan the development of the company and assess what kind of office you … Read more

Ways To Make A Quick House Sale

When we want to change houses, our first objective is to sell the old house as quickly as possible, but we do not always manage to sell within the timeframe we have estimated. The reasons why a home does not sell quickly are very varied. However, and from our experience, we know that there are … Read more

How to Choose a Retail Space for Rent?

Properly chosen space brings business income. Unsuccessful premises will result in losses and the burden of unrealized opportunities: you could earn money, but in such a room it will not work. How to rent a commercial space for rent and make money on it, we tell in this article. How to choose a room under … Read more

Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Today, a great amount of data is available on the Internet and customers sometimes ask: “Why do we require to hire a real estate agent?” They rightly ask this question if they really can buy or sell an apartment through the Internet or through ordinary marketing and advertising channels without a real estate agent. Yes, … Read more

Startupper: Which Premises to Choose?

When you create your startup, you can work on the project for several months from your living room. However, the moment the business grows up (at least we hope so with all your heart) and where it’s time to set up your start-up somewhere rather than hugging you and your employees on your couch. But finance remains a complicated subject to manage and, even if you have just made a fundraising amount of money, it is important to know how to develop your startup as it grows up and therefore control its rent.

Today the most common offer on the market is the commercial lease, or Bail 3/6/9. This solution implies that you settle in your premises. It is then necessary to provide a large cash flow related to the move, the deposit, agency fees, legal fees and any work. So for a startup whose team size can often vary, the 3/6/9 lease solution lacks flexibility and is much more expensive. The cost of a 3/6/9 lease is estimated to be 1.5 times the price of a coworking job.

That’s why we are presenting alternatives to the 3/6/9 lease to accommodate you more flexibly and cheaply.


Working at home has several advantages, the most important of which is the cost of rent. More and more companies are accepting this new trend. Indeed, with the advent of new technologies and the multiplication of instant messaging tools, one can communicate as easily as the office. However, in a young company, you need to be surrounded by people you trust if you choose to work from home. We must also think that it is much more difficult to create a strong corporate culture and to retain employees, by having them work remotely.


The incubators, incubators, and nurseries are more than workplaces and wish to support entrepreneurs in their project, each with its particularity. The common points of these different offers are to offer premises, workshops that can guide entrepreneurs and expand his address book.


What was considered a trend had become a real solution. Once you realize that you can work in open space with colleagues who do not perform the same functions as us, it becomes conceivable to work with roommates who do not work in the same company like us. On the model of nurseries, these spaces advocate the exchange between different companies, without particular support.

If unofficially, the office space in India are accompanied by some entrepreneurs, this is not in their specifications. Most coworking spaces are attractive because of their design or their original third places.

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Commercial Property to Let in and Around District Centre: Jasola and Saket

Jain Oncor is the fastest growing real estate consultancy firm offering unique and remarkable services to provide customer’s dreams into reality. Jain deals in sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Delhi and NCR. With the help of Jain one can find the finest apartments located in the best place like in … Read more

Do You Know the Strengths of Commercial Domiciliation?

Have you not thought about the importance of the commercial domiciliation of your business centre in Delhi? If you are creating a personal business, it will be domiciled at home, or at the address of the offices in which you are going to practice? However, choosing an address is an important parameter, which can affect the overall image of your business.

Address for my company

The business address corresponds to the official address (registered office) of the enterprise. Address is mandatory to create a business and thus follow all the steps with the center of formalities of the companies. Without an address, it is impossible to register with the RCS or the trades’ directory. There are different types of location for the head office of your company. You can choose from three major solutions:

Domiciliation within the offices you rent/buy

Your first reflex, probably the most logical, is to domicile your company in the rented properties in Delhi. A good solution … which has its limits. When you move, you will need to change your address, which will incur costs. If you rent or buy offices in a municipality that does not bring prestige to your business.

Maybe this point is entirely equal to you because you do not need this image. On the other hand, if you want to offer state-of-the-art services and target ultra-connected urban consumers, then an address in the depths of the campaign may disrupt some.

It is possible to entrust the address of your company to a company of domiciliation. You can thus enjoy a prestigious address and display on all your documents a business address that is not the address to which you actually work.

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More Companies Interested in Co-working Spaces

If they are initially planned to provide the self-employed with space for socialization, equipped with office automation equipment needed for work, co-working spaces are increasingly used by medium and large enterprises to place their employees.

Reducing employee travel time

The main advantage of co-working at a business centre in Delhi is that it allows employees to work in business premises close to home and thus, lessen the amount of time they spend on public transport every day. If this time is not included in the working hours of employees, it is nevertheless a major asset for those who will appreciate more to work for you.

• Reduce real estate costs
• The development in new premises for a company entails the appearance of various expenses:
• The security deposit.
• Property tax, office tax, and property tax.
• The charges.
• Bank guarantees.

In a business centre in Noida, all these costs are included in the price of the subscription, which allows the entrepreneurs to know exactly what it will pay at the end of the month.

Share resources with other companies.

In business, some rooms, such as a meeting room, are not used on a daily basis. Sharing costs related to these rooms through a co-working space can be an attractive option for many business leaders.

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