An Overview of Space Planning for Offices

Space planning is an innovative trend, born in the 1990s, consisting of the reorganization and reorganization of a workspace. This can be related to a move of a company’s premises or the desired restructuring of space.

This phenomenon was thought of at a time when companies were constantly evolving: new business, increasing or decreasing the number of employees. And since then, nothing or almost nothing has changed: companies retain this need to live with their times.

On the one hand, they must adapt their premises to their employees- and possibly move, like several tens of thousands of Indian companies each year- as well as new technologies and work environment. Business, while retaining its identity, is reinventing itself every day and the advice of real experts is sometimes necessary to move in the right direction.

To help you make the most of your office space in South Delhi, here are some tips and tricks to optimize your environment. We will first talk about the evolution of Space Planning – what it was during its creation and what it has become – before discussing the different steps to follow for an effective Space Planning to conclude on the advantages of this internal organization for you and your employees.

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Which Offices to Choose to Develop Its Open Space?

Gradually becoming the norm in the premises of start-ups but also in those of large groups, this mode of office organization optimizes the number of square meters while encouraging sharing and collaboration between teams.

But when it comes time to develop it, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Office sizes, tray colors or insulation… To better understand these important questions that you ask yourself when designing an open space, Jain Oncor gives you an overview of the types of offices and office furniture that you will be able to use.

The bench office 4 or 6 places: the most classic office space in Bhikaji Cama Place and the most used also called a modular office, the bench office is dedicated to the work of 4 or 6 people or more. It allows to optimize space but also to build teams on the physical plane. As you can imagine and understand, each employee has another employee opposite and beside him.

Often cheaper (by reasoning at a price per workstation) than an individual office, it allows making great savings on the supply of office furniture for your offices.

It has many different ranges, which adapt to all needs and all budgets. The bench desks can contain walls between each workstation (acoustic or not), the possibility of hanging a screen (with an articulated arm support) and of course a hatch for passing cables. This is the type of office we recommend!

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An Overview of Lease Agreement to Share Offices

The real estate market is about to undergo major changes, as we can already see in the field of rental housing.

In recent months, taking advantage of the rise of the collaborative economy, companies, semi-public companies and public entities (most of them municipalities) are optimizing the use of their empty spaces by making them available to the public professionals in return for remuneration. These empty spaces are mainly IT office space in Delhi.

In fact, companies or public entities that own, rent or occupy large office space do not always use all the space they enjoy. Some of them make them available to third parties by also offering services.

This phenomenon is encouraged both by the many new businesses in the digital domain and by the development of coworking, freelance work and new ways of organizing work (telecommuting and mobile work) allowing employees to work on certain days in premises near their home.

The managers wanted to adapt to this new need, making the provision of premises accompanied by services, a full-fledged activity, modernizing the already existing business centers. The methods for making these spaces available and their use are varied, both in terms of the duration (from a few minutes to several months) and the services that can accompany them.

Like the short-term rental of residential premises, which poses many problems, these new uses are not devoid of legal issues, each actor must be attentive.

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Categories of Office Real Estate

Commercial real estate is assigned one of the categories – A, B, C or D, the result depends on a large number of parameters, such as the year of construction, remoteness from the center, the state of engineering communications, infrastructure development, and repair quality. The most prestigious are considered real estate class A and B.

In category A, elite offices with the highest rents are located in the new business centers of the central part of the city. Typically, in category A offices, there is a restaurant, an underground parking lot, large conference rooms. The business centers in Delhi have the latest equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire and security alarm sensors, and fiber optic lines. It is also planned individual decoration or author’s design of the premises.

Offices of category B are not much inferior regarding comfort to class A. They are often located in business centers built 5-7 years ago, or in old, but renovated buildings in the central part of the city. Such real estate differs from class A in that it may not have an automated building management system.

Commercial property category C usually rent small firms that do not want to overpay for a prestigious business center in Noida. Most often, this class includes re-equipped buildings of scientific research institutes and state enterprises. There is no common system for air conditioning and ventilation, but there is central heating in winter, as well as telephone lines and the Internet. Often the room requires cosmetic repairs.

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Fully Furnished Office Space- A Recognition for Your Brand

Having decided to open a business in Delhi, at some point in time the question of renting an office space will arise. For companies whose activities are directly related to direct contacts with customers, the success or failure of a business largely depends on the assessment conducted and the choice of the correct location of its office.

A high rent is a price that will have to pay for the best place for the office. However, if you allocate a little time to study the rental market for office space, it is likely that you will be able to find a suitable office space, taking into account the most limited budget. The first step in business should be a decision about where you will live and where your business will be located. Finding the right premises requires accurate calculations, taking into account such factors as the availability of a sufficient reserve of financial resources, expected revenues and projected profits.

Find an office space in Delhi is not difficult – there are options for almost any taste.


Full-Service Offices / Business Centers are already prefabricated, fully furnished office space in Delhi that can serve as an ideal option for small businesses looking for an office space at a low starting price, with flexible rental conditions and a prestigious business address. Offices with full service can be found in business districts of Delhi; they are managed by specialized companies that lease out fully equipped offices with an area sufficient to accommodate 1-10 employees for firms that require office space.

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Rental of Fully Equipped Offices: What are the Advantages?

The benefits of renting furnished offices for your business
New businesses opt for office solutions that provide them with more flexibility, more credibility and a commercial presence that builds trust with customers. Rental of equipped offices and more generally of professional premises is also an attractive tax strategy for your treasury.

A hosting solution that makes you directly operational
When it comes to renting equipped offices, you can imagine state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and attractive, ergonomic, or even inspiring furniture. This solution often represents the guarantee of projecting a professional image of you and your company.

The fully furnished office space in Delhi also reduces installation costs and equipment. You will be able to directly dive into your business, putting all the assets on your side to focus on the factors important to your success in business, freeing you from the constraints associated with the traditional leasing contract and the additional expenses that this implies.

Flexibility and evolution of your workplace
The flexibility of fully furnished office space in Delhi is probably the biggest advantage, with a la carte, monthly or daily rental conditions. This means that you are in no way committed to a long-term contract, giving you the peace of mind.

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