Rules For Designing Entry Zones In Business Centers And Reception Areas In Offices

The lobby of the business center in Delhi and the reception area in the office are their face and business card. And since a person makes a first impression in less than 10 seconds, you need to pay special attention to these zones.

Office real estate experts shared their experience in organizing the entrance area, reception area and waiting area and gave advice on what to look for when organizing them.

Aesthetics and functionality

Do not be afraid to stand out. You can save on furniture and decoration materials in other areas, but not in these. An unusual reception desk will immediately attract the attention of visitors – they will want to take a closer look at it. By and large, you need a WOW effect. Typical solutions do not achieve it.

Aesthetics should not defeat functionality. Reception area – the place of work of administrators, secretaries, who have a “shock” load. Therefore, it should be convenient not only for visitors, but also for employees. It makes no sense to install openwork partitions in which you cannot place documents or buy a chair on which the secretary simply cannot sit.

It is important to plan the organization of the entrance zone at the stage of development of architectural and planning solutions, when the foundations for future design are laid.

Already at that moment it is necessary to think over logistics – how the flows will move in the reception area and how to distribute them correctly, how to organize a lounge area and where to put the reception desk.

To foresee where the security officer will be located so that he does not interfere with visitors, but at the same time he can control the space and respond promptly in case of an emergency.

Experts note that it is extremely necessary in architectural and planning decisions and during design to do everything possible so that at any time of the year the streams of street air do not cause discomfort to employees and guests of the business center.

The size of the entrance zone is always planned taking into account the number of employees of the business center in Noida and the potential load on it during peak hours.

Before the opening, it is worth planning the location of the panel with a list of tenants. One of the main trends in the organization of entrance zones today can be called functionality – a sufficient and yet inconspicuous place for correspondence of tenants, an equipped waiting area with chargers for gadgets and free Wi-Fi.

As for the visual design, you can achieve a wow-effect by working with light, a different combination of materials and geometric shapes.

To create a positive impression from the first minutes, the presence of a stand for the bag, a comfortable place where you can sit down to fill out documents, a soft light, a scanner that recognizes the guest’s passport data to quickly process the pass and save the guest’s time will help.


Why Small Companies Love To Rent Offices In Business Center?

The solution that in the last few years is gaining more and more importance, especially among the young startups, is that of managing its business inside a Business Center where you can find an office ready and ready for the time you want, without incurring fixed costs to be amortized only over many years: in short, an office that can be permanent or temporary, respecting its needs. Indeed there are many situations, in general, that make the needle of the scales towards this choice, certainly extremely elastic but also economic.

Small companies that cannot afford to pay annual rental fees and have a largely fixed charge on the income statement. But also young companies, which are not initially very structured, but who are expecting growth, and therefore need rather flexible spaces over time. It works even for large companies which do not intend to take over, apart from the rent, the costs of condominiums, maintenance, utilities, and general services and fixed administrative staff, as well as the burden of providing the material management of these services, which would require a commitment of additional dedicated work resources.

In all these situations and many others, it is certainly cheaper to rent a furnished office inside office center spaces, designed and specifically designed to meet the needs of every company or freelancer and to support the economic activity of its customers in all those services delegable to them.

The most suitable solution for a startup

The rent of an office is the only solution for a startup to access a fully furnished office space in Connaught place, a professional office, without having to make large investments or commit a considerable part of their budget. When a startup uses a furnished rental office, it has access to all the advantages of a traditional office, with furnishings, receptionist services, IT staff, and professional technology such as printers, audiovisual systems for video conferencing, projectors and overhead projectors. Plus a whole host of other services such as bars, common areas and sometimes gyms and restaurants. With the rent of the furnished office, there are no particular commitments or major investments to make.

Rents can also be short-term or follow agreements month by month with the administration of the structure. You can therefore only pay for what you actually need, rather than settling in a space that is excessively large for the current reality of a startup. If you need a conference room, it is often possible to rent it for a few hours or for the whole day, rather than paying for a space that is actually used only for a short period of time.

Startups do not have to worry about maintenance, long leases, expenses for repairs, or taxes. And then they are the ideal place to meet suppliers and customers, thanks to modern furnishings and the comfort they offer. The look is professional and inspires confidence in potential customers and partners. If, moreover, one day a larger space will be needed for the activity to expand, normally the buildings that house the furnished offices give the possibility to have more space without getting the headache looking for a new solution. Likewise, if you need to resize your Business Centre in Noida, you can opt for a smaller space.

This again saves time and money, without having to change the company’s address. The new startups and small businesses continue to crop up all over India every month. These companies need a solid foundation on which to lay the foundations for a successful future. A furnished office can guarantee to these nascent organizations the necessary space and flexibility, focusing exclusively on the management of the company, without being diverted from other tasks.