Common questions to ask for fully furnished office space

fully furnished office space

Business is always buzzing. So does the demand for office spaces. If you are one of those businesses or early start-ups who are looking to lease fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Regardless of whether it would be your first office space to be leased or your administrative office needs to move to a bigger space, asking these questions can certainly help you better plan the entire leasing process. Check out these factors/questions that need to be taken into consideration before leasing an office space.

  • How much space is needed- Since the national capital and the adjoining satellite towns are excellent centers of trade and commerce, it is no surprise to see massively spacious office space in dlf cyber city-Gurgaon. Yet the question remains as to how much space you would need. As a rule of thumb, this projection is done based on the headcount for employees. At the same time, one should also calculate the square foot needed for every employee by using an office space calculator. As there are various industries, the floor plan, number of cabins, cubicles, and even conference rooms can vary.


  • The effect on employee’s commutes- Moving to a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon could be tricky owing to the factor of commute. While it is desired that the offices of any business remain close to the major business hub/destinations, it is the convenience of the employees that must also be added to the equation. Most employees would obviously prefer to work in an office close to their homes or one that is easier to reach without much traffic congestion. Parking is another amenity that must be taken note of.


  • What is the usable square foot of the space- One has to be wary about the fact that the office space in dlf cyber city-Gurgaon cannot be used or utilized in its entirety. There are loss factors involved, such as the percentage difference between rentable square footage and usable square footage. In simpler the usable square foot is the space you can use for building and demarcating areas under conference room space, open seating areas, lounge space, etc. On the other hand, the rentable square feet is the area you do pay rent for and yet cannot utilize for integrating any work area. These spaces are usually occupied by fire stairs, electrical closets, utility rooms, lobby space, etc. Therefore, one needs to calculate all the costs at the time of leasing these office facilities.


  • The time needed for the leasing process- This is arguably the most important question to ask. If you are comfortable with the long period of wait, it can actually let you capitalize on the right time to lease a property and make all the necessary renovations. If the leasing process takes longer than the expected time, you might as well have to consider looking for a shared or co-working space. As a general rule, a traditional office space should be complete and up for occupation within 10-16 months.

How can you maximize the potential of co-sharing office space?

How can you maximize the potential of co-sharing office space

No more co-shared office space a utility that was chosen as a last resort when there was a lack of a well-equipped Fully furnished office space in Noida. Co-sharing office space is now seen as one of the most effective ways to function for all those startups and small organizations that have barely begun commencement or have no immediate plans for expansion. However, one must also realize the fact that the office’s layout and other amenities must be taken care of so there is no clutter while operating. Some ways in which you can keep the office functional and more accommodating are:

  • Space layout

    It is true that most companies choosing a shared Fully furnished office space in Noida  are more likely to be on a budget with regard to the establishment. But that simply does not mean that a compromise is needed to be done. Therefore, you can choose to customize your office in the form of a cubicle if privacy has to be maintained between two different departments. Likewise, you can keep the office space open and accessible from all points in your office if it works more on a collaborative basis.

  •  Be wise in choosing the furniture

    This is where a lot of organizations blunder. The furniture in the shared office space should be minimal and mobile. That is to say that these types of furniture must not be a barrier to any small changes made. Since cost-saving is so high on the agenda, it is best to opt for cost-effective and sustainable furniture products; not to mention that the storage space too should be ample.

  • A focal point to make your office space stand out

    Even if your co-sharing office space is relatively small, it does require a focal point. The focal point adds to the aesthetics making it look more professional and also encourages teamwork. For instance, one can keep a monitor right at the center of the office space to be vigilant about the entire scheme of things in the office. Likewise, a round table or whiteboard can be very easy for internal meetings and a quick demonstration of data and analytics. The round table can also be utilized to keep espresso machines that can act as convergence points and encourage the idea of sharing. Monitors and wall boards are hung up on the walls, so there is no way that they can affect your carpet area.

  • Crafty walls

    For all the small and shared co-sharing offices, the question of having a wall can stir the hornet’s nest. By and large, it is purely based on the preference of the office owners with regard to how they choose to maximize the potential of the walls. If you want a healthy mix of pleasing aesthetics and privacy, then Japanese panels are a great choice. They are available in colors that complement your business. A glass partition within the co-working Fully furnished office space in Noida can replace the traditional walls as well

By now, you must have been clear that designing a shared office space is both achievable and essential. As they say, when you choose the right layout, it resonates well with the organizational structure. Nevertheless, the first challenge is to fetch a Fully furnished office space in Noida that suits your purpose and economics. At a time when there are so many unscrupulous real estate agents pulling off fraudulent deals, it is time you got in touch with real estate agents of repute and credibility.

Jain Oncor, with its experience of decades, is the real estate consultancy firm you can choose to meet all your commercial and residential property needs. With our excellent team of market and real estate analysts, we provide you with the property of your dreams and expansion plans.

Buy, Wait And Let Your Property Work For You.

Real Estate professionals claim that it is best to buy, and then wait. That’s right, the best decision is to get your assets, not to wait to buy in real estate, rather to buy and then wait.

This advice has worked very well for property dealers in Noida and their clients. In general, real estate will always increase in value. Most of the population invest in their own home, but do not take advantage of that well-being to continue growing their wealth. The first thing you need to continue your growth is:

Make a plan.

Create a strategic plan that allows you to continue growing despite everything. You can decide the purchase of a property considering that its use will be destined to continue producing, with the lease of this property you could pay the greater amount of the credit (if you decide to buy it with credit) or allocate the profits to the purchase of another property.

If this property is well located, close to main avenues, corporate, schools and shopping centers. Surely you will have an income that increases over the years. You see it? Very soon the goods would work for you.

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Form a multidisciplinary team

Without dedicating 100% of your time, you may have great success in real estate. There is a lot of information, books, tutorials, articles to learn how to invest and everything you need to become an expert on the subject.

It is best to approach the property dealers in Delhi and enjoy this exciting business. During this adventure you will need the support of construction experts, appraisal experts, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers who specialize in properties, all this before you even start looking for the property. It’s about making a successful foray into the real estate business, and the best prepared have the best results.

There is much data that does not appear in records, books or writings. It is important that you meet with people who know the locality and the behavior of the properties in the area, it will make the project much easier and safer.

Put your plan into action.

Like everything in this life, what is not executed remains a desire. Use all the information you have collected, contact your trusted team and start as soon as possible.

In real estate, use the time to generate surplus value, not to be indecisive or to think that you can spend your money. Invest it and put it to work for you.

Buy and wait for the properties to generate capital gains, buy and wait for the properties to work for you. Do not stay waiting and spending everything without expecting anything in return.

If you are one of the people who prefers to have total privacy, it is convenient to look for a house, because it has the advantage of not sharing the cost of maintenance, nor the common areas.Buying a new property has the quality that no one has touched it more than its builders.

This brings benefits from the perspective that they are generally not flawed, but the drawback is that many of these do not come fully equipped with all their components: kitchen, closets, floors, among others. So we suggest that you consider every aspect of your decision. And this is why we suggest you to go for a fully furnished space with the help of propertydealers in Gurgaon.

How Startups Should Choose the Right Offices?

A start-up is an innovative and constantly evolving company. Its growth is extremely rapid due to fundraising, strong demand, or regional or international expansion. The rapid growth of start-ups makes organizations in constant recruitment with a highly variable workforce. This requires the premises of the company in question to be very adaptable and to be able to be changed frequently. Here are some ways to find premises for a start-up.

How to find offices for a startup:

Business incubators

Business incubators are well suited to businesses that are in the early stages of their business. While the start-up builds its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and tests its project, the incubator provides a flexible and comfortable workspace, although often restricted. Firms incubating start-ups typically offer budget solutions based on commission pay.


Business incubators are structures that bring together the resources that start-ups need to grow. There are offices, but also advice, financing, and even training. Some incubators have seen the birth of real digital giants today. These are spaces of emulation where discussions and exchanges with other startuppers allow progress. Here again, the budgetary conditions are flexible, with the incubator generally taking a share in the company. The incubators generally select the companies they host.

Subletting to another company

It is important for a start-up business to be able, at one point in its development, to rent office space in Noida to another company. But it can also be important at a more opportune moment of its development, to be able to sublet oneself. Even if the subletting leaves little possibilities for the customization of the premises because the installation is only temporary, it has the advantage of letting the start-up move quickly. The subletting of offices to another company also leaves a wide margin for negotiating rental conditions.

office space in Noida


Flexible offices

Several real estate players quickly realized that the flexibility of the premises is essential for start-ups. By choosing flexible offices based on the number of workstations, start-ups can grow by being accompanied by a real estate offer that best meets their needs, without unnecessary expenses or unused spaces. Jain Oncor real estate can find space the most suitable for your startup but also helps you to find a bigger space when the busy one is saturated. In addition, our teams will do their utmost to offer you the services that best meet your needs.

Sublease contracts, for flexibility

By developing, start-ups can easily turn to sublet. In Delhi, NCR regions, many companies have vacant premises or do not use all of their office space in Gurgaon. A new trend is developing: office sharing. This option allows relatively easy and fast access to business premises while allowing to move quickly if one of the companies runs out of space.

office space in Gurgaon

Exceptional lease for stability

The derogatory lease, also commonly called precarious lease, is a lease that contracts for 3 years at most. The tenant has the advantage of signing a precarious lease if, for example, he is still in the testing phase of his project, or if he thinks he can find better or better adapted offices in the future. He may terminate the lease agreement at any time if it so permits. At the end of the lease, if the company is willing to remain in the premises, the landlord will then propose to pass on a 3/6/9 lease.

Growing Demand for Office Space and Apartment in Noida

Noida is regarded as one of the most prominent commercial as well as residential development destinations in the whole NCR region. The development curve of investment in residential property in Noida is perhaps the sharpest. In fact, over the years insist for office space in Noida has risen to the degree that the developing authority of the Delhi NCR region are somewhat forced to focus their know-how in developing luxurious living spaces all over the city.

Many huge Information Technology and electronics companies are setting their workplace in Noida. So the number of inhabitants of this huge city is increasing day by day. Office spaces and apartment for rent in Noida are in high demand. It is a joy for most of the real estate firms. Demand for real estate property is also growing quite quickly. Buyers can select these properties according to their requirements.

You can select from an extensive range of flats according to your prerequisite. Go to a particular website, put your location and range or cost, it will show you a range of apartment of different costs. If you don’t have sufficient money you can always go for an apartment for rent in Noida. Select the right one for yourself. For more details, you can always refer the website of the real-estate firm on whose apartments you are interested in. Always select a genuine company and do not forget to read the comments of the present clients.

For those who are opting for corporate properties, it is very significant to opt for property in those regions where connectivity is better and everything is accessible. This is the ideal time to invest your money in buying office space in Noida as costs will hike in forthcoming time. Your selection relies on various factors. One outstanding factor is the lifestyle of folks. The more lavish their lifestyle the more pricey commercial properties they will hunt for. Average earning groups will look out for rational homes. Other noteworthy factors are water availability, electricity availability and location of offices.

Office Space in NoidaDepending on vicinity and depending on the handiness of different amenities the rates of space vary in different localities. One can locate a fully furnished office space in Noida available in apt locations which can be a little pricey. In leasing commercial space you just have to do monthly payment in the form of rent. This will fetch you good money if you are a newly set up firm. If you have limited budget then you can employ the business space and pay money for it.

Smart decisions are necessary for successful business and this is the cause why most of the business owners favor fully furnished office space in Noida. Searching for ideal offices is not a very tricky job as you only need to go to an appropriate website, feed your location and range or rate. You can effortlessly discover various flats of different real-estate firms. Select the most apt one for yourself. There are several rented properties in Noida which can be approached to save a good amount of money for the upcoming expenses of the firm.

Office Space in Noida- Select What’s Best for Business

Noida is a refreshing change for business or family life. In noticeable contrast to chaotic, happy-go-lucky Delhi, everything in Noida appears to be well organized and well designed. The planning authorities and developers have built residential complexes close to commercial places. Professionals find it quite easy to travel to their workplaces.

Buy Office Space in Noida

There are many huge business houses and small units that have been looking for office space in Noida. It gives real estate firms a push to beat their own prior standards. They develop projects depending on global working culture. They present first-rate facilities at competitive rates. The property prices have gone up in the last couple of years. It is getting really difficult to find the right office space at affordable rates. The scenario in Noida is diverse from other towns in country. The reason is very simple. Top real estate firms offer personalized office space in Noida.

Finding an office space can turn out to be one of the toughest tasks. Top companies have already made headquarters in Noida. Firms do not want to miss on golden opportunity. Small and big businesses have location as their specific requirement. They need to pay close attention to the services offered at the business center. All these aspects combined together are difficult to handle for businessmen. They tend to miss one of the deciding factors and pay a heavy price for it.

They should consult real estate agents in Noida to avoid any possibilities of making a poor investment. It would certainly save a lot of precious time and money as they do not have to go through every property site personally. Business owners only need to visit the selected office space as recommended by the real estate agents.
Various startups and small businesses do not have the budget to spend a huge amount or change their office after every two years. The prices involved with shifting the offices are quite high and they do not wish to make such mistakes. They should take time and collect significant information on important office space in Noida. Visiting each relevant property one by one is also necessary. It would give them a chance to check the amenities and meet other tenants.

On the other hand, big businesses do not mind spending on right office space in Noida. They want the best infrastructure and technology. It is an investment which is made to protect the brand image. You should visit as many properties as it takes to get the right office space. A good amount of time should be spent inspecting the property. This way you can develop a strong gut feeling about the decision. One needs to be completely sure about the decision as it is about buying or renting an office space. The best trick is to compare the rates and type of services offered by each one of them.

Why Buying Property at Noida Expressway is a Profitable Option?

It is Noida Expressway, a freeway of wide paths, of highly required availability and extensive clean regions on both sides of its arms. This turnpike associate occupants of Delhi NCR to Yamuna Expressway, which is UP’s most talked and the its indisputable favorite. Properties alongside the lines of Yamuna Expressway are additionally joining in adding to Noida’s development and its goal to end up a world class city. Today there is an immense demand of residential as well as office space in Noida and this is a great sign of booming real estate market.

On the off chance that the prospects are altogether seen, Noida Expressway and Yamuna freeway will hold the realty tasks of different types, be IT parks, neighborliness, private gathering housing, studios and high road shopping center, some of them are now finished and possessed and some are coming to fruition with quick pace.

Land securing is done from power’s end and spaces have been designated to presumed engineers and manufacturers for giving the divisions a shape what a current and taught India considers. As this zone has different qualities and choices to offer to financial specialists, home purchasers are additionally in the rundown of recipients because of development advancement of segments and the cost matches with whatever other exquisite region close-by.

In other talk, the energetic city of Chandigarh is known for its cleanliness and visitor spots like lake and patio nurseries inside of the heart of the city, individuals have seen the cleanliness and magnificence of the city, particularly the streets, much before surely understood Clean India crusade. One can watch the same sort of wide, excellent and clean streets and social orders situated at Noida road.

One must visit this spot longways to in any case on the off chance that he is looking for good choices of realty speculation, which is free from messes and tight paths, and have a long haul compositional getting ready for smooth keep running as a city of cutting edge India. As a reason there is a gigantic demand of rented property in Noida. It has something to offer to everybody, each manufacturer dreams to assemble their task on such locations, which can get them a status of world class designer, thus gain them a decent name. The city will be home for IT experts, medicos and corporate officials because of its affection for IT parks and Business spaces, and work benevolent situations.

Proposed Metro and street transport framework is at standard with any cutting edge metro city, power has arranged and executed all new innovation to make it a city of fresh out of the plastic new India. So what are you still waiting for contact some reputed real estate agents in Noida and make a good investment decision.

5 Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Property in Noida

Noida has developed as a noteworthy destination for home purchasers throughout the last couple of years. Noida and Greater Noida, alongside Yamuna Expressway and Noida Extension, give reasonable different options for property purchasers in the national capital locale. Normal home prices in these locales are fundamentally lower than in Gurgaon, which is connected with top of the line apartments. Today when there is an immense demand of office space in Noida, India has emerged up as a location that has been a hotspot of good investment options.

Plot versus apartment: You can purchase a plot at the cost of a condo along the Yamuna Expressway, which join Greater Noida with Agra. The world class interstate gives simple access from Delhi. In any case, don’t expect prompt capital gratefulness in light of the fact that there is an oversupply of plots here. Plots close to the F1 track or in the incorporated townships tagging along the interstate are better choices.

Picking a developer: Projects being produced by an obscure manufacturer, or a first time manufacturer, are inclined to execution delays. They will be similarly shabby, yet might remain grounded until the end of time. Samir Jasuja, CEO of PropEquity says purchasers ought to dependably pay somewhat premium however run with a presumed or marked developer who will guarantee the execution of the project despite the fact that it might in any case get postponed.

Project Specifications: Small may not generally be lovely. As structures go taller, extensive open spaces turn into a need. Search for a project that is connecting an open stop, or has greater basic regions. There will be a little premium between a 25-section of land and a 50-section of land project to begin with, however with time projects with better luxuries order a greater premium.

Absorption: Some zones like the Yamuna Expressway and Noida Extension have vast inventories and retention could keep on backing off. Homes in regions with low assimilation rate are less exorbitant, yet are suitable just for long haul financial specialists, who have a time period of no less than 5-10 years. You ought to put resources into such properties just in the event that you are an end client without any arrangements to arrange the property. But all in all there is a gigan

Geological variables: Noida and Great Noida have high water table not at all like Gurgaon where ground water is not accessible. Noida has better openness to Delhi when contrasted with Gurgaon, which depends just on the Jaipur Highway. On the other hand, both Noida and Gurgaon fall in seismic zone 4, where the danger of tremors is really high.

So what are you still waiting for, contact real estate agents in Noida and book your possession for fruitful returns in the coming future. The real estate market of Noida is expected to grow in the coming year.

Benefits of Finding Office Space via Online Source

Choosing an office space can be a daunting task for most of the businesses as there are many properties for you and most of them are quite good as well and when you see them then you will really get confused, which one to buy. Well, you have to pick the one that suits your most of the needs in the best way and seems to give the highest level of profit in the business. Well, there is no doubt that ‘saying is easier than done’ applies here and the company has to work very hard to get the right office space for its team and to enjoy the maximum benefit. To get the success, you have to work very hard and waste your large amount of time and most probably, you do not have any spare time to waste and that is why, it is advised to use the source that will aid you to save some hours that can be utilized to take your business to the sky. Go for the online source as it is very useful and will prove to be quite helpful as well. No matter that you wish to buy an office space in Noida or some other place, it will offer large number of options for you. Let us talk about the plus points of buying an office space via the online mode.

The Time

Best thing about the source, it never lets you to leave your home and to find the office space and thus, allow you to save your large amount of time. In this way, you can use the same hours for doing some other work and thus, it will help you a lot. You just need a desktop at your home with the Internet connectivity and then all the things can be done with the help of few clicks of the mouse. There is no need to go anywhere personally and traipse from one place to another to find the right office space in the region that you like the most. Just use your portable computer, relax on your couch and start conducting a hunt while enjoying the maximum comfort. Since you are not going anywhere, so there is no need to face the long traffic of the metropolitan cities, which is highly irritating and time consuming and most of the times, it spoils your mood as well.

The Money

All the offices spaces are available here at a reasonable price and thus, the buyer can enjoy the huge benefit as well. Actually, there are umpteen dealers offering their service and they know it very well that due to high competition, they have to lower the cost or no one is going to come to them and buy their office space. They cannot take any risk about their business and that is the reason, they try to keep the cost quite low so that they may be able to attract the clients and earn some benefit too. In case, you are not given the discount then get ready for having a gift that will be quite fascinating and give you a huge contentment. Aside from this, you are not going anywhere to find the place; therefore, you can save your large sum that was going to get spent on buying the fuel for your vehicle.

The Options

Opulence of options is there for the purchaser and you can choose the one that you like the most. Every business has its specific needs and they are adhere with them as they know it very well that if they do not get them then the company has to suffer huge loss as well. For instance, you wish to own an Office space in Gurgaon, which is the desirable place for the companies as there are lots of big firms present here and the place has all the required facilities that are must for the organizations, then it can be searched with the aid of the Internet in no time with the help of several sections and sub-divisions on the site. With the help of few clicks of the mouse, you can reach to the right place and all the options will get appeared on the computer screen. You can filter by place, builder, price, facilities, size and so on and by doing this, you will enjoy huge ease. Searching can be done by utilizing the search box and it is quite useful as well. All you need to do, type the right keywords in it and then your searching is complete.

The Details

Searching via the Internet means that the user has the access to all the information of the office space. It is beneficial for the buyer as he can see all the details and then will be able to make a better decision. The site tells about the size or measurements of the office space thoroughly like the space of lobby, room, conference room, lunch area and so on. You will come to know that the building is centralized air conditioned or not, number of rooms in one office, availability of cctv cameras in the entire building, presence of lift and its capacity, water and electricity arrangement and many more. There are sufficient photos on the site as well and some of the sites allow you to see the 3D photos of the office space and this give you a better understanding of the property.

All the aforementioned points are enough to prove that using the Internet to find the office space will be advantageous for the surfer. Owing to the reason, most of the businesses use the online mode to find the office space so that they may enjoy the maximum profit with the minimum effort.