Common questions to ask for fully furnished office space

fully furnished office space

Business is always buzzing. So does the demand for office spaces. If you are one of those businesses or early start-ups who are looking to lease fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Regardless of whether it would be your first office space to be leased or your administrative office needs to move to a bigger space, asking these questions can certainly help you better plan the entire leasing process. Check out these factors/questions that need to be taken into consideration before leasing an office space.

  • How much space is needed- Since the national capital and the adjoining satellite towns are excellent centers of trade and commerce, it is no surprise to see massively spacious office space in dlf cyber city-Gurgaon. Yet the question remains as to how much space you would need. As a rule of thumb, this projection is done based on the headcount for employees. At the same time, one should also calculate the square foot needed for every employee by using an office space calculator. As there are various industries, the floor plan, number of cabins, cubicles, and even conference rooms can vary.


  • The effect on employee’s commutes- Moving to a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon could be tricky owing to the factor of commute. While it is desired that the offices of any business remain close to the major business hub/destinations, it is the convenience of the employees that must also be added to the equation. Most employees would obviously prefer to work in an office close to their homes or one that is easier to reach without much traffic congestion. Parking is another amenity that must be taken note of.


  • What is the usable square foot of the space- One has to be wary about the fact that the office space in dlf cyber city-Gurgaon cannot be used or utilized in its entirety. There are loss factors involved, such as the percentage difference between rentable square footage and usable square footage. In simpler the usable square foot is the space you can use for building and demarcating areas under conference room space, open seating areas, lounge space, etc. On the other hand, the rentable square feet is the area you do pay rent for and yet cannot utilize for integrating any work area. These spaces are usually occupied by fire stairs, electrical closets, utility rooms, lobby space, etc. Therefore, one needs to calculate all the costs at the time of leasing these office facilities.


  • The time needed for the leasing process- This is arguably the most important question to ask. If you are comfortable with the long period of wait, it can actually let you capitalize on the right time to lease a property and make all the necessary renovations. If the leasing process takes longer than the expected time, you might as well have to consider looking for a shared or co-working space. As a general rule, a traditional office space should be complete and up for occupation within 10-16 months.

Buy, Wait And Let Your Property Work For You.

Real Estate professionals claim that it is best to buy, and then wait. That’s right, the best decision is to get your assets, not to wait to buy in real estate, rather to buy and then wait.

This advice has worked very well for property dealers in Noida and their clients. In general, real estate will always increase in value. Most of the population invest in their own home, but do not take advantage of that well-being to continue growing their wealth. The first thing you need to continue your growth is:

Make a plan.

Create a strategic plan that allows you to continue growing despite everything. You can decide the purchase of a property considering that its use will be destined to continue producing, with the lease of this property you could pay the greater amount of the credit (if you decide to buy it with credit) or allocate the profits to the purchase of another property.

If this property is well located, close to main avenues, corporate, schools and shopping centers. Surely you will have an income that increases over the years. You see it? Very soon the goods would work for you.

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Form a multidisciplinary team

Without dedicating 100% of your time, you may have great success in real estate. There is a lot of information, books, tutorials, articles to learn how to invest and everything you need to become an expert on the subject.

It is best to approach the property dealers in Delhi and enjoy this exciting business. During this adventure you will need the support of construction experts, appraisal experts, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers who specialize in properties, all this before you even start looking for the property. It’s about making a successful foray into the real estate business, and the best prepared have the best results.

There is much data that does not appear in records, books or writings. It is important that you meet with people who know the locality and the behavior of the properties in the area, it will make the project much easier and safer.

Put your plan into action.

Like everything in this life, what is not executed remains a desire. Use all the information you have collected, contact your trusted team and start as soon as possible.

In real estate, use the time to generate surplus value, not to be indecisive or to think that you can spend your money. Invest it and put it to work for you.

Buy and wait for the properties to generate capital gains, buy and wait for the properties to work for you. Do not stay waiting and spending everything without expecting anything in return.

If you are one of the people who prefers to have total privacy, it is convenient to look for a house, because it has the advantage of not sharing the cost of maintenance, nor the common areas.Buying a new property has the quality that no one has touched it more than its builders.

This brings benefits from the perspective that they are generally not flawed, but the drawback is that many of these do not come fully equipped with all their components: kitchen, closets, floors, among others. So we suggest that you consider every aspect of your decision. And this is why we suggest you to go for a fully furnished space with the help of propertydealers in Gurgaon.

Advantages Of Renting A Home Over Buying

Buying a home is the most important financial decision a family makes, answering the question with confidence is a bit difficult. Six out of ten still think that renting a house is not profitable in the long term; In other words, renting is thought to be a waste of money.

Wondering if you should rent or buy? Knowing all the costs that are included in renting or buying a home will help you make the right decision for you.

The advantages of renting over buying a home are undeniable. In this post we analyze the main advantages of renting. It is an undoubted fact that the mentality of people is that of owning the home where you will live.

So is it better to buy? If the price of rents has skyrocketed, the price of owned housing has not lagged behind. The decision to rent or buy a house has a great impact on your financial freedom and the management of your personal finances.

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Living in rented properties in Delhi has many positive aspects, not only financial but also in terms of your lifestyle and possibilities for growth.You are not tied by the mortgage to a specific house, you can change whenever you want.

This means that you can live wherever you want, in any area of ​​the city and even in any country in the world and that you can move your residence as many times as you want. When buying a home you are tying yourself to a locality and a type of home and changing will not be easy, in addition to costing you money in paying taxes.

To determine if buying or going for a rented property in Noida is the best option, it is necessary to assess the economic circumstances and make an analysis of what the real estate market offers at the moment, knowing the advantages or disadvantages of each option.

What offers more advantages?

The advantages of renting are:

  • No down payment or down payment is required to rent a home.
  • If you do not like to settle in a place or have a job that requires you to change cities constantly, it is preferable to rent.
  • In most cases, you are not responsible for repairs.
  • It does not require so many procedures to acquire a place to live.
  • You do not risk losing the investment in the event of a real estate crisis or that you do not have the amount to pay a mortgage.
  • You can access areas where you could not buy.

The advantages of buying are:

  • You have a property that represents your own place, a family legacy and that generates a feeling of well-being.
  • The freedom to renovate or reform according to your taste.
  • Housing prices are revalued in the long term, so the purchase of a property is an investment.
  • Having a home makes you feel secure and independent.

The economic convenience of being a landlord or tenant is tied to the life goals of each person, so it is difficult to generalize what would be more convenient.

What is evident is that the decision goes far beyond a simple financial analysis, because there is no adequate answer since it must be weighed which is more important for each individual, whether the emotional or economic benefits.

Is It Better To Rent Furnished Or Unfurnished Offices?

When you decide to rent a home, one of the first doubts that arise is whether to look for a furnished space or not. Perhaps some will not even ask the question, but for others, the choice is anything but simple. It is such a personal decision that it seems to us perhaps the worst puzzle in the industry. The truth, however, is that regardless of the personal factor, for every circumstance, there is a better solution than the others.

No option is in itself better than another; the right one depends on a number of factors, such as the time period of the lease, how much demand there is for the fully furnished office space in Noida, the furniture present, and the money available for extra charges.

Advantages of an already furnished house

Among the advantages of renting an already furnished house, we recall the following:

Possibility to enter immediately. The property already has the necessities for everyday life, so it is possible to start living there immediately.

Saving on furniture. If the house is already furnished, save on the cost of the furniture you should have bought; remember that to furnish an apartment you can easily spend a large amount of money. It is, therefore, not a factor to ignore.

Most expensive rentals. When the property is furnished, the landlord can increase the price. A house already designed to meet the daily needs of the tenant makes his life easier, and this has a price. But we must consider that the price factor varies depending on where the property is located. If the house is in a very expensive area and with a scarce offer, renting a furnished apartment for the landlord is more profitable because the cost of the furniture is less than the price increase due to the area. Otherwise, if the house is located in an area with a lot of offer, the prices of furnished and non-furnished houses are very similar, so renting a furnished space may be less profitable.

Short and long term rent. With a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, the rental options are different. It can be rented in the short term, for example, to tourists during the summer, but also in the long term to students and workers who come to live in the city for several months.

Rental preferences.  For some people, a furnished house is more attractive than a non-furnished one. This type of tenant seeks flexibility and does not want to have to look for furniture to furnish the home.

Disadvantages of a furnished home

Even the furnished houses, however, have some drawbacks. In fact, to get the most profit possible from renting a furnished property, you have to fulfil certain duties. These are some of the drawbacks of a furnished apartment:

Given that the house is equipped with furniture and other objects of use, it is possible that over time, these will be ruined or broken. The landlord will have to take care of these problems and renew the equipmentWhat the tenant sees as an advantage is a drawback for the landlord.

When we rent, we must remember to furnish the house. We must also remember not to neglect the appearance of the house and then change the furniture cyclically.

This type of dwelling is strongly demanded by short-term tenants who do not want to stay too long in the same place. Hence the need to take care to look for the next tenant, so as not to leave the house empty. This without taking into consideration the costs of the real estate agencies that deal with opening and closing lease contracts.

What is Geolocation for Businesses?

Geolocation means being able to find people, animals, means, and things in real time and with excellent precision. Synonym of RTLS (Real Time Location Systems), Geolocation is a declination of the Internet of Things: through the use of sensors that uniquely identify every single object or subject, in fact, it is possible to exploit the more modern pointing and interaction techniques to visualize from a personal computer or mobile device a dashboard that allows you to monitor the location and/or movement of goods, animals or people. Geolocation, therefore, allows not only to trigger trace ability in office space in Jasola that offers valuable and strategic information to support management. The technological opportunity, in fact, is truly disruptive, as it allows us to create new value-added services.

office space in Jasola

Geolocation: what it is and what it is used for

Geolocation is used in different application areas. In production and distribution, it is used to monitor material assets and production processes. In Healthcare, it helps to monitor patients both bedridden and walking, as well as personnel to speed up the identification and location of machinery, medical equipment, without making mistakes or losing anything. In asset management, geolocation helps to better manage the inventory and classification phases, adding the precise positioning of the item as an added value figure.

Geolocation: how it works

There are different geolocation technologies, based on technological architectures that present differences in the way and results.

Active RFID location tracking solution:  operating in the ultra-wideband (UWB) field, it is a geolocation solution based on the direct measurement of the radio signal propagation time from a transmitter (TAG) to multiple receivers (NODES) where this time is called time of fly. Calculating the arrival time of the signal at the various nodes allows you to triangulate the position of the tag in the space.

GPS (Global Position System) location tracking solution: the GPS is able to return the position of an object, since this dialogues with a satellite and communicates its spatial coordinates to it.

The advantages of geolocation in business Centers in Delhi are different. In fact, technology allows organizations to be supported on multiple operational levels. Here are a few significant examples:

Asset management:  trace ability, management, and use of one or more movable and immovable assets are key factors for a company’s profit. Inventorying and recording maintenance activities and updates raise the safety and quality of the installed, guaranteeing business continuity and slowdowns.

Production management:  storage and movement of the material in the warehouse, inventory, processing, and processing of the product and finally, distribution: optimized maintenance of the supply chain also implies the trace ability of mobile vehicles and devices to support internal and external logistics.

Monitoring and sensors:  the integration of geolocation within physical environments or moving assets increases the possibility of maintenance and prompt intervention. The sensors record and set the temperature, the humidity level, and another set of fundamental variables for a food business or with goods subject to expiry, which must be kept in environments with specific characteristics.

Control and maintenance:  the technical and administrative activities carried out to secure and make all the objects and tools present in the company work are fundamental elements of all business processes. For a company operating in the automotive sector, MRO optimization represents considerable time savings.

Property Dealers in Gurgaon Providing the Best Office Spaces

Gurgaon is emerging as one of the most celebrated city for business in our country. Searching a well furnished office space in Gurgaon is a daunting task for many. Folks who have already gone through this process before can find it very interesting. But, if you are new to this business, you may be overwhelmed with the choices. It is very important to select the apt location for the benefit of your business. Therefore, deciding the proper location is a prime consideration.

Furnished Office Space in Gurgaon

If you are looking to gain profit from your property purchase then you should not try to do everything by yourself. It is a good idea to consult property dealers in Gurgaon for getting high returns in the long run. Gurgaon properties have shown an abrupt boom due to the arrival of big real estate developers who are offering the best infrastructure and up to date amenities that are truly classy. From high class building, industrial and commercial spaces, IT office space, rented properties, to even builder floors; Gurgaon has everything for its investors.

You need to make up your mind before finalizing any choice on any kind of property. It should be cleared that whether the desirable space is for the shared office or private office. This will also help in figuring out how much space you actually require. You should also find out if you really wish to buy property for your business or want rented properties in Gurgaon. This is the very crucial step as shared office space may help in restricting the overall requirement for office space, particularly if you sharing facilities with others in the corporate office building.

Office Space in Gurgaon

The prices of many real estate properties in Gurgaon are hitting the sky, which is due to a large movement of folks from the neighboring places who are being optimistic to make it their home. It is anticipated that a wide range of prime constructions in the residential market of Gurgaon is coming up. In order to improve the living standard of citizens, concerning authority has enhanced the infrastructural facilities that include broad roads, perfect drainage system and suitable underground cabling. There are several infrastructure development activities taking place in the area lately. The Delhi-Jaipur National Highway, the proposed rail Gurgaon metro, and railway from Delhi-Gurgaon Metro, etc, are landmarks in the early growth of the region. Gurgaon has the potential to become the next-big-thing in the country, thanks to its outstanding infrastructure. The real estate agents in Gurgaon are creating many brilliant opportunities for the individuals who have shifted to Gurgaon for living a splendid life. It has the huge availability of land for construction that gives it an excellent reputation among various metropolis like Delhi and Mumbai. Thus, Gurgaon’s real estate is on a right track because of the possibilities that it has for new constructions.

Investors can approach property dealers in Gurgaon who are stationed in the city and they are very much appreciated in their field. If you are a probable buyer of any property, you require being very careful in your dealings. The explanation is simple- there are apparently some dishonest dealers working under the disguise of property dealing. Most of the property buyers are outsiders and hence not familiar with the local market situations. There are possibilities that you may fall victim to fraud. Therefore, it is always suggested to get the help of some trustworthy friend in the locality before considering any agreement. Nevertheless, the majority of property dealers in Gurgaon work on sound business principles.

Make The Most Of Property Boom In Gurgaon

Over the recent years, Gurgaon has seen enormous growth in the real estate sector. It still continues to grow and reach new heights when it comes to infrastructural evolution. It is emerging as the city that has the best real estate developers in the country. These real estate projects offer a wide range of possibilities to investors. There aptly located land for sale in Gurgaon is buyers. Moreover, they can sort through the property listings according to their demands.

Office Space in Gurgaon

The real estate boom is majorly due to the growth of IT sector in Gurgaon. It is categorized as the hub for some of the major outsourcing activities of India. Gurgaon’s proximity to Delhi is the prominent reason for the property boom. The Delhi-Jaipur national highway connects them. And with the facility of a metro, connectivity which used to be a dominant issue for a lot of people, is now no longer a trouble. One of the additional factors is that it is situated close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. These all contributing aspects are increasing the demand for office space in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon has emerged as a most favored destination of Multi-National Companies. This trend is getting steeper and steeper because of its closeness to domestic and international airport. There are several other factors such as its cosmopolitan, rich and prosperous residents, developing service sector with flagrant malls and high-rise buildings dotting the entire look of the city. It will soon overtake Delhi in terms of favorite preference for living and work opportunities. The city of Delhi is coming to its stagnation while city of Gurgaon has just entered into the realm of growth. The property dealers in Gurgaon are providing the investment opportunities with much more still to come in shape.

If you are living in and around Gurgaon and thinking to invest in the realty sector, then your answer will be yes. It is one of the extremely profitable investment choices and the growth percentile has been approximated around 500 to 700 percentage. Also, it can be a more lucrative investment than the stock market itself, which is not that dependable option. The profit that you could yield by investing in the real estate at Gurgaon cannot be matched with money in fixed deposits. Property investment has high level of appreciation value.

Millions of investors are approaching Gurgaon to get attractive rate of return on their investment. But before you head for any kind of investment, consult with property dealers in Gurgaon to have full-fledged knowledge about investing in real estate sector.

There are numerous companies and even individuals are constantly rating this place as their preferred choice. And it is the hot favorite pick because of these varied different reasons.

Office Space in Gurgaon- Factors Affecting Your Choice

Gurgaon is a prominent and popular area which is known for its great apartments. Numerous successful young entrepreneurs, managers and other professional from various sector such real estate and IT resides here. Many firms are opening up their branches here and startups are inaugurating their first offices here. So if you are in requirement of an office space, then Gurgaon should be your choice.
Now, if you want to rent out an office space in Gurgaon, you should hire a real estate agent for yourself. It will make everything easier for you and you will get the required office space in quick time. You can give them your needs and requirements and they will look for an office space depending upon those details. I would advise you to fix your budget first and then you should let your agent know in advance. This will help him to look for office space accordingly. Here are some important points that will guide you to buy or rent office space in Gurgaon.


Office Space in Gurgaon

1. One primary aspect to look is the availability of good washroom facility. Check there are washrooms for both men and women available in your office or in the nearby locality. The washrooms should be hygienic and clean as well.
2. Food is yet another main factor for employees. Make sure there is a canteen near your office or decent food centers nearby. The available food should be of good quality to keep away any chances of falling ill. Discuss all the basic requirements with the real estate agents in Gurgaon. Restaurants should not be too distant from your office as you wouldn’t want your employees to look around a lot for food.


Best Office Space in Gurgaon

3. The office space that you are buying should also be simply reachable by road and rail. Gurgaon has expressway which connects it to the city. It is also well connected by road. So conveyance is not much of an issue here. But, concern should be to see that your office is not situated on the outskirts of Gurgaon. See whether there is any difficulty in finding any cabs or auto rickshaws to reach there.
4. Security of the area is another vital issue. A serious research should be conducted to see the crime rates of your locality. This will make sure that it is a safe place to work for your employees. Taking a tour of the area can give a good idea. By consulting real estate agents in Gurgaon you can enquire the proximity of police station from your office. Safety of your employees should be your main concern and you should not look to rent out a place which is possibly unsafe.
Once you are contented with the office space, you can finalize your deals go for other legal formalities. These factors will help you decide your office space with great care.

Why Gurgaon is the Best Choice For an Office Space ?

Gurgaon is rising to become the corporate hub with most big companies from sectors such as auto manufacturing, BPO, hospitality, ITES, IT, and most recently the pharmaceutical industries trying to get office space in Gurgaon. It has already achieved a lot and is becoming a well-planned city with great infrastructure, and assorted amenities such as business centres, IT parks, commercial centres like Manesar SpazeiTech Park, Udyog Vihar, etc. There is rapidly growing demand for offices spaces for rent which is due to the shortage of space in Delhi. Gurgaon being closely located to Delhi making it big and number of industry giants are targeting Gurgaon’s commercial property to build their offices and factories.

With the arrival of big industries to buy commercial property, the retail price of Gurgaon property is also soaring high with real estate developers. The builders are taking the full advantage of this situation. Real estate companies are making sure that your dream of owning a property is fulfilled and sometimes even rendering much more than you have asked for, in terms of infrastructure, innovative and attractive designs, superior quality of materials, and, of course, timely completion of your commercial property. A highly professional team of real estate agents in Gurgaon understand the requirement of their customers, the value of time and money and most importantly the significance of commitments and meeting deadlines. These real estate companies are striving to design interiors that can accommodate much more in little space with least cost, an essential feature that is needed in most offices. This performance has taken the standards of real estate to an another level. The features and designs used by these real estate builders show tactfulness and style that compliments the lifestyle and taste of today’s modern generation.

Office Space in Gurgaon

Commercial property in Gurgaon has experienced a taste of actual success after real estate giants built impressive and innovative structures such as Platinum Tower, Boulevard, and Palazo etc, which are of international standards. Let it be Tech Parks, offices, commercial properties, shopping malls or residential properties, the real estate developers of Gurgaon are providing a great infrastructure by innovative use of spaces. Prices of office space in Gurgaon may have gone up, but then again investors are getting value for their money. Analytical thinking, modern architecture, perfect planning and use of the advanced quality materials are all a compulsory part of each and every project. The uniqueness of these projects is that they are planned keeping in mind that each and every raw material used should be environment friendly. What else can one ask for? Gurgaon’s apt location for operating a business is of prime importance. Private firms and other organizations around Delhi NCR consider it as one of the prospering commercial hubs of the nation.

Good Times Ahead for Indian Real Estate Market in 2016

The Indian real estate and Indian properties assume an indispensable part in the economy of the nation. It contributed vigorously total national output which is the GDP and is thought to be the second biggest era of job after agribusiness. India has turned into a favored venture destination relating to the nation monetary dependability. India is moving at a quick pace towards quickly developing economies as it is driven and affected by numerous component such as hearty economy-evolving demographics, multinational entrepreneurialism, light nearby securities exchanges and the general rise of India on the worldwide stage. There is an immense demand of residential and office space in India and the interest for Indian properties both on the home front and commercial front has expanded quickly which has given the organizations of the real estate to set up their solid footage in the nation and add another page to their examples of overcoming adversity also. Extensive scale real estate ventures were propelled in the nation to take care of with the demand and subsequently shaped the real estate business into a standout amongst the most lucrative areas winning in the nation. The segment has pulled in assets from abroad, private value stores, open residential finances and investment. However with the worldwide melt down in 2008, Indian real estate was likewise overwhelmed in it, yet is presently accepted to have broken the hindrances and is moving quickly up the stairs.

In spite of the fact that there is a gigantic call for office space in Gurgaon and other cities, yet the chipper of the cake snatching all the consideration is properties Delhi, properties Mumbai and properties Chennai. As because of their creating nature and interest for development of businesses, real estate organizations have begun off with some gigantic tasks in these urban communities. It can be guaranteed that undertakings when completed will be one of kind on the worldwide front. The properties are described with rich green environment, howdy storied structures, greetings tech offices, heaps of additional arranged offices like shopping centers, swimming pool, clothing administrations, sports room and so on will make the people on the seventh cloud. These ventures will make the people dwell in their own special scaled down world and wipe out the need of meandering outside the complex.

The opposition in the real estate segment is at its crest. Taking after relentless rivalry between the organizations, the purchaser is the fundamental recipient as he has the best elements and administrations available to him. Additionally if an individual is wanting to make any kind of venture, the best offer id to put resources into property Kolkata, property Chennai or property Mumbai. You can be guaranteed that you might never lament this choice of yours in your entire life and actually will be glad to have made this. One ought not defer as more than 80% of the proprietorship flats have as of now been sold and not very many are left for those fortunate chaps to come up. So what are you still waiting for invest in a residential or office space in Delhi and other cities of India and make fruitful returns.