4th Floor of Residential Buildings in Gurugram, will get Approved or Not ?

Residential Buildings in GurugramThe residential buildings in Gurugram were primarily governed by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), Haryana.

The rules concerning the construction of the 4th floor in Gurugram has not evolved.

1. Gurgaon – Manesar Urban Complex – 2031 AD Master Plan

As per the Gurgaon – Manesar Urban Complex – 2031 AD Master Plan, every building plot shall on an average contain 3 dwelling units each with a population of 4.5 persons per dwelling unit which means that only 3 kitchens can be sanctioned on each building plot.

In the recent past, builders and authorities manipulated this provision and had got the 4th Floor passed, in which they did not show a proper kitchen on the 4th Floor. This way they managed  to show only 3 dwelling units in each building plot. This manipulation / lacuna was discovered by the Town and Country Planning office and hence, they stopped sanctioning of the 4th Floor.

Till the time, Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) revises 3 dwelling units to 4 dwelling units through a notification in the Master Plan of Gurgaon 2031, the 4th Floor cannot be sanctioned  by the department. Everybody  is beating around the bush without understanding the Master Plan which governs all the sanctions of building plans in Gurgaon.

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    2. Before Changes:

Earlier, the norm was that people could construct up to three floors (Ground + 2) in most parts of the city. The 4th floor, if built, was typically considered illegal and couldn’t be registered.

     3. New Possibilities:

There were talks and reports suggesting the government was contemplating allowing the registration of the 4th floor as an independent dwelling unit in Gurugram. This change was anticipated because of the increasing demand for housing in the city and the already prevalent unauthorized 4th-floor constructions.

     4. Benefits :

If approved, homeowners could legally sell their 4th-floor units, potentially increasing property value. The government would also benefit by collecting more registration charges and property taxes.

     5. Concerns :

There were concerns associated with such a move, including strain on infrastructure, increased population density, parking issues, and water supply concerns.

Note : For the most accurate and up-to-date status of the 4th-floor approvals in Gurugram, we recommend checking with local authorities like DTCP, HUDA, or a local real estate expert. They would have the latest guidelines and regulations regarding residential building in Gurugram.