Rental Office without Repair: What are the Advantages?

With the advent of new objects in the office market, tenants are considering deals on hotels and modern business centers to improve the office space of the company. Criteria and factors influencing the decision to find a new office are very different. Some companies are expanding and need an office in a much larger area; other companies are considering proposals to lease office with excellent transport links, close to metro stations.

For many, it is important to have good specific characteristics, panoramic view of the capital. Someone looking for IT office space in Gurgaon, others, on the contrary, consider the rental office in the center of the city, in a prestigious business center of class A and A +.

The new business centers offer tenants rent versions of office without decoration, in the state “after construction,” or with the base repair, it is often in the open space office layout (open space).

What are the advantages of such a proposal – IT office space in Gurgaon rent without repair?

One of the main criteria for choosing the rental of premises without repair, is the possibility of implementing an individual project office of the company, according to the wishes of planning, zoning, style office space. When considering proposals for the lease of office without repair, you are given the opportunity to develop your own unique design of the office space, the bud- office loft-style , Hi-Tech, office minimalist or modern, and perhaps a bold decision of office space with style Techno-Art , with its inherent forms of irregular contours and bright d├ęcor.

Rent office with panoramic windows

An essential criterion of choice in favor of office rent without decoration is the cost of rent. Often, company-tenant office space in Nehru Place if you wish to remove, without repair, can count on much more favorable business conditions for leasing than when renting a similar office already renovated.

In addition, when renting an office space in Nehru Place “after construction” will provide the tenant rent holidays, the timing of which the parties agree on an individual basis. Sometimes managers of business centers of the company are invited to perform basic repairs by the tenant at his own expense or to compensate for part of the costs to the lessee by entering into equity participation repair facilities.

There are many options for cooperation tenants and managers of the business center of the company. The main thing both parties at the same time gain a business center filled with new tenants, and businesses, in turn, get the office meets all the requirements and wishes of an efficient and comfortable working space.

It is worth noting that this trend, office rent without finishing, often have an interest in big business, large corporations, and international agencies. In keeping with its corporate identity, such enterprises can easily recreate on an individual office space in sector 44 Gurgaon in the new business centers, thus ensuring the company stays in the modern business center, on favorable lease terms.

Often companies occupying floor area, modern business centers, this area 1000 -2000 m, and even a few floors can receive a bonus from the management company. In different business centers in the form of a bonus can act with panoramic windows office rent, detached from the magnificent view of the city or rent office terrace where it is possible to equip the recreation area or place of informal meetings. When renting a large area business centers, occupying several floors, you can qualify for a more loyal commercial term of the lease.

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