Real Estate Consulting – A New Trend of Income Generation

Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate consulting is indeed one of the most lucrative businesses that act as a major source of income generation.

The most interesting aspect is that at the first glance, real estate consulting might appear to be at odds with the commission-based model, upon which the business is based. However, the truth is that real estate consulting can be of great help when it comes to converting more and more leads to full commissions. Let us discuss the concept in details.

The Concept in Details

Primarily, it is essential to take note of the fact that just like regular commissions, consulting does not involve any fixed rate. Consulting fees and commissions are always negotiable and depend upon the extent of service provided and the type of service provided. For instance, commission involving the sale of an IT office space in Noida will surely be much higher than renting an office space in Connaught Place. Therefore, for each client and each opportunity, the consultants have to be determined the best fitting or suitable commission for the business.

How it Works

In order to ascertain how things in real estate consulting works, it is essential to establish a distinction between the normal model commission sale and consulting. As per the experts, a salesperson just ‘tells ‘n sales’ goods and services, whereas a real estate consultant is the one who actually ‘guides but does not decide’. As per this theory, the consumers at the time of investing like to have someone at their side, who will act on behalf them, though stop short of taking the final decision, bestowing that responsibility to the consumers. In fact, they like to hire these professionals to represent as well as safeguard their interests.

The New Online Trend and its Effect

 The modern generation prefers to conduct all the research and gather information online or through referral systems. This has made a better and more professional approach of the real estate consultants. They have to play that role of that trusted referral or resource, which is good enough to provide clients with all the information that they require so that it is possible for them to take the best decision in connection to their investment.

A certain pool of experts is of the opinion that these consultants provide way too much service to their customers, without being paid appropriately and accordingly. However, this is not correct, as there is nothing called ‘free service’ in the world of real estate consultancy.  More so, after the advent of online business, the customers pay for whatever service they take from these consultants.

There has been a new trend in the realm of real estate consulting, which vouches for an hourly rate, as this is the best way to gauge the worth of a professional. There are state-of-the-art time-tracking apps that these consultants use and they charge their customers strictly based on the hour of service they provide.

Hence, as things stand now at present, real estate consulting has indeed newer and more lucrative avenues of negotiating on the behalf of investors and freeing deadlocks and troubleshooting issues against fees. Thus, this profession is perceived as a very attractive source of income generation.