A Quick Look at Property Registration Procedure in India

Whether you buy an IT office space in India or something as grand as kothis for sale in Gurgoan, property registration is absolutely crucial and perhaps the only procedure that validates your purchase. Most importantly, the valuation and the legitimacy of the property also increase by leaps and bounds. One would certainly not like to find out one fine day that the property they invested in turns into nothing but a bad investment. Therefore there are few factors that investors must keep in mind when they purchase property in Delhi and National Capital Region. These are:

Property verification- The first of the major processes that are to be done is property verification. Buyers must ensure that they have all the information with regard to who the property belongs to, whether or not it has been mutated and free from any litigation. Since the major real estate market in Delhi and NCR undertaken by real estate agents in Noida, access to property papers is possible only through them. Entitlement to the property for the new owner is possible only when the previous owner has transferred all the property papers.

  1. Estimate value- In order to make the property deal fruitful on monetary grounds and to get a fair price for your property, it is important that the prospect estimates the value of the property. Since the price bracket of the value of apartments for sale in Delhi and NCR is wide, the budget of the prospect is likely to go anywhere but up. Value estimation also helps in ascertaining the stamp duty for the property, a legal obligation whose percentage is based on the property value. The real estate agents in Gurgaon can also help in these procedures since they have a huge database that can be beneficial in analyzing the property value.
  2. Purchase of stamp papers- All the legal procedure to buy, sell or rent real estate in India is completed by the purchase of stamp papers. Non-judicial stamp papers are used to write down all the information with regard to the property location, information about buyer and seller, the amount for which the deal has been inked for.
  3. Property registration- The mere documentation of the property on stamp paper alone won’t validate the property. It must also get the authorization of the government’s land registry department. Hence both the parties involved in the purchase of an office space in Noida or any real estate for that matter must approach the sub-registrar office for submitting the deed for registration.
  4. Completion of registry process- The registration process of property takes seven days on an average, following which the buyer can approach the sub-registrar’s office to collect the original sale deed. To cross-examine the papers you can check the data of the sub-registrar’s office to obtain the registry details.

In view of the rising number of property deals and subsequent transactions, many real estate agents in Delhi have also extended their support to the buyers to get a property that is free of dispute and legal to own in all counts.