Questions to Ask Yourself to Domicile Your Company

Even if it is not systematic, the domiciliation address is chosen by a contractor usually becomes his place of work. Hence the interest of asking the right questions before taking the appropriate steps to launch one’s activity. At your home, in a co-working space, in an incubator, in your business premises?

Do you build your business with others?

Unless you work remotely with your employees, the solution of domiciling your business to your home address can quickly reach its limits. The problem of space, lack of credibility in the eyes of your customers or your potential investors; fortunately, there are several other solutions!

If you need to meet only from time to time, while gaining credibility, the domiciliation company is a good option. The proposed addresses, which are often well located, cannot be places suitable for the daily activity.

However, it is possible to rent rooms on an ad hoc basis to receive your customers or organize a meeting. Before subscribing to a domiciliation agreement, you must also take good care of the obligations and limitations of your contract.

If you want to be in daily contact with other creators in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere, then office space in Gurgaon are probably for you!

If you want to keep the confidentiality of your project as much as possible, the rented offices will meet your expectations.

Your activity will only be an additional income?

If you are alone at the controls, there are not a thousand questions to ask you: it is the solution of the personal home which it is necessary above all to privilege. Remember, however, to check that there is no provision against your domiciliation. In particular, if you are renting.

Your project is starting to grow, and you would like to spend the second? It may be time to re-evaluate your choice!

Have you decided to launch an innovative project?

The incubator is probably the most suitable structure for entrepreneurs who want to put all the chances on their side to succeed in their business creation project. They benefit, among other things, from personalized support and access to various equipment.

However, before you can enter, you will have to convince the relevance or the innovative nature of your project. Which is not necessarily a trivial matter!

Some office spaces in Noida are also particularly well located. Problem: It is not always possible to domicile your business! It is therefore imperative to inquire, on a case by case basis.

Finally, reputed to offer prestigious addresses in beautiful areas of Delhi and business districts, domiciliation companies should also have some arguments to convince you.

Can you not afford to rent an office?

Entrepreneurs who start their business must always keep an eye on the state of their finances. It is especially about investing in intelligence so as not to compromise the viability of their project. It is for this reason that many designers choose to take their first steps in entrepreneurship without leaving the comfort of their home.

Do you prefer to receive your mail at home?

Again, it is at your home that you can maintain the highest level of confidentiality. And if you still want to subscribe to a domiciliation contract, no problem: most domiciliation companies offer a mail return service that allows you to receive your letters and parcels to your home.